We warm the floor in the bath

January 18, 2018
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In the old days, the floor in the bathhouse was not insulated, since cracks were specially left in the wooden floor for water to flow into them. But currently, the formed water flows through a special drain, which has a slope of 10 degrees. Therefore, water will not threaten the heater, which is under the floor. In addition, thanks to the insulation, the floor does not roll and it is pleasant to walk barefoot on it. The bath Troyeshchina is made with all the building standards for this type of premises and waits for customers around the clock every day.

We warm the floor in the bath

We choose the material for floor insulation. First, the bath must be properly warmed and only then you can begin to build a stove. But first of all, you need to choose the right material.

Today foamed polystyrene is considered very popular. This material can be used not only in concrete baths, but also in wooden structures. It is simply cut and leaves no waste. It is necessary to know that this building material does not absorb moisture, which can accidentally get on it through the flooring.

Even as a heater, you can use natural material - glass wool or mineral wool. But for this you should make high-quality waterproofing, since such a heater can absorb liquid. As a result, insulating characteristics of insulation are significantly reduced.

We warm the floor in the bath

The same property has a heater called expanded clay. But it is practically not used in concrete foundations. Quite often, slag boiler and perlite are used as insulation. But first it should be diluted with cement and water. But in the cold regions of this heater may require quite a lot.

We warm the floor in the bath. Regardless of the selected building material and type of construction, the floor is insulated according to the same principle. Insulation should be between the hard layers. In addition, we should not forget about protecting it with a plastic film.

In the case of wood floor insulation, insulation must be placed between the front layer and the draft. In most cases, the floor is insulated when building a bath, but this can be done later.Only for this you will need to completely remove the flooring.

We warm the floor in the bath

Insulation should be placed between the concrete and the base layer. Also, do not forget about the waterproofing layer. Depending on the particular bath and climatic conditions, the layer of insulation may be different.

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