What is the best laptop company?

They were going to change the laptop, buy more advanced and modern and got stuck on the question: which laptop is better to buy? We will try to help you with this difficult choice.

Which laptop firm is better - analysis

The choice is really difficult, becauseeach firm has its pros and cons. If you ask your acquaintances, everyone will advise you from one subject or another from a subjective point of view, and in fact the opinion of a friend may not be at all in your opinion.

It is best to choose a laptop based on yourpersonal needs and requirements for a modern computer. For example, if you need a laptop for work and to sit "Vkontakte", then this is one thing, but if you want to play numerous modern computer games, then the set of requirements will be completely different. Therefore, first determine which laptop you need and what requirements it must meet.

We bring to your attention a briefcharacteristic of well-known companies that produce various laptops. Our goal is to acquaint you with the opinion of many about the products of different manufacturers, and not to advertise any particular product. The proposed assessments are based on the opinions of Internet users and the materials of authors of similar characteristics.

  1. ASUS - many users distinguish among the main qualities of these laptops reliability. The company is constantly evolving, offering new models every time.
  2. Lenovo - Compared to others, laptopsappeared later. Buyers are attracted by the low price. Many people note the good quality of these laptops, but many who do not trust this company just because of the low price.
  3. Acer - popular and practical laptops, which are preferred by many users. Convenient to use, the price category is medium.
  4. Toshiba - differ in their quality and vivid image.
  5. Sony - one of the best manufacturers of quality laptops, but the products are expensive. It combines perfectly developed technologies and stylish design.
  6. HP - in the discussions on the forums gaining many positive reviews, but there are also negative ones. The products are highly functional, the quality is good.
  7. Samsung - attracts customers with stylish design, laptops are quite productive.
  8. Dell - is famous for its reliability and functionality, notebooks are popular with buyers.
  9. Rover - on the Internet there are a lot of negative reviews about laptops of this company, but there are some models that are praised.

Which laptop company is better? Reviews are very different: if one likes a firm, the other is completely unhappy with it. Much depends even on a particular model, as one and the same manufacturer can find a model that will fully satisfy your requirements, and one that you will never want to buy again. Having analyzed different opinions of Internet users, we can summarize and identify those firms that were most often recognized in the ranks of the best in the manufacture of laptops. These are Sony, Toshiba, ASUS, Acer and HP. You decide which is the best laptop company. And still, when choosing, we recommend paying more attention to technical specifications, because it depends on them how pleasant and effective your work on the laptop will be.

Choosing a laptop: specifications

We offer you a brief information, based on which, you will understand which laptop you need and which one to choose.

  1. Expansion slot. You can find ExpressCard and PCMCIA. Better if the laptop will have both of these slots, but if you have to choose one of the two, it's better to take PCMCIA, in the future it will increase the functionality of the laptop.
  2. Hard disk capacity - the higher it is, the better,the more data you can save on your computer. It is also preferable to split into two disks, for example, C and D. This will allow for optimal storage of information on the laptop. So, in C, many store programs and everything you need to work on your computer, and on D - all the other personal data - photos, videos, music, etc.
  3. The screen format is completely dependent on the purpose of using the laptop. For graphics, the 16:10 format is more suitable; with documents - 4: 3; for movies - wide formats; for games - 4: 3.
  4. Video card - the more powerful it is, the better. The larger the memory, the better. So, it's better to take at least 1 GB. To normally play modern games on a laptop and watch movies in high quality, you need a large video card. The larger the video card, the more you can afford to work on a laptop.
  5. Screen coating - glossy or anti-reflective. Choose you. Glossy gives a clearer picture, but it hinders when working in high light conditions. Anti-glare this problem does not create.
  6. Keyboard - it is better to choose the usual andstandard, to which hands are accustomed, and if you want to work with a large number of digits, you can purchase a separate digital mini-keyboard for a laptop. The fact is that when NumPad is connected to the main keyboard, the location and size of many keys change, which prevents the user already accustomed to the standard and clarity. If you still decide to purchase a laptop with a keyboard with a digital unit, poyuzayte computer, check whether it is convenient for you to work on it.
  7. Hard disk interface. If you often remove the hard drive to connect it to another computer, Serial ATA will be more convenient.
  8. Optical drive. More practical is the tray, rather than with slot loading.
  9. The latch can be represented by a latch or by its absence. Both options are good, as the clip on a quality laptop is strong enough.
  10. Control - can be represented using touchpad and trackpoint. Ideally, a better model with both options, but it's not so important. Most are used to touchpad.
  11. Housing - can be made of metal orplastic. Laptops in the metal case are an order of magnitude higher, because the metal, of course, protects the laptop from breakages during falls and so on. much better than plastic. Plastic is good because it is cheap, but this body breaks more easily.

Which is the best laptop company to decide for you. Remember that every model and firm will have both positive and negative feedback, because it's impossible to please everyone. Therefore, when choosing a new laptop, follow your own preferences and the purpose of using a new computer.

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