Zakhar Berkut - film of 2019

  • World premiere:2019
  • Premiere in Russia:2019
  • Country of Origin:Ukraine
  • Genre:History, Drama, Action
  • Directors:Akhtem Seytablaev
  • Cast:Yegor Olesov, Yury Prilipko

Ukraine never ceases to delight connoisseurs of action-packed cinema with new projects. Not so long ago, it was reported that in 2019 the film Akhtema Seitablayev's “Zakhar Berkut”, telling about the difficult times of Kievan Rus, will be released. Until now, the plot, as well as other important components of the film, are kept in strict confidence. However, something still managed to find out.

Many critics have already begun to compare the picture with the masterpiece of the Soviet era, 1971 release. Maybe it will be about the events that took place in the Carpathian region, but thanks to the work of a professional film crew, the film cannot be called a remake.

Zakhar Berkut film of 2019

The horde is approaching!

The trailer for the film “Zakhar Berkut” will appear online from day to day and will allow the public to give a wider view of the upcoming premiere. But even without a teaser, the project has already entered the rating of the most anticipated works of cinema.

One of the most memorable in the history of the Khans of the Tatar-Mongolian yoke, who has ever terrorized the Ukrainian land, is Burunda. On his account dozens of burned villages, and hundreds of destroyed souls. Passing through the villages, he leaves nothing but fire and twisted charred bodies. Sometimes he shows favor, and leaves life to some of his victims. But only to sell them into slavery.

As always, Burunda after the next foray counts loot. In addition to gold and other valuables, he receives about a dozen prisoners, whom he plans to sell, as soon as he wins a great victory in a city beyond the Carpathian Mountains. We have neither the time nor the mood to go straight, as the ascent into the mountains, like the descent from them, is an extremely exhausting event. He is not even attracted to the fact that there are many settlements in the mountains where you can live. Under his command is a huge army, which he wants to keep up to the main battle.

Zakhar Berkut

Khan’s plans change dramatically when he learns that spies have entered his camp. During the night, they managed not only to cut most of the sentries, but also to release all the prisoners, which could be very profitable to sell.

In frenzy, the khan raises the entire camp, and orders him to go straight through the Carpathian mountains, burning all the villages on the way. After all, according to his suspicions, those who snuck into the camp at night are local residents of one of the settlements.

Was the invasion of the horde camp an unforgivable folly? Or maybe it was a carefully planned plan?

Golden Eagle Plan

Zakhar Berkut - that is the name of the main hunter in the local settlement. Now he is the commander of a small detachment, which is going to not only release the captive comrades, but also to challenge the whole army of the Tatar-Mongols.

From his youth, Zakhar had prudence, and always achieved his goals. While still a young hunter, he won the respect of his fellow tribesmen, and took a leadership position. In turbulent times, he was chosen by the commander, whose savvy and courage allowed the most dangerous operations to be carried out quickly and with excellent results.

The golden eagle does not express any desire to watch the Basurman army pass by, devastating the villages of its countrymen, and seize the citadel, which is far away, which will ensure the implicit power in the principality.That is why he provokes Burunda to such a decision, brazenly making his way to his camp, and taking all the prisoners out from under his nose.

Understanding the level of threat to his native village, he is not going to delay. His plans are to kill the Tatars when they begin to climb the mountains. Moreover, it is worth noting that the nomads are accustomed to life on the plain, but are in no way adapted to being in the mountains. The enemy will not be able to give due repulse to periodic attacks by a small detachment of Slavs. Blow by blow, the Golden Eagle is going to minimize the detachment of Burundi, and then slam the Khan himself along with his retinue.

Zakhar Berkut 2019

Will play on the hand and the short-sightedness of the enemy, because he was not accustomed to a decent resistance from opponents. And he doesn’t exactly expect that behind every corner and after each ascent a keen eye is aiming at him and a strong bowstring is being pulled.

What is the joy of the soldiers of the Golden Eagle when they observe changes in the ranks of the troops turning in their direction. Now they will be able to save their land, leaving the Tatar-Mongols forever resting in the Carpathian mountains!


The actors selected for the filming of the film - this is another dark side, the veil over which the famous director is in no hurry to lift.It is known that not only well-known Ukrainian film industry figures will take part in the project, but also graduates of drama schools.

According to the film crew, the film will be filled with special effects, spectacular battle scenes, as well as an excellent sense of humor inherent in the Ukrainian spirit. "Zakhar Berkut" will attract the attention of viewers, and leave them a lot of positive impressions after watching. Considerable emphasis is placed on the historical part.

The exact release date, at the moment, is not advertised, but it is known that the premiere will take place not earlier than the winter of next year.

Video digest

As part of the work on the picture, the film crew launches a video digest on how and where they shoot the historical picture. We offer to see the firstvideoabout how to prepare an expedition to the Carpathians.

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