Where to go in November?

November is the last autumn month, when it's easyyou need to rest before the winter, gain strength and be inspired to follow up. Let's think about where to go in November, where to spend your long or quite a short vacation.

Rest in November: where to go

Weather in Russia in November is not happy: slush, raw shoes, rain with snow ... Where to go to rest in November? Of course, abroad!

Where better to go to the sea in November?

Egypt. In November, the velvet season begins here. Do not worry, if you do not tolerate the exhausting heat, the warm climate in Egypt is calm at this time, it simply disposes to a wonderful rest. Fans of the all-inclusive system will certainly find such hotels. Prices for tours in comparison with other countries will pleasantly surprise, and the flight will not tire you and your children (only 4-5 hours). Speaking of such amenities, you can not forget about the visa, which is issued directly upon arrival in the country for only $ 15. It turns out, from you - the passport and voucher, everything else will make your tour operator. For the sea do not worry, by November it is already quite warm in Egypt. Go to the popular resorts: Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and others.

United Arab Emirates. United Arab Emirates - these are chic beaches and impeccable resorts with beautiful skyscrapers. In November, the UAE comes to a velvet season, here you will spend an unforgettable vacation and feel the real magic of vacation! From entertainment in the UAE will be attractions, water parks, zoos and a lot of entertainment centers with their services. Whether you are traveling alone or with the whole family, it does not matter, because the Emirates are a holiday for every taste.

Thailand. The cost of tours to Thailand for November will please tourists. Yes, and with the weather, everything is just fine. Rest in November at an air temperature of +30 - +32 degrees is simply wonderful, having left the slush and cold of Russia. Upon arrival in the country, you must visit modern Bangkok, a tour of it will leave an indelible impression. For a holiday in November, choose Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui or the islands of Samet and Ko Chang. Their purest white beaches and exotic greens like pictures inspire anyone. In Thailand, you can relax in ultramodern hotels, and you can stay in inexpensive bungalow-houses.

The Dominican Republic. Where to go on vacation in November, if not in the Dominican Republic ?! It's just an ideal place to relax in late autumn. Spicy cuisine, exotic show programs and, of course, the stunning beaches of the Dominican Republic - what more is needed for incredible sensations ... Such popular resorts as Boca Chica, Puerto Plata and Juan Dolio will hospitably welcome all tourists. The air temperature in the Dominican Republic in November is about +30 degrees in the daytime and +20 degrees at night. Do not worry about the rains, in November they will no longer be. Dominican Republic in November is the end of a humid hot summer season.

Where to go to rest in November in Europe?

If you prefer a guided tour inNovember, then you have the opportunity to choose almost any European country: the Czech Republic, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, for example. Throughout the world at this time there are many holidays that diversify educational excursions with entertainment moments.

Do not forget about ferry tours to Finland and Sweden. Typically, the route is: Stockholm - Helsinki (or Turku), it is served by 2 companies Tallink Silja and Viking Line. During the cruise, tourists visit numerous restaurants and bars, have fun at the disco or watch movies in the cinema. In addition, the ferry has souvenir shops and Tax Free shops (with duty-free trade).

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