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This story was widely publicized and illuminatedin the media, there have been and still are many discussions about the ethics and appropriateness of what happened, but the fact remains: David Vetter-Eng.) 12 years of his life spent in a sterile plastic bladder and died without touching the "living" world.

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But first things first...

Before the birth of David

David Vetter, whose medical history, no matter howstrangely, began long before his birth, will become the hero of our article. What was before his birth and what are the reasons for his unusual birth?

The story began in the 1960s in Houston, stateTexas, USA, when David Joseph Vetter Jr. and his wife Carroll Ann had a daughter, Katherine. Parents were unspeakably happy to have a beautiful daughter, but ... he needed an heir. After a while, a boy was born, David, but the doctors immediately after birth delivered a terrible diagnosis: a defect of the thymus gland that interfered with the immune system. The boy died at the age of 7 months.

Parents were warned that with a probabilitymore than 90% of their subsequent children will be born with similar pathologies. But the desire to produce a boy, heir, was stronger than medical contraindications.

Doctors of the Texas clinic, where the couple was observed,suggested the experiment: to give birth to a child, place it in a special bubble, which will become a barrier to the penetration of microbes and viruses into the body of the baby, and after reaching the required age, transplant bone marrow tissues of a healthy older sister. With a high degree of probability this will ensure the cure of the patient.

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Parents decided on the third pregnancy.

Medical error

In 1971, David Phillip was bornVetter. As expected, the boy was born sick. Its rare genetic disease is a severe combined immunodeficiency (this disease is akin to AIDS, but almost does not leave a patient with a chance: the smallest virus can kill in a few days).

Vetter David was placed in a specially equipped bubble to spend the first years of life in it - until the rescue operation is possible.

But there was a problem, to which the doctors found themselvesThe brain tissue of the brother and sister was incompatible. The operation was impossible. So, the only way to save his life is not to let go of the plastic bubble.

David Vetter is a boy in a plastic bladder

That's how he was called in the press. The story was widely publicized. For the doctors, the boy Vetter David became an opportunity to study the rare disease in detail and follow an unprecedented experiment. And together with the medical personnel, the whole world followed the boy's life. The state allocated money for the development of the experiment, so that the doctors had the opportunity to invent a medicine.

David Phillip the Wind

How was the childhood of the little boy in a plastic bubble?

Sterile childhood

Save the life of the patient combinedimmunodeficiency can only be one way - not to let penetrate into his body any kind of microbes or viruses. Therefore, all the child's food was subjected to special treatment and was given by means of certain mechanisms.

All the objects that the kid touched weresterile. Toys and books were specially treated before getting into the bladder. To touch up to David it was possible only with the help of a special glove (several such gloves were built into the walls of the bubble).

Communication with the outside world, even with parents, was difficult: the ventilation system of the plastic chamber worked very noisily, and it was necessary to shout it out.

So spent the first years of his life, David Vetter (photo attached). Without the warmth of the mother's hands, without the aroma of children's delicacies, without communicating with other children ...

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Moving home

The boy grew up. Together with him grew and his "house". While he still did not understand that his childhood is not the same as all. Just looked at people in white coats through transparent plastic walls. Parents tried to make his life as "ordinary" as possible: they read books, played (as far as possible), developed and trained. The child psychologist Mary worked with the boy: she was the one who could understand the child and find a common language with him.

When David was 3 years old, a bubble joinedwith a small, also sterile, camera - an arena for games. The boy refused to go there for a long time (although this day was to become special, even a special photographer came to cover the event in the press), and only Mary could persuade him.

As parents grew older, they increasingly took their sonhome - first for a few days, then for longer terms. Thanks to good financing, the houses were able to build the same bubble, and the boy was transported with the help of special equipment.

Character and relationship with family

Of course, the grown up boy could not help but understand,that his life is not like that of others. After he once pierced the shell of the bubble with a syringe, the parents told him why he lives exactly the way that microbes are, and what will happen if David gets out of his "house." Since then, David has been haunted by nightmarish dreams: hordes of germs trying to kill him.

Lack of communication and awareness of one's owndoom was affected by the character. Began to appear fits of rage and anger - like the protest of a small soul against the injustice of the world in which the child was forced to live.

david wind boy in a plastic bubble

Parents did everything to ensure that their sonpeers were going. Vetter David in the presence of outsiders showed himself to be a polite and well-mannered boy, but it was more like a mask - for strangers, for those who would never understand what's on his mind.

With the sister relationships were for the most partwarm, but could not do without children's quarrels, sometimes struck by cruelty. David in rage of rage could hit his sister through the walls of the bubble - Catherine, in turn, turned off the plastic camera from the power supply until the boy asked for mercy.

Mary's psychologist became more and more difficultkeep in touch with an adolescent boy. Approaching the transition age - the most difficult period in the life of any person, and in the situation of David, threatening to become unpredictable.

Risk Operation

Financing for the life of Davidwas reduced. The medicine was still not invented, and the expenditure of such a huge amount of money in the eyes of statesmen looked inexpedient.

Vetter David, whose life has become increasinglypainful, began to understand the whole hopelessness of his situation. He was panic-stricken with contact with the outside world, becoming a despot in his family and increasingly driving reporters and photographers away from himself.

When David turned 12, doctors decidedfor another experiment, since they simply did not see any other way out. Hoping that modern drugs neutralize tissue incompatibility, they still underwent a transplant to David's bone marrow transplant of Sister Catherine. And again a mistake. Together with the tissues in the body of the boy got the virus Epstein - Barr. He did not show himself in the body of a healthy person, he introduced David to someone in a few days.

Only a few days before his death, for the first time in 12 years, David's mother was able to touch her child's skin without rubber gloves ...

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Trying to save or slow killing?

A child deprived of childhood ... The child, even before conception, is doomed to life in a plastic bladder ... Born against the arguments of common sense and philanthropy (the hope turned out to be stronger than logic) ... What motivated the doctors was the desire to defeat a knowingly incurable disease or the opportunity to get a "rabbit for experiments" in the person of the patient the boy?

Disputes about the ethics and humanity of the experiment of 12 years are conducted to this day.

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