What Russia wants to remove from the Olympics in 2018

In continuation of the doping scandal that flared up back in 2015, the Russian team was threatened with a real threat of being banned from participating in such important sporting events of 2018 as the Olympic Winter and Paralympic Games to be held in Korea (Pyeongchang).

We offer, together with experts, to find answers to the questions:

2018 Winter Olympics

Accusations toward RUSAD

In November 2015, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) openly accused the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) of concealing the facts of doping with Russian athletes and admission of competitors to the competition before the expiration of the ban period.

According to expert estimates to identify the fact of using doping, Russia ranks 14-16, while the top five are countries such as: USA, China, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

The media have repeatedly focused on the fact thatthat the IOC wishes to see our athletes among the participants, because it is healthy competition and the big names of all your favorite athletes that make this sporting event interesting for fans from different countries.

Nevertheless, it became known to journalists that WADA intends not to restore RUSADA’s rights, arguing that the Russian anti-doping agency does not admit its guilt and refuses to provide full access to the data and samples stored in Moscow. The decision, on which the participation of our athletes in the Olympics in 2018 depends, will be made on November 16, 2017 (on Thursday).

Russia at the Olympic Games in South Korea

Variants of events

Whether the athletes of the Russian Federation will be excluded from participation in the Olympic Games of 2018 is the main question, the answer to which millions of fans want to know, who have been waiting for the next Olympiad for 4 years. Experts suggest that the following scenarios are possible:

  • A positive decision of WADA and the participation of our athletes in the most important competition for each, in preparation for which each of them took 4 years of life.
  • The removal of RUSADA and, accordingly, the Russian national team, which can entail serious consequences that are difficult to predict.
  • The ban on the participation of teams in a particular sport. In this case, under attack. Most likely, athletes will fall.
  • Russia will decide to ignore the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The media have more than once made statements about the insecurity of holding such serious international competitions in the immediate vicinity of the border with North Korea, whose statements have recently become even more aggressive.

Who is behind the doping scandal and who benefits?

Another wave of the information tsunami that swept the media in the fall of 2017 is the result of Grigory Rodchenkov's speeches (ex-head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory).

Surprisingly, at some time for his revelations, he chose the platform of the New York Times. The voiced allegations completely repeat the claims made in 2016. But today in the Russian Federation there is a criminal liability for the use of doping, and most of the requirements put forward by WADA are satisfied.

To the question “To whom is it advantageous to remove the Russian Federation in 2018 from the Olympics in South Korea?” There is only one answer: the destabilization of the situation is in the hands of the political forces that are looking for an opportunity to use the current situation for their own gain. Today, sport is a lot of money, and therefore a great opportunity.Due to the fact that the elections are ahead, doping terrorism may well become a serious weapon in the struggle for spheres of influence.

Will Russia be represented at the Winter Games in Pyeongchang?

The removal of RUSADA posed a threat to Russia's participation in the 2018 Olympics.

After a lengthy trial, the WADA Commission announced the decision - Russian athletes will have the opportunity to take part in the Winter Olympics, but under the following conditions:

  • Only those athletes who had no relation to the anti-doping scandals of previous years will be allowed to compete.
  • Participants will act as a neutral team (the use of the symbolism of the Russian Federation: tricolor and coat of arms is prohibited).

In the list of disqualified were 111 athletes, including famous skiers and skaters, biathletes and figure skaters. Moreover, some of those who fell into disgrace were officially declared innocent, and some had nothing to do with the scandalous stories of the past.

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