What to process potatoes before planting.

Every gardener dreams of getting a large good harvest of potatoes. But every summer there are many tasks that need to be addressed on the way to a rich potato harvest. This is the Colorado potato beetle, late blight, scab, wireworms, other diseases and parasites. It takes almost the whole summer to keep an eye on the potatoes and to take urgent measures when detecting beetle larvae or diseases that have begun.

To facilitate care and to protect the seeds of potatoes as much as possible, you need to process the tubers before planting. For this you can use folk remedies or more effective chemicals.

How to process potatoes before planting diseases

1. Copper sulfate

An excellent protection against various diseases is considered - copper sulfate.

First, a solution is prepared. To do this, in a 7 liter bucket add 1 tablespoon of copper sulphate, all thoroughly mixed. Potato tubers are immersed in it for about 3 minutes. Then it is taken out and dried. This treatment is carried out 2 days before planting.

2Potassium permanganate

Another excellent tool is potassium permanganate. Usually it is diluted in a 10 liter bucket: 10 grams of powder is taken for this amount of water. For processing, the tubers intended for planting are poured for 30 minutes with this solution. Again, then removed and well dried.

3. Wood ash

Excellent organic harmless remedy. Processing potatoes before planting ash not only protects plants from diseases, but is also an excellent source of potassium, which contributes to the growth of potatoes.

For processing potatoes before planting, you can prepare such a solution: pour 1 kilogram of ash onto a bucket of water and dip the tubers into it for a few minutes. There will also be excellent protection if you sprinkle the potatoes with ashes or when planting potatoes in the spring in each well pour 2 tablespoons of powder from the ashes.

4. Boric acid

The most effective and proven tool is the treatment of tubers and planted potatoes - boric acid. After the procedure, the plants develop well, do not become ill with viral diseases. For example, mushroom scab, and the presence of boron in the soil contributes to the rapid growth and development of potatoes.For processing, 15 grams of boric acid powder is taken, which is dissolved in a 10 liter bucket of water. Tubers are sprayed with this solution.

How to process potatoes before planting to protect against pests

There are a lot of funds that are not only activators of plant growth, but also excellent defenders against various pests. In the spring, it is possible to solve the problem of how to process potatoes before planting from a beetle and in advance to facilitate the care of potatoes in summertime.

One of these -Commander. This preparation belongs to the 3rd level of danger: after the treatment of tubers it is an excellent protection against various insects, including the Colorado potato beetle.

To prepare the solution is taken 2 grams of the drug, which is first dissolved in a small amount of water. Then the liquid is adjusted to 12 liters. They can be treated by spraying tubers. But care must be taken: the solution is detrimental to bees.

Another remedy isKruiser. It is able to protect tubers from soil pests, including wireworms, as well as from the Colorado potato beetle. To prepare the solution is taken 70 ml of the drug per 10 liters of water. This solution should be sprayed tubers intended for planting.

The most popular drugPrestige. After processing, the potato tubers are protected from scab and the Colorado potato beetle.

Prestige is also an excellent prevention against various diseases and pests. It takes about 100 grams of the product, which is mixed with 7 liters of water. Processing is done by spraying with a hand spray gun. This amount of money is enough to process 100 kg of potatoes.

An excellent tool that not only processes tubers, but also contains beneficial trace elements, isMick. It consists of: copper, zinc, manganese and molybdenum.

It is known that the Colorado potato beetle very quickly adapts to various chemical means. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to create complex drugs, for example,Aktara, Voliam, Taboo.

Preparing potatoes for planting in spring is not only about sprouting, but also processing. For the treatment of potato seeds there are a large variety of tools. You can only use folk remedies, but for more effective protection can not be neglected and chemical means.

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