What flowers to sow in January for seedlings. 22 varieties of flowers that are planted in January for seedlings.

The New Year holidays are over. Outside, snow and frost. Everyone is warming their own way. Someone is preparing a warm tea and a cozy blanket, and summer residents warm thoughts about the new season. For example, questions about what flowers to sow in January for seedlings. After all, not only vegetables should grow on the site. It is necessary to diversify them with bright and impressive flower beds. Now is the time to think about what flowers to sow in January for seedlings. By this time, many of them have already had enough rest and are ready to wake up if appropriate conditions are created for them.

The most important is the increase in daylight. After all, for the full development of the plants need a lot of light. And the sun in January-February in the conditions of the climate of Russia does not indulge us with frequent and long visits.Various phytolamps, as well as collagen and LED lamps help to remedy this situation, which are easy to purchase by visiting stores selling electrical goods.

What flowers to plant in January

A sowing campaign at this time is supposed to be carried out for those plants that have a minimum of 130 days from the time of sowing to flowering. But there are still those whose time is stretched for 180 days. The first will begin to bloom by early summer, and the latter will have time to please the summer residents of our climate.

When deciding which flowers to plant for seedlings in January, it is necessary to remember not only annuals, but also perennial plants, which can be characterized as unhurried. The first of them will delight flowering a couple of months earlier than usual, and perennials will have time to bloom in the first year of growth.

What flowers to plant in January for seedlings? First half of the month

1. Aquilegia or catchment. In order to land it in a greenhouse or under cover with the approach of the end of April - beginning of May, it will be necessary to sow aquilegia in the first two weeks of January.

In seedling tanks with soil grooves pour the seeds. Then sprinkle them with a thin layer of soil. It should not be thicker than 5 mm.If you maintain the container at a temperature of about 20 ºС, the shoots will appear by the end of January, that is, after 3 weeks.

2. Delphinium perennial. Here we will talk about those of his hybrids delphinium, which bloom in the year of sowing. Like previous flowers they need to be transplanted under cover in late April-May. And the seedlings at this time will be ready for flowering, and the cultivation of the delphinium can be from the seeds of the house.

In the seedling boxes with a moistened substrate, suitable for the composition of the specified plant, place the seeds and lightly sprinkle with soil. The temperature should not be higher than 20 degrees. In such conditions, seedlings will appear in 2-3 weeks.

3. Carpathian bell.This is a plant that can be sown on seedlings throughout January. Moreover, it will also be ready for transplantation by the beginning of May. You can even make a profit on such an early seedling. After all, it is allowed to sell. Buyers will already see a full-fledged plant with drop-down buds.

Sowing should be carried out in a moist soil. Moreover, the seeds of the bell are recommended only to ram, not sprinkling with soil. Shoots appear in a week. The temperature of the room where the transfer boxes are located should be in the range of 15 to 18ºС.

If you decide what flowers to sow in January for seedlings, then the crops should be covered with glass or transparent film to create a greenhouse effect and the flowers will germinate more quickly.

What flowers are planted in January? Second half of the month

4. Pelargonium. If you sow it on seedlings from the 15th of January, it will be ready for transplantation into covered territory in May.

Sowing of this culture should be carried out in a moist soil to a depth of about 1 cm. When maintaining a room temperature from 20 to 21 degrees Celsius, the first shoots will appear after 7 days. Pelargonium zonal will give a beautiful and thick bush, if its shoots to pinch several times.

5. Begonia ever flowering.Another plant that allows you to get flowering seedlings by early May. To grow it by that time, it is necessary to sow begonia in the second half of January.

Its seeds must be compacted on the surface of moist soil. Sowing is allowed immediately on individual cassettes. Then it is recommended to put on the surface of the soil two seeds. Rassadnye capacity relies cover before germination. That is, for 10-14 days.

6. Verbena is beautiful.She gives flowering seedlings by the end of April, if sowing is carried out in the second half of January.And when sown in January, it begins to bloom in July and will wither only after strong frosts.

