Weekend in February 2019

Every year presents us with its nuances regarding non-working days. It so happens that the official weekend coincides with public holidays. In this case, they are transferred to other dates. Interestingly, weekends in February 2019 include additional rest days?


What do official documents say

To answer the question of how we relax in February, it is better to look at the document that regulates everything in Russia that is related to the production process. This is the so-called production calendar. It is used by business leaders of various forms of ownership, personnel officers and accountants. Every year this document is carefully studied and approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Labor selects the most optimal work schedules of enterprises and organizations, taking into account the characteristics of each year, since the days of the week of weekends and holidays, for natural reasons, change every year. The government department is carefully studying the calendar and offers its own version of weekends and holidays.When a holiday and a weekend share one day, the weekend is shifted in favor of combining non-working days.

Weekend in February 2019

The production calendar for February 2019 has already been approved, and we can tell you with confidence about the official weekend, holiday calendar and working hours.

So, what we see:

Calendar days: 28
Working days: 20
Weekend: 8
Public holidays: 1
Short days: 1
Weekend Shifts: 1

From the production calendar it is clear that in February there will be only one official holiday - February 23 - the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. This date falls on Saturday in 2019. She is legally a day off. The Ministry of Labor decided to move the Saturday to a more convenient, from their point of view, day - May 10. Thus, in the spring the Russians will have a long official weekend. The weekend calendar in February is as follows:

  • Saturdays: 02/02/19, 02/09/19, 02/16/19, 02/23/19;
  • Sundays: 02/03/19/10/02, 17/02/19, 02/24/19.

Weekend in February 2019. How to rest in Russia. The calendar

Defender of the Fatherland Day

This holiday is known in our country since Soviet times. True, then he had a different name, but his essence remained the same. On this day, all citizens of our country honor those who are on the defense of our peaceful sky. It is clear that not only the representatives of the stronger sex are involved in this.However, according to the tradition prevailing in the USSR, congratulations are received mainly by men. Indeed, since ancient times they defended the borders of our state. Today, this holiday is not such an ideological coloring, as in the old days. At present, women simply congratulate men for their strength, courage and endurance and give them gifts as potential defenders of our country.

Other February holidays

On the official weekend of February there will be some professional holidays and memorable dates. This should be remembered, so as not to forget to congratulate your loved ones with an important day for them:

  • On Saturday, February 9, 1919, civilian aviators and dentists will celebrate their professional day.
  • 02/10/19 It is necessary not to forget to congratulate our diplomats and sportsmen associated with winter sports.
  • On Sunday, 02/17/19, all those who went through student teams will celebrate their holiday. Even on this day, the day of kindness is celebrated all over the world. Without a doubt, in our country too many people need this feeling.

In February, the Orthodox will have occasion to celebrate solemn days. One of the most significant holidays that will be in the official weekend is the Afterfeast of the Meeting of the Lord. The Meeting of the Lord itself will be on Friday February 15th.This is one of the most revered days in the Orthodox calendar. This date marks an important event in the Christian religion, namely, the fortieth day of Jesus Christ, which was first brought to the Jerusalem temple.

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