Why is a newborn baby crying?

It is good when a baby can say that it is disturbing, sore, causing discomfort - you can always understand what should be done to help and reassure. But this is why a newborn baby cries, what are the causes of his anxiety - then you have to figure it out on your own, and quickly and accurately. Tears of the baby - a signal: I feel bad, help!

Crying newborn - causes

If you listen carefully, take a closer look, both the duration and expressiveness of the “sound effects” accompanying tears, and hints-grimaces and skin color are different. For example, when the peanut wants to eat (the most common reason for a tearful-noisy indignation), there is a clear smacking of lips, stretching the lips into the characteristic “O” - the child is looking for a mother's breast.

Tip: Carefully bring the bent little finger to the corner of the mouth of the baby who has been co-pensive - will immediately reach for it: the time has come for feeding. Eat - calm down.

If he began to suck greedily and after a moment turns awayshouts irritably and loudly - pay attention to the purity of breathing: sniffs, draws air tightly, and also snores when asleep - most likely the nose is stuffed.

It is important: you can not do without consulting a doctor - he will prescribe drops that are allowed for babies with a cold. For now - before the clinic, it would be good to clean the baby's nose. As gently as possible, a special, sterilized medical mini-pear or aspirator to suck mucus. In no case without thrusting the cleaning object deeply - the nasal passages in the crumbs are very narrow. Push and lift the wings of the nose is also impossible.

By all indications, he wants to eat, and as soon as he touches a nipple or a bottle, he shouts, refusing food - perhaps he has otitis: the pain increases when swallowing and sucking milk / mixture. There also can not do without a doctor.

Tip: in any case, do not warm the ears yourself. Even the most innocuous application of heat can cause festering and, even worse, loss of hearing. For a pre-medical examination and pain relief, use only your warm palms.

And the appetite is good, and the milk is coming, and the baby is twisting its head and indignant - change your own diet.Most likely, the food you swallowed changed the taste of milk for the worse, and the child is not able to eat it.

It happens (especially up to 3-4 months of age) that a newborn baby constantly cries. Why? The reason may be in a painful tummy. Look, if the baby is pressing his legs, trying to twist into a ball, squeezes the fists and tears, sobs to blue, his colic was weary.

There are several solutions to the problem:

  • fed and, supporting the head, put a small child in a column, gently pressing him to his tummy, walk with him like this for a few minutes - excess gases will go away, burst excess of absorbed food;
  • putting the crumb or holding his back to him all in the same vertical position, with a warm hand, stroke the tummy around the navel (clockwise - no different!), a couple of three minutes;
  • turn the little girl on his tummy, stroking the back - even better if he lies on his mother's belly;
  • remember how the exercise “bike” is done, as smoothly as possible, without a hint of sudden movements, do it to the infant;
  • having put the toddler tum in your lap, gently pat him on the bottom.

If a child not only shrinks into the fetal position, it also grunts, strains and, especially, if it has a fever - see a doctor immediately: prolonged anxiety may be associated with cystitis or constipation, which is accompanied by micro-damage to the rectum at the exit.

Important: Do not listen at all, if all-knowing girlfriends, grandmothers and aunts are advised to shove a piece of myeltsa into a straight passage to cause a defecation. This is not only harmful, but also very painful. In extreme cases, use candles for newborns - glycerin. They will help, but to introduce them as a permanent help for relief is direct harm to the health of the child. Pediatric care is the best way.

the baby is crying

Evening sobs and night crying - that it can be

The day passed in relative silence. The moment came when the husband came home from work, the older kids did all the lessons - the whole family got together. The pastoral picture, alas, may be interrupted - a newborn baby cries in the evenings. Why?

Evening vagaries have both psychological and physical reasons:

  • Excessive noise (conversations, television, the harsh sound of computer shooters, walkers, finding out the relationship between parents, an angry tone in a moralizing conversation with older children) - the baby is alarmed, he is scared.The easiest way: rest it, muffling sounds. To speak in a calm, comforting tone, touching and gently stroking. It is not necessary to pick up.
  • The kid turned red and cried, fidgetly restlessly - he was stuffy and hot: the room needed to be aired.
  • He turned pale and clenched his fists - hypothermia, too cold. It's time to close the window and cover it with a warm diaper or blanket.
  • The kid shouts, twists his head and tries in every possible way to wriggle out of the diaper, waves his hands - his parents left him for a long time, doing their own thing, and the pose in which he lies is clearly fed up and causes discomfort: you need to unwind, swaddle, shift him to the other side. If this does not help - carefully inspect the diaper and undershirts may be something rubs or crushes, or this clothing is clearly not to his taste and the body itches. Change it, iron it.
  • The daily routine is broken - either the baby slept during the day, but now he wants attention, or he is overworked.

Before putting the toddler to sleep, bathe him in warm water. Even better, it will be diluted infusion of herbs: a series, chamomile or celandine. They will calm the baby, and tidy up the skin, warning against diaper rash.

Advice: it is better not to add any foams, salts, oils in the font. All this is better to postpone until later - let the baby grow a little.

Night has come. And again cry. Why is a newborn baby crying at night? And is it necessary to immediately run to him, grabbing at his arms and incessantly cradling? Yes and no. All babies cry at night. But if it is just a whimper, it is not necessary to take him in his arms, and even less to his bed. He's sleeping. It is necessary to take measures when crying is really heard.

  • If the baby does not stop crying, fidgets, trying to crawl away from the middle of the crib, hiccups - most likely, it is wet. Pereplelenite him, gently speaking, stroke - let him sleep on.
  • If the baby is full and since the last meal it hasn’t taken another three or four hours, and he shows signs of hunger, it is better not to overfeed, but to give some water (not from the nipple, but from a spoon) and a pacifier. To sing a lullaby lullaby, shake. And only if the “hungry attack” persistently repeats itself - attach it to the chest or give a bottle of the mixture.
  • Concerned intestinal colic - you need to soothe the tummy.
  • The kid scratches his teeth with his fist, pulls a diaper into his mouth, his saliva is full of gums, his gums are swollen and reddened, the temperature has risen - he has stirred, preparing to erupt, his teeth.There is nothing to be done: antipyretic, anti-aesthetics - anesthetic gels (gums need to be missed), gum rings (teethers made of special rubber) and parental patience. Teeth - nightmares that need to go through. Yes, in the first month or two they do not bother, but in three months they begin their restless movement.

Advice: if none of the above helps - do not postpone the visit to the pediatrician. There are a number of diseases that can be diagnosed only by a doctor and special medical equipment. The disease must be treated, and here home methods of sedation are ineffective.

Why is a newborn baby crying in a dream?

Here everything is just like adults:

  • dreamed of something incomprehensible and terrible;
  • it is cold or hot;
  • it became scary without my mother's heat;
  • light or loud sound interferes.

It is necessary that the parental warmth and attention be near. If during the day colic in the intestines were not stopped, they also interfere with sleep.

Tip: warm the diaper and, after a light massage around the navel, put it on the tummy - the pain should subside.

Uncomfortable and wet diaper. A bad diaper caused skin irritation or diaper rash.Mom is nervous - the child will cry in a dream. There are many factors. But there is one golden rule: the baby’s cry is not a catastrophic tragedy: you don’t need to carry it on your hands when falling from fatigue. Rescue the normal routine of the day, a calm home environment, good milk or a mixture that feeds him (mother's diet), attention and observation.

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