Why grow hair on the abdomen during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most amazing time inlife of every woman. And it seems that nothing can overshadow the uplifted state of mind and extinguish the brilliance in her eyes. However, hormone changes in the body have not been canceled yet, therefore mood swings all the same happen and cause a lot of trouble not only for the woman herself, but also for her husband and family. Upset can do anything: a pigment strip, and hair on the abdomen during pregnancy. After all, in the first place, the future mother worries about her baby, it seems to her that the appearance of such unpleasant symptoms only indicates that something is wrong with her body. To disseminate the myths of the pregnant woman about the increase of hair growth on the body will help our article.

The causes of excess hair on the body of a pregnant woman

To understand the causes of the appearance of hair on the body of a woman, we need to recall what happens to her body during pregnancy:

abdominal hair during pregnancy

  1. At the beginning of the first trimester,the level of the hormone progesterone produced by the yellow body. He is responsible for preparing the uterus for pregnancy and helps to keep it. This same hormone affects the change of mood and natural strengthening of the hair. In some women, progesterone causes the transformation of a gentle cannon on the abdomen and chest into a thick and dark scalp.
  2. Increased levels of testosterone (malehormone) can also increase the amount of hair on the body. The growth of this hormone can be even dangerous when carrying a pregnancy, in some cases medical treatment is required.
  3. Genetic predisposition. Despite the fact that gynecologists are skeptical about this fact, it should be noted that how much will grow denselyhair on the abdomen during pregnancy, depends on genetics. This explains why some women have a light fluff on the body, and others have a whole hair carpet.

Do not worry!

Disease in which the human bodythere is active hair growth, called hypertrichosis. It should be noted that it occurs not only in pregnant women, but also in ordinary women, as well as in men. Due to the restructuring of the hormonal background, the light fluff on the body begins to darken, the hair becomes thicker and stiffer. It is noticed that this disease is more susceptible to pregnant women with dark skin and dark curls.

boy or girl signs in pregnancy

Hair on the abdomen during pregnancy start to growusually after the 12th week of pregnancy and indicate its normal course. It is at this time that the male sex hormones androgens begin to be produced by the adrenal gland. Do not worry. Usually after pregnancy, the hormonal background is leveled, increased hair flow will pass by itself.

Dark strip on the abdomen during pregnancy

Usually hair growth in pregnant women does not increasethe entire surface of the abdomen, but only in a certain part of it, or rather, where the pigment band passes. This "decoration", located on the white line of the abdomen, is called hyperpigmentation and is still associated with hormonal changes in the body. This line is present absolutely in all people, but in the ordinary state it is not noticeable and does not bring any aesthetic discomfort.

The reasons for unrest regarding the emergence ofpigmentary strip in pregnant women should not arise. This is just one more proof that the pregnancy is developing normally. A strip usually appears after 12 weeks, and disappears after childbirth. And the pigment line starts to lighten gradually, and maybe not disappear at all, but only become less pronounced.

hair on belly during pregnancy boy or girl

There is a sign that with every subsequentpregnancy pigment line appears earlier, and disappears later. In addition, some women striped to find out who they are born - a boy or a girl. Signs in pregnancy indicate that there is no connection between this phenomenon and the sex of the child. This means that a woman with a strong pigmentation does not necessarily have boys.

Hair on the abdomen during pregnancy: a boy or a girl?

Most mothers long before the baby's birthtry to figure out his gender. And even if the ultrasound showed a child of the same sex, women try to double-check it and find out who is sitting in their tummy: a boy or a girl.

grow hair on the abdomen during pregnancy

Signs during pregnancy are connected, first of all,with the appearance of the future mother. The sex of the child is determined by the shape of the abdomen, by the condition of the facial skin, by the color of the pigment line and by the growth of hair on the body of the woman. It is believed that if the abdomen and breast of a pregnant woman begin to grow intensively, then under the heart she wears a boy. But in fact, the reviews of women who have already become moms completely refute this theory.

What if the abdominal hair grows during pregnancy?

Despite all the doctors' assurances thatthe increase in hair growth and pigmentation during pregnancy are absolutely natural phenomena, and after the birth they will disappear by themselves, women are looking for different ways to get rid of the increased vegetation on the skin. Some women begin to pull the hairs with tweezers, but they not only appear again, but also often grow into the skin. Other pregnant women use a razor or use more radical means.

strip of hair on the abdomen during pregnancy

Hair on the abdomen during pregnancy become less noticeable when exposed to hydrogen peroxide (3%). It is enough to lubricate the zone of enhanced hair growth moistened with cotton wool in the solution.

It is strictly forbidden to resort to methods of electroepilation, hair removal with laser and wax.

Time cures

If the thick hair on the stomach delivers a strongpsychological discomfort, then you can try to get rid of them, using sparing methods. But most often a strip of hair on the abdomen during pregnancy does not look as horrible as women imagine it in her head. In this case, this is only an occasion to attract attention, especially since there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Like the pigment band, the hair will lighten andTo thin out already after the birth of the baby, and to its one-year age about these troubles it will be completely forgotten. At least until the next pregnancy.

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