Why does a jellyfish dream? Money promises or ruin?

It is believed that all marine life, having appearedin the night vision, envision enrichment. And why does a jellyfish, a spineless inhabitant of the depths, dream? As the well-known interpreters say, this kind of vision has nothing to do with money. And that's what it portends, let's work it out together.

what does a jellyfish

To see a jellyfish in the water and on the shore

If it seemed that we were resting in the sunbeach, went swimming and collided in the water with a host of mucous, unpleasant creatures, there is a stir. A calm flow of life will break. Probably next will be a restless, fussy man, always afraid of non-existent enemies or problems. A new acquaintance will drive you to a frenzy, to panic. Only after some time will understand that such a reaction was to nothing.

Dream jellyfish, then in front - an empty fuss,unfounded passions, vain anxieties and unrest. Remain calm that King Solomon, you will be healthier. Take the jellyfish ashore and see that it has turned into an unpleasant puddle, - to family quarrels, quarrels, little tears. However, they will not be particularly large, they will only leave a disgusting aftertaste, as though they were doused with mud and not allowed to be washed. The plot recommends less to bully oneself with the domestic, to pity them and to give in to everything. Maybe trouble will pass.

what does the gorgon jellyfish

The jellyfish stung

An aggressive resident of the sea is a completely different matter. If you feel a burn, then there is a big scandal. Here, conceding and showing loyalty to anything. Dreams jellyfish stinging, attacking? Ahead is the struggle for vital interests. It is necessary to prepare for the fact that someone will try to take away from you something of value, not always material. Lovers of the story portends the emergence of a strong opponent. The feelings of an expensive person will have to be defended in a difficult situation. The competitor will have clear advantages. But if in a dream you could drive away a "stinging cold", you will cope with difficulties. Suffer in the country of Morpheus because of the multiple burns inflicted by jellyfish - to bid farewell to the hope of reciprocity in love. Only after a certain time will you understand that they themselves were to blame for the fact that the precious partner found another. Character should be controlled, to restrain the impulses of aggression and selfishness.

what does a big jellyfish

Why does a big jellyfish

A huge gelatinous sea monster appears innight scenes with the news of a new acquaintance. Probably, a person will not impress you, seem insignificant, uninteresting. You will begin to maintain a relationship only out of a sense of compassion for the poor fellow, who no one needs. But in time, you will realize that you have received the gift of heaven in its form. A friend will turn out to be reliable, wise, well informed and active. He will be able to repeatedly pull you out of trouble, push him to the right decision, in general, will affect his destiny.

A girl to see in a dream a huge jellyfish - tothe appearance of the groom. Only acquaintance will not impress her. The girl will consider that the chevalier is not independent, too compliant, that is, some spineless. And only some unpleasant event will make her open her eyes and see him as he is: a wonderful strong man, able to protect himself from any scourge, to surround him with caress and attention. Will understand the capricious: to turn the nose to anything. Dream jellyfish giant size - get a great husband.


What is the dream of Medusa (gorgona)

This vision is of a completely different kind. A legendary woman with snake hair, who could stare people with a glance, predicts a clash with an insidious and evil woman. You probably already know her, but do not even suspect what's going on in the black soul. This lady is affectionately talking, looking into the eyes, rendering small services, and the whole one is wriggling with envy and terrible anger. It's time to face the witch face to face. A terrible metamorphosis will happen to one of the familiar ladies. And the horror will settle down in the soul, will want to run to the end of the world.

Take your time, just try not to communicate withthis deceitful hypocrite. She, herself, having understood your strength, will step aside, will seek another place for intrigues, where the blackness of the terrible witch soul is not yet realized.

The man of the gorgon Medusa foreshadows a conclusionmarriage, which the bride will agree on the calculation. But when the girl shakes out all the means from the poor man, he will see her in true light. And he will not like the picture so much that his feet will no longer be in her house. Think, men, whether to listen to a clue of sleep or to drink a cup of marriage to the bottom, hoping for a miracle. Good luck!

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