Its seeds are tamped on the surface of a moist soil. Seed tanks before emergence need to cover with a film or glass. At a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius in a well-lit place, the first shoots can be observed after 2-3 weeks. A special feature of the cultivation of vervain is its demands on soil moisture. It should not be overly moisturized.

7. Lobelia.Her seedlings will also be with buds and flowers already blossoming by May, if you have time to sow it in the third decade of January.

Like vervain, it should not be dredged into the ground. It is enough to slightly press the seeds to the wet soil. Like begonia, it is allowed to sow at once in separate pots. And put on 2 seeds. Put in a warm place and by the middle of the second week shoots will appear. Lobelia erinus loves moisture and does not tolerate excessive amounts of organic matter in the soil, it blooms in the second half of June.

8. Heliotrope.His full-fledged seedlings can be transplanted to a sheltered bed by May, if sown in 3-4 weeks of January.

9. Primula.Excellent undersized perennial who will find a place in any garden. The primula is remarkable in that it can grow in the shade and is not demanding in the course and growing.It is enough to plant it once in the garden and enjoy it every year. She is treated the same way as with lobelia. This flower is sown at home for seedlings, and then transplanted to a permanent place. Shoots will appear after 10-14 days from sowing flower seeds for seedlings.

10. Petunia ampelous.By the May holidays, it grows up to flowering seedlings, if sown in the second half of January. Moreover, the seedlings can be waited on the fourth day, if we provide them with 100% humidity and high temperature (from 22 to 25ºС). When sowing in the ground they do not need to deepen, just tamped. Other types of petunias should be planted later. Due to the still short daylight hours, flower seedlings may die.

11. Carnation Turkish.In January, the seedlings are better to sow those hybrids that bloom in the year of sowing. Her seedlings can also be a full-fledged plant by May, if sown in late January - early February.

Seeds of cloves are recommended to deepen to the ground by half a centimeter. With the maintenance of sufficient humidity and temperature from 16 to 20 degrees, the sprouts will hatch in 7-14 days.

What other flowers can be sown in January

Add annuals. After all, they have a bright color, so they are a real decoration of the garden. Among the seedlings of flowers in January may be such plants:

  • antirrinum, its advantage is cold resistance and resistance to drought, and the variety of varieties will allow you to choose suitable for a particular flower bed;

Perennial flowers in January for seedlings (most often they are grown as annuals):

  • Cinerariagraceful is a drought resistant plant that grows well in the sun. Just do not over-moisturize it.
  • GaypardiaSpinous has rather large seeds, therefore it is convenient to sow them at once in separate pots.
  • Calceolariawrinkled is able to bloom in May and decorate the flower bed until September.

For planting flowers in January will require knowledge of such perennials:

  • garden carnation Shabogrows well and blooms in flowerbeds, open to the sun from all sides, only they do not tolerate moving to another place, so they will have to be re-sown in January;
  • salvia with fawn or red flowersthey look spectacular, you can sow them in the last days of January or the beginning of February, but you need to remember that this plant does not tolerate moisture;
  • spurge multicoloredIt is considered unpretentious, because it is not picky about the light, the composition of the soil;
  • meconopsis sheldonalso tolerates shade, but is sensitive to the quality of the soil;
  • autumn heleniumrelies on soils with good drainage;
  • gentian- such a perennial, which can be sown at the end of December, only he definitely needs to create additional illumination, then it will be possible to admire the flowers for the second year;
  • turkish carnationis a rather unassuming flower, but requires a non-acidic soil.

Let's sum up what flowers to sow in January

The first month of the calendar year is the time for sowing crops with a long growing season. This allows you to transfer the period of growth to the early spring, and by the summer to get plants flowering in full force.

The main thing is only the exact timing of planting. And do not forget to include lights, which will allow plants to fully develop.

Now there should be no questions about which flowers to plant in the very middle of winter for seedlings. It remains only to determine the varieties, take into account the nuances of sowing each of them. After all, something needs to be deepened, and other seeds simply put on the ground. And then in the summer to follow the rules of their care.

Even if the site already has perennials, then you can think about in order to make a variety. Yes, and annuals grow only one season. Therefore, they are supposed to sow every year.

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