What will be the winter in Siberia in 2017-2018

One of the largest regions of our country and at the same time one of the coldest is Siberia. Winter here is famous for its frosts, snowfalls and blizzards, however, old-timers can tell about unexpected thaws in January, and about rain in the middle of December. So what will be the winter of 2017-2018 in Siberia? Meteorologists answered this question.

General forecast

In the first days of September, Roshydrometeocenter announced a general forecast for the coming winter 20187-2018. Special attention was paid to it in Siberia. According to the specialists of the relevant department, the coming winter will be more likely a traditional one, which is not distinguished by sharp temperature drops, severe frosts or too heavy snowfalls.

In fact, winter comes to Siberia already in November - in the last autumn month, most of the region’s territory already has snow, and in some areas it begins to snow even in October. Spring arrives in Siberia too late - as a rule, the heat begins only by the end of March - April.That's why the Siberians are joking that their winter lasts for half a year.

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December 2017

A stable subzero temperature is established with the first days of December - however, the coming month, according to the promises of weather forecasters, should become rather warm for Siberia. And only by the end of the month, just before the holidays, real frosts will come to the region.

The first decade of December begins with insignificant - by the standards of Siberians - negative temperatures. In the daytime from minus 2C to minus 5C, at night - from minus 5C to minus 8-9C. The beginning of December can be quite snowy - snowfall is possible throughout the region, however, according to weather forecasters, the level of snowfall will remain within the weighted average annual rate.

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The second decade, as it should be, will be somewhat colder - frosts are beginning to gain momentum in order to show what the real Siberian winter is in the last days of the month. Daytime temperatures are kept at around 11-17C, at night - up to 27C of frost. During this period, blizzards, seams on the roads and, as a result, strong ice are possible.

The third decade will begin with a cold snap to 20-22C frost. However, surprisingly, in the period from December 23 to December 26, weather forecasters promise a thaw - the temperature will suddenly rise to minus 2C. How true their promises will be, time will tell.By the new year the temperature will fall again - to minus 25C in the daytime and minus 33C at night. On the eve of the holiday, in most parts of the region, meteorologists promise clear, sunny weather with a possible slight wind.

January 2018

The most important thing for which the forecast for the winter of 2017-2018 is read is the majority of Siberian residents - what will the weather be like for the New Year. Weather forecasters are in a hurry to rejoice: the New Year holidays can be described in the words of a classic - “Frost and sun, a wonderful day”. And the truth is: fresh frosty air (up to minus 25C), bright sun, amazingly blue sky - what else do you need to go skiing or take a walk in a snowy forest? The end of the New Year holidays will also be pleased - the air temperature will rise to minus 3-10C, and snow will replace the sunny weather. At the same time, there will still be no strong wind, which means that blizzards and snowstorms will not spoil the Christmas holiday.

The second decade of January also did not bring any major changes - still overcast, still not too cold - to minus 10C, still snowy. January, according to weather forecasters, will be quite generous for precipitation, but the level of snow is still kept within the limits of the monthly average.

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The end of the month will bring winds, which means blizzards and blizzards. The thermometer will still not fall below 20C below zero, but because of the penetrating wind it will seem that the third decade of January is much colder than the previous one. The first month of 2018 will end with a slight frost and clear, sunny weather.

February 2018

Already tired of winter, Siberians are sure to be happy about February - unexpectedly warm compared to the same period of 2016 and 2017. Weather forecasters promise - no severe frosts are foreseen for this month. As a rule, the first decade of February is the most severe - this month will not be an exception. During the day it is freezing to 15-20C, at night - to 25C frost, clear and windless.

The second third of the month will bring a slight increase in temperature - up to 10-12C during the daytime. Possible slight snowfalls, but heavy precipitation is not expected in the coming February.

The end of the month already smells distinctly in spring. And let it still be outside the window minus 2-6C and it is possible to snow, but it is impossible not to notice that even the sun is beginning to warm already somehow in spring.

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Instead of conclusion

Weather forecasters who are professionally engaged in building weather charts for the coming winter warn: no forecast can be called 100% accurate.Changes may be made to any of the published weather predictions, sometimes quite significant. The reason for this is the general climate of the Earth. After all, the weather depends on a lot of changeable factors, and it is almost impossible to take into account all possible variations.

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