When to plant (sow) squash for seedlings on the lunar calendar 2018? Terms of planting squash in open ground seedlings or seeds

Hello everybody! On the agenda zucchini. Yes, but not that we all love so much, but we will talk about how and when you need to plant squash this year. We will learn how to grow seedlings, and then we will take a big and tasty harvest. How do you like this idea?

Unlike eggplants, this crop is not so capricious and there will be much less trouble with it, which is pretty good for everyone, especially novice gardeners and gardeners. I remind you that if you still have not sown tomatoes or peppers, then it is time to take up this matter).

In my opinion, this vegetable is very fond of most gardeners. But, of course, you need to know a lot about the methods of planting and about some nuances in order to grow this culture correctly and with a good return in the autumn.After all, it can even be used for baby food, because it contains so much nutrients.

When to plant seedlings on squash on the lunar calendar 2018

In principle, in this matter it is impossible to make a mistake, because it is recommended to plant squash for seedlings at the end of April, that is, together with cucumbers. If we consider this issue in more detail and turn to the lunar calendar, which I gave you in previous entries, we will see the following picture.

Since the zucchini, that is, their fruits lie on the surface of the earth, we will be interested in the growing phases of the moon. You just have to bring them closer to your region in which you live, respectively, residents of the Moscow region will sow a little earlier, but Siberia and the Urals a little later. We look at the landing table.


Thus, the experts recommend that the most favorable days for planting zucchini seeds will be:

April: 25-29

May: 23-28


Be sure to write yourself in a notebook to quickly find this information).

How to sow squash on seedlings? Care and cultivation

At the very beginning I already made a reservation that this fruit is unpretentious enough and in order to plant it in open ground one must first be aware of all the ways of planting this crop, as well as about leaving.

There are two ways of planting zucchini, the first is a rassadny method, and the second - by seeds in open ground.

Proper soil for planting

Let's first determine what kind of land is best to take for this purpose. The best store mix is ​​that which is rich in everything you need, or you can mix peat and sand in equal proportions, as well as slightly add ash and chalk.

Germination and planting seeds in the ground

To plant seeds in the ground you must first buy them in a store, or use their own production. Germination can be checked in this way, pour ordinary water into a glass and add salt (take 30 g for 1 liter) and leave the seeds in this solution for at least 30 minutes, preferably for one hour. The hollow will float on the surface, discard them, and rinse the necessary ones in ordinary water and dry.


Place the seedlings in the water, which is heated to a temperature of 70 degrees, and then put them in the cold for 5 hours. It is also possible to carry out sanitization with such preparations as Fitosporin-M, or the mixture of Alirin-B + Gamar (1 tablet per 1 liter of water). It is necessary to disinfect in this way 12-18 hours.

Important! Remember that the seed treatment process is done in the event that your seeds are not purchased, but yours.


Purchase at a gardening shop Zikon or Albit and stimulate as it is written in the instructions to accelerate growth.

If you grow exactly zucchini for seedlings, then you can significantly approximate the time for picking up fruits, which means two or three weeks earlier. Cool! Therefore, in order for germination to accelerate before planting, seeds should be germinated in advance, but do not forget to do the calibration first, remove too small and ugly, but it is worth putting the full weights into wet gauze and germinate.

Any plastic cup with a diameter of 10 cm will serve as an excellent option, and at the same time seeds should be placed at a depth of 1.5-2 cm in several seedlings in one such pot, in order to remove two weak sprouts.

Take a look at this scheme, let it be remembered visually.

The most pleasant thing about this method is that a separate picking will not be necessary in the future in this way, and the root system of the plant will not be damaged, because it does not like this transplant procedure very much.

It is necessary to remind you that zucchini is not very whimsical in the heat, rather than cucumbers for example. To seed germinated he needs a temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius in total. But the most optimal will of course be 25-27 heat.

After the seeds in the ground, moisten the soil with warm water and cover with bags to create a greenhouse effect.

It will take a little time and you will be pleased with the first shoots, usually it is about a week.

Feed seedling

Here they are what little green beauties at your window. Note that now the temperature should be at least 15 degrees so that they grow. During the growing period, it will be necessary to feed the squash; this should be done the first time after germination of ten days and the second time - eleven days after the first feeding. Use a drug like Bud or Effecton.

It is recommended to water the seedlings preferably with warm water, and do this not at the root, but preferably in a circle, around the sprout.

But be careful, do not overfill, they do not like excessive moisture, and then destroy. Do not overmoisten too much soil.

You need to grow at home on the windowsill to 2-3 leaves.


Transplant in the open ground at the end of May or the beginning of June, so that there will be no frost at all. But, before planting the seedlings should be hardened. You will need to move it in the daytime to the balcony so that there is open air, and at night you bring it back to the room or apartment.

