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White nights in St. Petersburg

Once driving conversation with the manager of the tourist business, I heard the phrase that touched me its incomprehensibility. The girl enthusiastically told that she is a manager in neighboring countries, and specializes in Russia. Wow! What is it abroad? No one is surprised by such a trip.But it turned out that I was deeply not rights.Moscow is clear, I was there a couple of times, and from Peter is for me a city with many unknowns. For half an hour my professional cases told me a fascinating story about what to watchin St. Petersburg. Of course, I introduced everything is in the brightest colors, tourist appetite has started ... so it was over and I would not remember later on that conversation, if not thethe fact that in addition to everything interesting in St. Petersburg also has white nights!Like this Yes! It interested me in earnest.       If you also have a huge interest in this phenomenon, and there isa wishsee everything with my own eyes then read my blog, I listened carefully and ready to tell. Actually white nights in St. Petersburg last from June 11 to July 16. On the night of July 17 in the streets include lights that seem to be the official closure of this natural festival. However, the St. Petersburg people themselves claim that after the 20s of June nights all darker, so the best way to go in the middle of the first month of summer. It is believed that the brightest night falls on June 20-21, when the sun sets over the horizon just 7 degrees, and the length of the day is 18 hours 53 minutes.Of course, the most the main must-see while walking at nightor, if I may say so, to the “white” Peter — observation for the breeding of bridges and passage along the Neva motor ships.        Bridges begin to breed at 01.30 am and reduced at about 4.30 in the morning. At about 3 o'clock in the morning for 20 minutes reduce Palace and Tuchkov bridges.Of course, this is a spectacle of its worth. But need take into account a very important fact: you want to see the white nights not only you. This means that it is in June that Peter receives the main tourist load. It was at this time that everything in the city is the most expensive. It is at this time there are no hotel rooms.And ... on the most peak dates are graduation holidays schools. Together with the tourists on the embankment probably all travel. country buses. There is no place for anything or anyone. But if for you it is absolutely not a hindrance, then feel free to book a tour, just think about it in advance, but in the spring there may be no place. You can go to Peter and not on white nights, and in the second half of August. Maximum citizens left the city who to the cottages, who are on vacation.Business woman activity at the very minimum. There are almost no traffic jams even in the afternoon and even in Weekdays. And at night you can walk almost all alone. Moreover, it is very important: the city has changed a lot in recent years. All historic buildings, bridges and The central highways are illuminated with artistic night illumination. Nights already dark but still warm and dry. And such a luminous city is no less magnificent, than the effect of the white nights. Yes, and museums and hotels are almost free.

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