Which sofa to choose for sleeping?

July 20, 2018
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The sofa is a must-have item in a modern apartment. Practical, multifunctional models are especially convenient, which, if desired, can be easily turned into a sleeping place, for example, such as the company Veneto offers. When choosing this design, you need to consider a few important points.

Which sofa to choose for sleeping?

Design features

When buying, you should offer the seller to expand the model. This will help make sure that in this position, it looks aesthetically pleasing and fits the room interior. Very convenient for sleeping options are considered, folding right on the floor. However, in the afternoon this upholstered furniture in this position will not look very attractive. Therefore, if the preference is given to such a comfortable model, in the morning it will have to be added each time. The usual design on the legs from https://veneto.ua/ perfectly fit into the interior and in the unfolded state.

Какой диван выбрать для сна?

How to choose a frame

The quality of the material used by the manufacturer in the manufacture of the sofa will directly depend on its durability.Structures with a frame made of metal or well-dried wood are considered the most durable and reliable. You can also choose an option from MDF or particleboard. However, in this case it is necessary to carefully inspect the surface of all parts. Damage to the outer lining should not be. View the same need and ends.

What should be the filler

The filler in the design, designed for sleep - an element of paramount importance. When buying, you must, if not lie down, then at least sit on the couch. A better option - a model with an orthopedic mattress. Spring constructions with independent blocks are also very convenient. As a cheaper alternative, you can buy furniture filled with foam rubber. Such designs are quite comfortable in operation, but not too durable. Foam rubber, unfortunately, eventually begins to crumble and it has to be changed.

Какой диван выбрать для сна?

Trim selection

It is best to purchase models for sleep, sheathed with natural material. For example, it may be flax. It perfectly absorbs moisture and is breathable. Good and practical and durable Jacquard, velor or tapestry.Do not just choose the options upholstered in leather or silk. Thus, the most comfortable for sleeping can be a sofa with a wooden frame, folding on the type of "book", spring independent blocks and upholstery from flax. Of course, this option will be very expensive. Therefore, you can pick up some cheaper furniture. In this case, you must first pay attention to the convenience of the design, its practicality and durability.

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