Weekends and holidays in January 2018

Knowing how many days off and holidays will be in January 2018, any Russian can safely plan their New Year holidays, during which you can recharge yourself with positive emotions, relax and go to work full of energy and desire to work.


The Russian government has already prepared a project to postpone the weekend to next year, so weekends and holidays in January 2018 are guaranteed for all Russian citizens.

How to relax in the New Year holidays

In 2017, the last days of December are on Saturday and Sunday. This is good news for all housewives, since it will not be necessary to ask for time off from work in order to manage to do everything in time for the chiming clock. This year, women will have enough time to:

  1. clean and decorate your home;
  2. prepare your family’s favorite dishes;
  3. lay the festive table;
  4. bring yourself, children and husband in order.

New Year's holidays will begin, one can say, from Friday 29/12/17 and will last until January 8, 188. All Russians will have to go to work on 01/09/18.These days will be enough to:

  1. spend the year 2017;
  2. celebrate New Year;
  3. celebrate Christmas;
  4. rest and gain strength for the entire winter.

It should be noted that the official weekend is the first and the seventh of January. From the second day, the so-called New Year holidays begin, which will last until January 6, 2018.

Weekends and holidays in January 2018

01/06/18, Christmas Eve will be celebrated in Russia, and 01/07/18 - Christmas will be celebrated. Since these days fall on Saturday and Sunday, they will be postponed to Friday 09.03.18 and Wednesday 02.05.18, according to the existing legislation.

This will allow a few days to rest in March and on May Day holidays, which also surely will appeal to all Russians.

How many days off will be in January 2018

After the New Year holidays, all the working people of the Russian Federation will go to work, but they will have to work for a very short time, since four days later, the new weekend comes:

  • 01/13/18 - Saturday;
  • 01/14/18 - Sunday.

Thus, we can assume that our citizens were lucky again, since Old New Year falls on the weekend. This means that the hostesses will set the holiday table on time, and men may not worry about the day following the holiday. They will not have to rush to work with a sore head.In order to restore health after a plentiful New Year's table with alcohol, they will have a whole day - January 14, 188.

The next two weeks will have to work hard. Weekend until the end of the month will be only four days: January 20, 21, 27, 28.

Thus, the following picture is obtained. Eight days of New Year's holidays plus six days off after them gives us fourteen days off in January 2018. If you look, it is almost half a month.

January Production Calendar

Amount of days 31
Number of working days 17
Number of days off 14
Working hours
  • 136 - at 40 hour working week;
  • 122 - at 36 hour working week;
  • 82 - at the 24 hour working week.

It is unlikely that any other month can boast of such an abundance of holidays and weekends. It is very important to plan all weekends so that they do not turn into an empty pastime in front of the TV.

New Year holidays can be devoted to an interesting trip to historical places of Russia. If there is a desire and a sufficient amount of funds, you can go to conquer Europe or warm exotic countries such as Thailand, India or Egypt.In the end, you can go to relatives who live in another locality.

Lovers of nature and winter sports can go to the suburbs and enjoy the beauty of the winter forest. If you have a cottage, then you can go to celebrate New Year in a country house. Fresh frosty air, a ski trip through the snow-covered forest will restore your health in the best possible way and charge you with energy and optimism for a long time.

If you do not have suburban real estate, it does not matter. Currently, the tourism business is developed to such an extent that it is not difficult for anyone to buy a ticket to a nearby boarding house or recreation center to rest and gain strength for the whole winter.

Weekends and holidays in January 2018.How to relax in Russia

Recently, rental of several cottages and hotels for several winter days has gained wide popularity. This is especially beneficial for large companies or large families. In such places there are all conditions for a good rest:

  • A sufficient number of comfortable beds;
  • Internet, satellite TV, necessary equipment;
  • kitchen equipment and accessories;
  • sauna and exercise equipment;
  • Sports Equipment.

Due to the large number of tourists, the cost of rest for one person is completely insignificant.

If you have no desire to leave the city, you can relax in a very interesting and productive way in an urban environment. The main thing is not to be lazy and go to new places of rest every day. This may be a visit to an interesting exhibition, a performance in the theater, a concert of your favorite performer, a swimming pool or a gym. New emotions and impressions can distract you from everyday problems and worries and charge you with positive and optimism for a long time.

What may change in the near future

Recently among Russians there are rumors that the Government of Russia may abandon the practice of a long weekend in January. The reason for such rumors are the statements of some State Duma deputies about the inexpediency of a long vacation in one month. They even talk about the development of a bill on the possibility of joining the New Year's weekend to the annual vacation.

How things will be with the January weekend, time will tell. For now, it can be said with confidence that in 2018 no changes will occur, and all Russians can count on the already traditional New Year's holidays.

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