Wedding: holiday decorating ideas

A wedding celebration is an event that usually happens once in a lifetime. You can make it unforgettable not only thanks to the carefully thought-out organization of the event, but also with the help of color and stylistic decisions. See photos of the wedding, consider our recommendations and create your own original concepts.

Wedding accessories that make the event unique

  1. The style is placedIa - a combination of certain shapes, colors and decorative elements. Wedding decor depends on the subject. Sea - white and blue tones. Instead of bouquets of flowers, corals, shells and sea stones are put on the tables, and the wheel, ropes, photographs or reproductions of seascape paintings are used in the decor of the hall.
  2. The epoch- display wedding pictures of the historical period. These are materials and draperies of that era, the furnishings - furniture, cutlery, candlesticks, paintings.
  3. Colour- the simplest solution. Remember photos of weddings of different colors. Conservatives prefer retro styling - using black and white photographs and textiles in white and black.The “delicious” atmosphere of an orange wedding is no less popular: bright yellow flowers, candles, yellow-orange napkins and pillows, and a lot of ripe citrus fruits in the interior.
  4. Shape or pattern- decorations for the wedding (tablecloths, napkins, screen, curtains) in the style of Damascus in any color variations. This is a rich floral ornament, reminiscent of a Moroccan pattern, consisting of repetitions of elements of the vertical row. The symmetrical arrangement and smooth curved lines give it a special rhythm.
  5. Shine- use of lighting equipment and effects at a specific time and place:in the interior of the banquet hall- decorative floor lighting in the area of ​​the newlyweds;on the dance floor- light music, which is created by strobe lights, spotlights, mirror balls, lasers, etc.
  6. Dishes- culinary masterpieces must first please the eye, and then - the stomach. This is exactly how the photos from the wedding, which are decorated with carving, look like appetizing - in the form of hearts, pigeons, bows or initials of the newlyweds, cut out from fruits or vegetables. It looks more impressive than the usual cuts.A constant attribute of the wedding sweet table in recent years is the chocolate fountain.
  7. Non-traditional wedding decorations:
  • plaster figurines,
  • antique candle holders
  • beaded ribbons
  • burlap products,
  • succulents, etc ..

Wedding decoration in the restaurant

Choosing the wedding decoration of the hall, pay attention to:
  • the interior of the institution- style and colors to make wedding decorations look appropriate and harmonious. If you have a holiday in soft pink or blue colors, the hall with bright red or dark purple walls will not work;
  • number of colors- so that the celebration does not turn into a children's holiday, the decor of the wedding is limited to 2-3 flowers. This will create a touching and soulful atmosphere; single clearance zones. Any wedding hall includes: a welcome zone, a bridal bureau, a photo zone, a dance floor. It is important that all these places make up a complete picture.
  • wedding accessories -Before you start making or buying them, you should ask the administrator or the owner about the features and limitations of the room: whether you can light candles or install hanging structures, video walls, etc.
The number of decorative elements and their location depend on the idea for the wedding and how to implement it.

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