When is Christmas Eve in 2019

Christmas Eve is one of the few holidays, the traditions of which are revered to this day. This is Christmas Eve. But not the day that precedes Christmas is remarkable, but the evening of this day. All traditions are associated with the late time of day.

Remarkably, Christmas Eve is revered by both Orthodox Christians and Catholics. True, the date of its celebration is different, and the traditions are significantly different. Nevertheless, this evening remains for many people a significant event that they are looking forward to.

When is Christmas Eve in 2019

Christmas Eve is the last day of the Christian Lent. Therefore, it is tied only to the date of the celebration of Christmas, and not to Easter, like many other holidays. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas annually on January 7th. Accordingly, Christmas Eve is the evening of January 6th.

For Catholics, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, and Christmas Eve - December 24th. These dates are fixed and each year a holiday begins on the same day.

origin of name

Christmas Eve in 2019

There are several versions regarding the origin of the name of this holiday. Both associate this name with dishes traditionally prepared on Christmas Eve. One of them is juicy.

Earlier this dish was a treat that was prepared only on Christmas Eve. It was a cake, which in some way resembled a mask. Some hostesses made two cuts in this cake through which it was possible to look at people.

According to popular beliefs, looking through the people at the people around them, it was possible to reveal impure forces in them. In addition, people believed that such a feast helped protect against evil spirits.

Kutya on the table on Christmas Eve in 2019

According to the second version, the name of the holiday went from the dish "sochivo". In general, juice is a juice that is made from ground wheat seeds. But it is more likely that in this context there was meant a somewhat different dish, better known to us under the name “kutya”. This is a gruel of wheat and rice, with the addition of honey and various nuts.

Kutya is a traditional dish that is prepared by many families on Christmas Eve and now. Over time, people have learned to cook kutia in several ways, so different versions of such a treat can be found on the tables of different families.

Traditions on Christmas Eve

Festive dinner

holiday table on Christmas Eve

It has long been a tradition on Christmas Eve to gather the whole family at the holiday table. For Christmas Eve it was recommended to prepare well. There should be a lot of different dishes on the table, but with a small reservation: since this is the last day of Advent, then treats should be lean. Monks on this day are ordered to eat only raw food, but ordinary people need only to abandon meat products.

As mentioned above, in many houses, an essential attribute of Christmas Eve is kutya. It is put on the table along with other dishes and it is necessary to begin dinner with it. According to another folk tradition, it is necessary to start a gala dinner after the first star appears in the sky. It is important to spend the holiday with your family, celebrate it quietly and eat well, having tried all the dishes.


people go caroling

Previously, Christmas Eve was the first day of Christmas. That was the name of the winter holidays, which took place from Christmas Eve to Epiphany. It lasted twelve days. One of the main attributes of Christmas time was caroling.

It should be noted that despite the fact that now this tradition has been preserved in many families, it is somewhat modified.Today, carollers can come to us, recite holiday poems and wait for a certain reward. Previously, it was a much more solemn tradition. For caroling, young people and girls dressed up in costumes and wore masks. In fact, it was a full-fledged masquerade.

Further, joining together in large groups, they went to the houses of their village, knocking on all the doors. Getting into the house, they tried with all their might to arrange a real celebration for the owners with songs, dances and greetings. For this, the hosts treated carolmen with various delicacies. So the people tuned in a positive way, preparing for the meeting of one of the main Christian holidays - the Nativity of Christ.


divination on Christmas Eve in 2019

It was believed by the people that on the eve of Christmas one could get answers to the most exciting questions, therefore many girls resorted to various magical rituals. A popular method was with a towel. It was necessary to hang a clean towel for the night and say: "Suiched, come, wash." If the towel remained dry in the morning, it was not worth waiting for a quick marriage. But if it was wet - you can prepare for the wedding.Some families believe that the towel must be white.

Another common way to tell fortunes on Christmas Eve is a cup ritual. A few cups are taken, in which different objects are laid out. There may be different quantities, but the main ones are water, sugar and a ring. Then you need to close one of the cups with your eyes closed and look at its contents. If you have a cup with water, then you will have a year without any obvious changes. If you drop a cup with sugar, then wait for a fun period full of bright emotions. And the ring, of course, is a harbinger of the coming marriage. Such a ritual is traditional for fortune telling and is held on other holidays, when it is customary to guess the future.

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