Will the 3rd World War in 2019

In our turbulent times, when the news line every day brings us all the new information about events in Ukraine, Syria or the DPRK, the question more often arises: “Will there be a 3rd world war in 2019?” the bombing of the United States, France and Britain over Syria.


And all this is happening against the background of the cooling of relations between the two largest powers of the world - Russia and the United States. The leaders of these states no longer restrain themselves in expressions.

How it all began

The opinions of experts in this matter diverged. Some believe that the deterioration of relations between the United States and Russia began with the Putin speech in Munich. Then he condemned the American authorities in the outbreak of conflicts around the world. In 2007, the President of Russia declared that the Russian Federation was no longer a weak state and therefore did not agree with the unipolar world. He also noted that the Russian state will no longer be tolerated when several leading powers unreasonably use force against other countries to solve their geopolitical tasks.

Will the 3rd World War in 2019

Then V.Putin called the politics of the European states puppet. Many experts called our leader’s speech the beginning of a new “cold war.”

Journalist P. Brooks from America at that time wrote that he needed to thank Mr. Putin. Now you can not doubt the intentions of Russia. Everything became very clear - the “Russian bear” decided to return.

The deterioration of relations due to Ukraine

In 2014, Russia annexed the Crimea. Thus, according to some political scientists, Russia has violated its international obligations and the existing world order. This led to a new round of deterioration in relations with the West. Vladimir Putin’s Crimean speech was again compared with the Munich speech. In it, the President of the Russian Federation said that Russia will always protect the Russian-speaking population, wherever it is. This was regarded in the western countries as a new threat. NATO countries began preparing for military confrontation with Moscow.

After that, Russia supported the liberation movement in the South-East of Ukraine. New republics were provided with comprehensive assistance, including military. This angered the USA and Europe even more. We went to the course of sanctions against Russia.They were tied to the Minsk Agreement to resolve the situation in Ukraine.

Further exacerbation with the West

Then in 2014, V. Putin’s Valdai speech took place, where he openly declared that the “Russian bear” would not give anyone the taiga. At the same time, he noted that some people in the world are trying to put a bear on a chain, but this will never happen.

Every year, tensions between Russia and Western countries have intensified with a new force. Russia does not cease to show the whole world that it is no longer a weak state and must be reckoned with. In the first decade of the two thousandth years of the Russian Federation had enormous revenues from the sale of oil and gas. The countries of Europe began to depend on it in the energy plan. At the same time there was a modernization of weapons. Russia began to supply large quantities of weapons to other countries, such as:

  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Syria;
  • Iran and others

Against this background, the war with Georgia took place, as a result of which Abkhazia and South Ossetia, dependent on Moscow, appeared.

In general, the United States and NATO countries realized that the Russian Federation was not going to give up, and clearly favored a much polar world, against American dictates to other states.

According to the Russian leader, the exclusive control of the entire US world does not lead to anything good. There are enough states in the world that also have the right to participate in world affairs. Their industrial potential is comparable to America and the EU:

GDP of the BRIC countries Exceeds EU GDP
GDP of China and India Exceeds US GDP

The heat of the situation to the limit

The United States, together with its Western partners, does not want to reckon with Russia's point of view. They are also not satisfied with fast-developing China. The last two years have shown that the points of contact with the Russian Federation are less and less. Russia, which took an active part in Iran’s nuclear program in the nineties, continues to support this regime. It remains quite a bit to begin producing nuclear-tipped missiles in this state. If Russia helps this country, then this is fraught with aggravation of tension with Israel.

The Russian Federation also supports the North Korean regime. The leadership of this country constantly threatens Japan and the USA. The unstable situation on the Korean peninsula can cause a difficult situation throughout the region, including:

  • Russia;
  • South Korea;
  • China;
  • and Japan.

Complicated relations with the West and Russia's intervention in the elections of the United States, Germany and France.

The last straw was patience with the Sklapali family in Salisbury. Father and daughter were poisoned by a chemical of unknown origin. Although, Western experts believe that this is the business of Russia. The European public is seriously alarmed by the fact that Europe can easily get harmful nerve gas, which is prohibited in the world. Its impact can pose a threat to a large number of people.

In connection with the latest events, Western countries are also going to impose new sanctions on Russia.

Will the 3rd World War in 2019? Predictions, expert opinions, what historians say

The danger of world war because of Syria

As it is known, civil war has been going on in this country for several years. Government troops are supported by Russia, and opposition forces by Western countries. To suppress enemy forces, the Syrian army used chemical weapons more than once. The last use of it in the Duma has angered the world community. The President of the United States called the leader of this country an “animal” who does not spare the civilian population and poison them with chemicals. In order to prevent violations of the elementary human rights to life, Western countries have targeted missile strikes at the places of manufacture and development of chemicals.

Russia on the upcoming aggravation of the situation in Syria announced the convening of the UN Security Council. She tried to urge the leaders of the major world powers not to rush to air strikes, but to deal with the situation. Russian experts believe that there was no chemical attack, but there was a dramatization of the desired result. It was agreed with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons that it would arrive in the city of the Duma and conduct a thorough investigation. However, the coalition of Western countries did not wait and struck at Syria.

At this time, the world held its breath in anticipation of something terrible. After all, the opposition between the Armed Forces of Russia and the United States and allies could collide. Thus, Vanga’s predictions about the start of the Third World War could have come about. The predictor before her death said that there would be a confrontation between the Russian Federation and the United States, which would end in a global war. In her forecast, she clearly said that a world war would occur when Syria fell.

Putin's answer

The President of Russia strongly condemned the act of rocket attack on Syria, which occurred in violation of all the rules of the world community. There was no vote in the UN.The actions of the USA, Great Britain and France were not even discussed in the parliaments of these states. The Russian state in the person of V. Putin expressed concern about the violation of the rights of a sovereign state. V. Putin called rocket attacks against Syria a crime against humanity.

What do historians say

Anyone who remembers the Caribbean crisis of 1962 draws a parallel between him and the current missile attack on Syria. Like 56 years ago, the world was on the verge of a nuclear war. By pure chance, the Russian army did not suffer. Who knows, maybe, if this happened, then a military confrontation between Russia and the United States began. How this can end, only God knows.

At the same time, the US President said that this was not the last shelling of Syrian territory. In addition, the authorities of America have already announced new sanctions against the Russian Federation for supporting the misanthropic Assad regime.

No one can say with precision to what extent relations between the United States and Russia will deteriorate. God forbid that everything ends in peace and negotiations in 2019.

In general, in 2019, there remains a mass of hotbeds of tension that can escalate into a large-scale war:

  • Ukraine;
  • Syria;
  • North Korea;
  • Iran is Israel.

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