Volkswagen Passat 2019

Famous, classically discreet and well-developed cars with the simplest logo in the form of the Latin letter “W” on the bumper are well known all over the world. Each update of any of the models is expected and claimed. According to the already established tradition, every year Volkswagen models become more and more modern and high-tech, at the most each of them is a model for many machine-building concerns of the world.


About management trends from Volkswagen

To a greater or lesser degree, each new model becomes a trend setter in its class. And this was fully confirmed by the presentations from the automaker - a world leader in mechanical engineering with many years of experience in the market at the last Chicago auto show in late winter in Chicago.

Volkswagen Passat 2019

  • So, strictly following the rules, the developers and designers of the Volkswagen brand showed the novelty at this motor show, which was the next generation of the five-door liftback Arteon;
  • First of all, the first photos of the interior and other data, obtained officially and unofficially, make it possible to judge that the work on the next generation Volkswagen Passat 2019 passes with excellent results;
  • The novelty is intended primarily for the US and Canadian markets, but over time it will be adapted for the Old World. In the new body, two equivalent versions of the Passat will come out on the North American market - a classic sedan and a powerful SUV with improved throughput;
  • Components and prices will meet the best international standards of this class of cars. Each of the versions that are preparing to enter the large market are equipped with control systems in a semi-automatic mode.

Representatives of the company at a conference in Detroit stated that the updated Volkswagen Passat 2019 model year was a pilot release of a radically new concept of passenger transport. The process was launched as part of a new strategic project launched by the German brand Transform 2025+. It is understood that over the next seven years, the manufacturer will completely update the entire range of cars produced in Wolfsburg. The assortment updated until 2025 will include up to half a hundred models of various types with characteristics corresponding to promising areas of technology and design.So, one of the first under this slogan will come out Volkswagen Passat, which judging by the photo, is of considerable interest to potential dealers and buyers.

On the exterior of the new Passat

Volkswagen Passat 2019

First of all, the competitive environment in this class is very serious. Experts believe that classmates are Cadillac CTS, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG, Estate S213, electric Tesla Model S, new Volvo S90, Nissan Altima, Lexus GS. Directly this moment requires a special concept of the exterior. To date, spy photos provide the following information about the exterior of the car:

  1. Significant tightening and strengthening of the design due to the use of the basic platform MQB, also used for SUVs of a similar category;
  2. The body has reduced weight due to the use of aluminum and various alloys based on it;
  3. The latest news relates to the change of a strict, reliable and somewhat mediocre appearance in the style of German automotive classicism to a more aggressive and dynamic type in combination with the same laconic solidity;

Used a set of innovative optics in combination with the lines of OLED lamps. By changing the concept of front light, the car has become visually lower and wider.

About options in the cabin

Volkswagen Passat 2019

The salon has also undergone significant changes in the direction of modernizing the interior and the use of motion control options and elements of artificial intelligence. The test drive showed the correctness of the choice of direction for manufacturability. Particular attention of buyers should be paid to expensive, solid, status design. Good reviews taught developed equipment:

  • Trendline;
  • Comfortline;
  • Highline.

In general, interior updates look expensive and solid. The release date of the car is set by the manufacturer at the beginning of next year, the start of sales in Russia will take place a little later, in the autumn of 2019.

About power system

Volkswagen Passat 2019

The power system is not represented in a wide variation of technical characteristics, the novelty is equipped as follows.

Petrol Volume 1, 4 l Power 150 liters. from.
Diesel 1, 4 l 125 l. from.
Petrol 2, 0 l 150 l. from.
Diesel 1, 6 l 120 l. from.

There are many advantages of the novelty, but the main thing is significant fuel savings and minimal CO2 emissions.

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