VHL 2017 - 2018

For many players, the upcoming season of the VHL 2017-2018 will be a great opportunity to raise the level of their game and go to the club of the Supreme Division. This motivation makes the championship more exciting, intriguing and competitive. It is this fighting spirit of the teams that attracts not arenas more and more Russian fans, who are increasingly becoming witnesses of real hockey fights.

VHL 2017 - 2018


What is new in the new season?

VHL 2017 - 2018

Currently, the calendar of games, the exact list of teams that will play in the upcoming championship, as well as the transition table has not yet been officially announced. However, it became known that the league will be replenished by the Chinese “KPC Heilongjiang”, which is a farm club “Kunlun Red Star”, performing in the KHL.

In addition, another two teams applied for participation in the tournament: “The Miner” from the city of Uchaly and the Moscow “CSKA VVS”. The first club previously played in the MHL-B (National Youth Hockey League) and is a farm club of the Yekaterinburg “Motorist”. The club representing the capital is planning a close cooperation with the Togliatti “Lada” from the KHL.

The third participant in the championship, for sure, will be “Metallurg” from Novokuznetsk, who in the season 2016 - 2017 left the Continental League.

Last season, 26 teams took part in the Higher Hockey League. However, the tournament was not without loss: HC Kristall (Saratov) dropped out of the championship. In connection with financial problems, the question of participation in the Dynamo championship from Balashikha and Ariada from Volzhsk remains topical.

Regulations of the VHL 2017 - 2018

VHL 2017 - 2018

By analogy with the rules of the KHL, the Higher Hockey League championship consists of two parts - the regular championship and play-off matches.

The teams will play each other in a so-called “circular pattern”. According to the results of the games, 16 clubs from the top of the standings, go to the next round of the tournament and play in the playoff series, which starts in February and ends in April 2018.

The rivals will play 4 matches among themselves. The winner of the series will take part in the next round of the championship. Games "departure" start with stage 1/8 finals.

Preliminary tournament table VHL 2017 - 2018

VHL 2017 - 2018

This tournament is considered to be international. Almost any foreign team can take part in it.However, today the overwhelming majority of clubs represent Russia. Last season, only two professional teams entered the tournament standings - “Torpedo” (Ust-Kamenogorsk) and Karaganda “Saryarka”.

The following teams will almost certainly take part in the coming championship:

  1. SKA-Neva (St. Petersburg);
  2. Sokol (Krasnoyarsk);
  3. TChK (Tver);
  4. Torpedo (Ust-Kamenogorsk);
  5. Trans-Ural (Kurgan);
  6. Saryarka (Karaganda);
  7. Dynamo (Balashikha);
  8. Dinamo (St. Petersburg);
  9. Toros (Neftekamsk);
  10. Star (Chebarkul);
  11. Yermak (Angarsk);
  12. Chelmet (Chelyabinsk);
  13. Neftyanik (St. Petersburg);
  14. Diesel (Penza);
  15. Izhstal (Izhevsk);
  16. Sputnik (Nizhny Tagil);
  17. Ryazan (Ryazan region);
  18. Rubin (Tyumen);
  19. Sarov (Nizhny Novgorod region);
  20. Leopard (Kazan);
  21. Hammer-Perm (Perm);
  22. Ariada (Volzhsk);
  23. Chemist (Voskresensk);
  24. Buran (Voronezh);
  25. South Ural (Orsk).

VHL news of the season 2017 - 2018

A cardinal rebranding is scheduled for the coming season in the Higher Hockey League. According to the new regulations, the name of the main trophy will change. From now on, instead of “Bratiny”, he will be named in honor of the legendary USSR striker - Vladimir Petrov Cup.

Match schedule

VHL 2017 - 2018

As mentioned earlier, the exact list of participants of the championship, as well as its schedule is not currently announced. This information will be available closer to the fall. Currently, only the start and end dates of the tournament are known. It starts in September 2017, and the final playoff matches will be played in April 2018.

The results of the final playoff series 2016-2017:

  1. Torpedo - Dynamo (Balashikha) - 1: 2;
  2. Torpedo - Dynamo (Balashikha) - 1: 3;
  3. Dynamo (Balashikha) - Torpedo - 5: 2;
  4. Dynamo (Balashikha) - Torpedo - 2: 1.

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