Rules for planting in open ground

The ideal time for planting zucchini is the beginning of June and when you see only two or three leaves.

The first rule that you should always keep in mind is that kabaks need a certain distance, both between rows and between plants.

When you begin to do this procedure, make enough deep holes for a shovel width of 35 cm in diameter.

And in each such hole you need to pour on the floor of a bucket of humus, or compost.

And you also need to add granular superphosphate, their size should be 1.5 cm, it is very important.

Plant with great care and take care of the plant root system. In no case do not plant too close to each other, they are quite bushy.

The secret of a huge and classy harvest is, of course, their proper placement, remember one simple rule that if you plant them in a new place every year, then this will be the best solution. The ideal precursors are beets, carrots, onions and greens.

In this regard, you will avoid many different diseases and increase yields. But, you need to place the zucchini in such a way that a strong wind does not blow on them, they do not tolerate it.

Very high humidity, like the same cucumbers, they do not require, so water them under the spine, and of course, use warm water for this purpose to avoid trouble with the fruit, it's me about rotting. But, again, this does not indicate that they do not like water, they also need to be watered abundantly at all stages of their development.

Important! With a large lack of water, the leaves will start to wither, the fruits will ripen through the mind and lose their attractiveness and taste.

Also, the process of watering can be perfectly combined with dressing, and what a good option, is not it? Prepare a solution of phosphate or potash fertilizers in one bucket of water. That's just when you see the first ovary, you will need to water twice as efficiently.

In order to have more ovaries, it is necessary to resort to an interesting way to treat the leaves with a solution of honey with the help of a pulvilizer, thereby flying a bee and wasps to this smell.

Do not forget about loosening the soil after each watering.If the summer is all overcast and rather rainy it turned out, and this weather also coincided with the blooming of zucchini, then of course there are few insects that pollinate plants well and what then?

To do this, you need to tear off a male flower on a dry day and touch the stigma of a female flower with its dust particles.

In this picture, you can easily overtake the male and female, the female has not yet dismissed, and its feature is a kind of seal at the beginning of the flower, while the male has no such thing.

And more such advice, if you see large leaves, they should be cut off so that more sunlight comes in and the fruits develop better.

Here is another important point, this is pinching, many gardeners do not, but you can still try, because it will increase the yield in many ways. Therefore, pinch the tops of the shoots when they are about one meter.

Everyone is still interested in such a question, is it possible to protect zucchini from diseases? Yes, you can if you plant them between onions and garlic, such magic). Potatoes can be excellent neighbors, as well as any legumes and cabbage.

All the same, you can observe such a disease, like powdery mildew, this is the most common option. From pests you can see aphids, slugs, mites and others.

For prevention and treatment, use the same drugs as for tomatoes and cucumbers.

Fruits need to be collected once or twice a week, at the same time make a cut with a knife and remove together with the stem. And I can tell you that if zucchini has not yet matured, then they can also be consumed in its immature form.

Ha, look what fruit saw). And where such a grown, probably at the exhibition))).

The other day in one video I saw another interesting way of disembarking - this is in the wheel tires. Have you heard about this method? This method has a lot of advantages, so it will be more convenient for you to water, and if you first cover them with polyethylene at the very beginning, then the moisture will be spent much more economically.

And it will also be easy for you to fight weeds, plus, imagine how it looks elegant and colorful on your summer cottage, as if it were a vegetable garden with climbing plants.

The process itself will consist of several stages:

1. Dig a small hole with a depth of two bayonet spade and put the compost or manure. You can even put freshly cut grass.

2. After that, stand on the grass and trample down with your feet, in other words, beat the crowd.Pour a layer of garden land and use a bulbous planter.

3. With it, place three shoots.

4. Spill the hole thoroughly with warm water and add the seedlings to it. Get the seedlings together with the earth from the pot. Land on the inner edge of the tire, and then pour it abundantly.

5. If you land in mid-May and there is a high probability of frosts down to minus 10, then protect it from this scourge. It is possible to put plastic five-liter bottles on sprouts with a cut-off bottom and an open neck.

We plant in the open ground a thermophilic seed culture

As you know, zucchini can be planted with seeds directly into the open ground, even in the northern regions. This is of course cool!

But, all the same it is best to plant seedlings if you want a quick harvest. Therefore, when the seedlings already reach 25 days, feel free to prepare it with a meeting in the street ground. Decide, as always, on how you use it.

To make it clearer for you and you could sort everything out, I specifically found for you a training video from YouTube channel:

There you have it now. I hope you liked the note and you will gladly share it on social networks and click on one of the buttons. Write your feedback and suggestions, and also add to my group. Bye everyone! See you soon, see you tomorrow.

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When to plant (sow) squash for seedlings on the lunar calendar 2018 Terms of planting squash in open ground seedlings or seeds 54

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