We cook thick condensed milk at home.

Slastenas, simply adoring a product such ascondensed milk, is unlikely to know that the confectioner from Paris Nicolas Appper is required. Since it was he who discovered the idea of ​​creating canned foods, sitting in his confectioner's. His gastronomic work, consisting at that time only of sugar and whole milk, received worldwide recognition and wide distribution throughout the world. The first condensed milk was created at home by this enterprising confectioner since 1804. Only in 1849. in the American industry, the first apparatus was created, capable of providing a mass production of these products. In 1881, there was a small factory producing these products, and in Russia. She quickly found her customers and similar factories began to appear like mushrooms after the rain. But the state GOST for this product was developed only a century later.

How did the very first condensedmilk at home? All elementary simply: mixed whole cow's milk with sugar, and a part of the moisture was evaporated from the mixture. It is worth noting that the condensed milk in accordance with the State Standard consisted of whole cow's milk and sugar. It did not contain any vegetable fats or flavors. All this, in fact, is superfluous, since it significantly changes the taste of the product obtained.

Currently, domestic craftsmen have triedvarious options for how to cook condensed milk at home. Let's consider some of them, which seemed to me very interesting, because the cost of such a product in the store is quite high, it is much more reasonable, considering the fact that I have three children growing up, to prepare condensed milk at home. This is not only less expensive, but also more useful, since cooked condensed milk at home contains only what I put into it, and given the huge number of producers and not very high quality of food products on our shelves, the home option suits me perfectly.

At first my attention was attracted by such condensed milk at home:

Mix a liter of cow, necessarily fresh,Milk with ½ kg of granulated sugar. The resulting mixture is put on a small fire and boil until thick. Do not forget to stir it occasionally, in order to avoid burning. It is also important not to rush the natural course of events, because otherwise, increasing fire, we do not provide thickening, but increase the risk of getting "product from the fire." For more rapid thickening, you can increase the dosage of sugar. Do not be scared if the resulting milk will not be white, but beige or yellow shades. This does not affect its quality.

Having made a couple of times such a condensed milk, I realized,that it disappears from my refrigerator much faster than I make it. This led me to a new search. The task was to shorten the cooking time, because the above method is very laborious.

As a result, I found, both at homePrepare condensed milk very quickly. Prepare condensed milk at home quickly, it turns out you can in two ways. That is, the method is practically one, but there are small differences in technology. I will describe both of them, and you will choose the one that you will like.

- A glass of boiling waterfill the previously prepared mixture of 50 gr. butter, of course, creamy, and 2 cups of granulated sugar (I melt the butter in a microwave oven in a cup from under the blender along with the sand). All this must be shaken and in the process of the blender, gradually introduce into the mixture of dry milk - 4 cups. Continue to beat until until we break all the lumps, and the mixture begins to thicken. Surprisingly, the thickening process takes place very quickly. Put the milk in the refrigerator will go out during the cooling process.

In a blender, it is necessary to beat the milk powder (400 gr.) with warm water (2.5 items). The resulting mixture is poured into a saucepan, add a kilo of sugar and put on a small light. Stirring, we wait for the first bubbles. In any case, do not allow boiling. With the appearance of bubbles, the cooking process is over, remove the pan from the fire and mix the resulting mixture for several minutes. We finish the preparation with cooling and enjoy the result.

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