What to collect Tini?

The character of Tini from the game World of Warcraft isenough interesting hero, which belongs to the class of strong. Despite the fact that he is small in stature, he does not hold power, but sometimes one lacks in combat and the character suffers defeat. And in order to prevent this, it is extremely important to know what to collect Tini. Then, apart from his strength, he will have other advantages and advantages that will help him win victories in his battles with enemies and enemies.

What artifacts to collect Tini

Below is a list of artifacts that will help the stone character World of Warcraft Tini become invincible.

  1. Avalance - this artifact is necessary for this hero,because it makes it possible to fall asleep in a few seconds with the selected area with stones. And also it helps to stun and damage the units that will be close to it.
  2. Boots of Travel - these shoes give Tiny an opportunity to collect gold very quickly for other artifacts.
  3. Assault Cuirass - at times increases the attack speed of this hero, and also gives an excellent bonus to the armor, while the enemy, it, naportiv, to decrease.
  4. Aghanim scepter - this artifact allows you to strengthen the ultras, it also gives an excellent bonus to all the attributes of this hero and increases the maximum reserve of his life and mana.
  5. Heart of Tarrasque - this is one of the most important artifacts, so he enters the guide on Tiny. After all, it gives a huge bonus to lives and greatly increases their regeneration.
  6. Shiva's Guard - allows you to increase the levelintelligence of this stone character, and also increases his armor. In addition, this artifact helps to reduce the attack speed of the enemy, do good damage to it and slow it down by 40%.
  7. Craggy Exterior - this artifact allowstransform the body of Tinian into granite, as a result, it causes great pain to all those who attack it. In addition, he also increases the armor of this hero and gives him a chance to stun any enemy for 1.2 seconds.
  8. Grow - it helps at times to increase the power of Tini, as well as its size. In addition, it adds a bit of speed when running.

Now you know what to collect Tiny in DotA andAfter your character has acquired all these artifacts, he will certainly become stronger and more powerful, which means he will not lose any battle with his enemies, and will always come out victorious.

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