We grind a wooden floor

Due to various circumstances, in the process of carrying out repair work, many people are overshadowed by the idea of ​​self-made scraping of the surface of a parquet or wooden floor covering. In general, nothing is impossible for a person with intelligence, but it should be understood that a quality result will require some exposure, because "without practicing skill, no one becomes a master."

The process of repairing a wooden surface consists of two stages: sanding and sanding.

Scraping- This is a special construction technology, applicable in the alignment of wooden surfaces by scraping. It is performed using a manual cycle or mechanized equipment. It is necessary to distinguish between grinding, abrasive grinding and planing.

Sanding a wooden floor- removal of scraping errors, in the form of small defects and irregularities. It is used to improve the appearance of the floor before it is covered with a protective layer of varnish, paint or tinting.

Today, to achieve a better and faster result of scraping and grinding a wooden surface,special equipment:

- Machine tsikolovochnaya drum type.

The most common machine of this type is the CO-206 machine, made in Odessa, with a drum width of 200 mm. With the low cost of this device, it has reliable, durable characteristics and is applicable to the scraping of any floors. When working with this equipment, you should know that first of all it is necessary to firmly fix the sanding belt so that it does not break under work under load.

Damage to the grinding drum rubber is the most common failure of this machine. The rental price of this device in Moscow ranges from 500 to 800 rubles per day, and the total cost costs between 45 and 55 thousand rubles;

- Surface grinding machines (single-disk and three-disk).

These machines include "Columbus", "Lagler Trio", as well as their counterparts. They are used in professional work with high-end surfaces. Renting such a device costs about 1,500–1,700 rubles, with a large margin because it is quite expensive in the region of 300,000 rubles;

- Machines for scraping and grinding individual difficult areas.

For trimming the edge used earlier grinder or manual cycle, but today there is a special equipment, called "boots".The most common devices of this type are called "CO-410", Odessa manufacturer and "Lagler Flip", "Lagler Elan";

- Abrasive materials.

For different machines, different abrasives are used, for drum machines - rolled sandpaper, 200 mm wide, of different grain sizes: R-40, R-60, R-80, R-120. The length of one filling corresponds to the turn of the drum, which is approximately 700 meters. On the Lagler Trio car 3 grinding wheels at one gas station, with a diameter of 200 mm. On machines - "boots" are mounted circles, with a diameter of 150 mm;

- Auxiliary materials.

It can be scissors for cutting abrasives, roller, special installation keys, tray, putty, roller and others.

The order of performance of work:

1. First, the most coarse abrasive is performed - R-40, with the aim of leveling the surface and cleaning from the old coating. It is produced until the complete removal of the covering and leveling of the differences between the planks of the parquet;

2. Grinding is performed with smaller abrasives until complete removal of the scraping defects;

3. Processing hard-to-reach places with the help of “boot”, such as corners, hem, areas under the batteries and near the door frames;

4.Final grinding with the finest abrasives to a smooth surface.

Floors are ready to be covered. We wish you all good luck and inspiration!

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