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What kind of radiators to prefer?

August 23, 2018

In the recent past, the cast iron radiator had no competitors. Today we have the opportunity to choose any model made of different materials, different in shape, weight, size, design, heat transfer. It is worth noting that, regardless of the type of radiator, it should be equipped with a thermal head for a heating radiator, with which you can maintain the optimum temperature in the room and significantly save heat.

What kind of radiators to prefer?

Types of radiators and their features

Depending on the material of manufacture, radiators are cast-iron, aluminum, steel, bimetallic (made of aluminum and steel), and also a separate group of convectors are distinguished. It is easy to choose a suitable model, considering all the pros and cons of these designs. The principle of operation of such equipment is quite simple: in the boiler plant, the water is heated to the desired temperature and transmitted through pipes to radiators, which give off heat and heat the air in the room.

Traditional cast iron is distinguished by its durability, affordable cost, high thermal inertness (it cools for a long time). However, it has a large mass, due to the absence of convection, the room heats up for a long time and unevenly.

Какому виду радиаторов отдать предпочтение?

Aluminum radiators are the most effective and are distinguished by their low weight, durability, aesthetic appearance, good thermal conductivity, heat transfer and convection. But it is necessary to release air from the upper collector (by means of a vent valve).

Steel structures quickly heat up and cool down just as quickly. This is one of the budget options, the disadvantage of which is the likelihood of corrosion when draining water.

The bimetallic successfully combines the advantages of steel and aluminum devices: excellent heat dissipation, long service life - about 20 years. The disadvantage of such heating equipment is the high cost.

Какому виду радиаторов отдать предпочтение?

How to choose?

Considering the options and comparing them, first of all you should pay attention to the operational and technical characteristics, and not to the cost and appearance. It is important to take into account the pressure, the permissible temperature, the width of the window openings, the size of the pipes.Another important parameter is heat transfer, which affects the rate of air heating in the room. A wide range of modern radiators allows you to choose them to any style of interior with all the necessary technical indicators and specific operating conditions in a particular room.

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