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June 26, 2011
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How to clean the carpetMany people think that cleaning the carpet is easy and it is enough to vacuum the carpet or knock it out of the dust, carrying it outside. Some still clean the carpets in the winter, spreading them on fresh snow. Are these measures enough to keep carpets clean? We will try to disclose the answer to this question in this article.

Pure bark is not just their beautiful and tidy appearance, first of all - it is the guarantee of health for all family members. If you do not clean the carpet for a long time or do not do it very thoroughly, then dust and dirt accumulate in the pile of the carpet, which lead to the reproduction of pathogenic microbes and bacteria that are harmful to human health, as well as allergies. In order to protect yourself, you need to clean the carpets as often as possible and carefully.

To keep the carpet clean, several treatment methods are available.

Vacuum cleaning

This method is most popular. Everybody does this cleaning, that is, they take a vacuum cleaner in their hands and clean the visible areas of the carpet.This type of cleaning will create the appearance of the absence of garbage, but the desired degree of cleanliness is thus not achieved, and because of this, allergies can occur. For a more thorough cleaning you need a turbo brush. She whips the pile of the carpet and pulls out the deeply settled dust. In the process of cleaning, the turbo brush also restores the peeled nap. If there are a lot of carpets in the apartment, then it is better to get a vacuum cleaner not only with a turbo brush, but also with an aqua filter that takes care of the cleanliness of the air.

Carpet knocking out

This method has been used in our country for a long time, but many probably noticed that there is still a lot of dust on the carpet. This is the disadvantage of this method - it does not relieve the carpet from all the dust, but only removes it from the top surface. In addition, this method of cleaning is not suitable for carpet, which will not be able to remove every time you clean it like a carpet.

Wet carpet cleaning

how to clean the light carpetThese works are carried out either manually or with the help of a washing vacuum cleaner. Such cleaning is not recommended for the entire surface of the carpet, as it will not work with a residual moisture of 8–15%, and a wet carpet will be an excellent tool for the development of microbes and ticks. If the wet cleaning of the carpet is carried out in special facilities - car washes, dry cleaners, etc.- Before taking it home, it is necessary to thoroughly dry the carpet in direct sunlight or with the help of special drying equipment.

Wet cleaning of carpets can be done with ordinary water and special chemicals. Usually, after applying chemical agents, the carpet is dried and this is where the work ends. But it is correct to neutralize the chemical solution with ordinary clean water, that is, the first time cleaning is done with a chemical agent, and the second time - with ordinary water. Before using the selected agent, it is necessary to try its effect on a separate area of ​​the carpet to make sure that it is suitable, because sometimes the paint from the carpet can be washed off.

Wet cleaning with any product should start with a pile up. To do this, use a clothes brush with hard bristles. If you do not raise the pile during the final drying of the carpet, then drops are formed, which will lead to abrasion and loss of pile.

Often in our time, carpets are subjected to wet cleaning at car washes and cleaning companies. In such places, high-pressure washers are used, which, under a high pressure of 70-100 bar, dislodge dust from layers that are difficult to reach for a regular vacuum cleaner.

And after we cleaned the carpet, it's time to hang it not a wall.

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