Vadim Aleksandrovich Chernobrov: biography, best books, family and interesting facts

Vadim Aleksandrovich Chernobrov - famousRussian ufologist. Also known as a writer and researcher of abnormal phenomena. I was interested in contacts with aliens, mystical and paranormal phenomena. Author of numerous books and articles on this topic. Repeatedly participated as a guest and expert in documentary films devoted to this topic.

Biography of ufologist

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Vadim Aleksandrovich Chernobrov was born in a smallthe town of Zhirnovsk in the Volgograd region. He was born in 1965. Unidentified flying objects and otherworldly phenomena began to get carried away from childhood, studying at school. Teachers noted that he had been a very inquisitive and inquisitive child since childhood. Teachers were keen to encourage this interest.

The first time UFO Vadim met when he was still in theKindergarten. His father was a military pilot, so the family often traveled, often had to change places of residence, military towns. Once, in a new place, Dad drew Vadim's attention to the sky. They had a ball-shaped object above their heads. Many people gathered, everyone was looking up. The Soviet interceptor quickly began to approach him, but he in a few moments gained a great speed and disappeared.

None of the seasoned aviators, who had enoughsurrounded by his father, could not explain this incident. Neither its nature nor the physics of the movement of the object. Despite this, Vadim Aleksandrovich Chernobrov even then realized that he must be a pilot, so that, at least for a moment, he would be the closest to the rest of the mystery of this mystery. He followed in the footsteps of his father. I just decided to connect my life not with aviation, but with the cosmos.

Higher education

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After school, Vadim Aleksandrovich Chernobrov firstserved in the border troops of the USSR, and then entered the Moscow Aviation Institute. He received a diploma, Aerospace Faculty. It is worth noting that at that time UFO studies were conducted on the basis of the university. About them tells himself Chernobrov Vadim Alexandrovich.

Back in the institute, the future ufologist organized a group of students united by common interests. They were all attracted by space, alien civilizations, all mysterious, mystical and paranormal.

The basis of "Space Search"

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Chernobrov Vadim Aleksandrovich is considered one of thethe founders of a public organization called "Kosmopoisk." This non-academic community, which is engaged in the study of paranormal phenomena. The organization appeared on the basis of the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1980.

Activists of "Kosmopoisk" study reports onmeetings with unidentified flying objects, a poltergeist. Also engaged in research in the field of cryptobiology (some believe that this is pseudoscience, which deals with creatures, for some reason considered fictitious and non-existent). Also, members of the society regularly go to the reports about the emerging crop circles, this is called cereology.

In this case, the participants themselves "Kosmopoisk" - people from various fields of science, with a variety of education. These are regional specialists, astronomers, speleologists, futurists, historians.

Activity of "Kosmopoisk"

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Chernobrov Vadim Aleksandrovich, whose biography was closely connected with futurology, was the main ideologue of this society, along with the science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev.

In the mid-nineties "Komposisk" became more active. In 1995 he organized a major international congress, which was attended by the famous Swiss writer and film director Erich von Daniken, who is considered the founder of paleocosmonautics. These are theories devoted to the Earth's visit by extraterrestrial civilizations.

In the 80's and 90's activists of the company massivelyThey collected and systematized data on anomalous phenomena on the territory of Russia and the CIS. Expeditions were conducted to hard-to-reach areas, for example, to the zone of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite.

Unique experiments were conducted with the installations of so-called "time machines", stationary stands for studying the properties of electromagnetic fields.

Since 1997, on the territory of the Kaluga region, the Roeriev meteorite congresses are held every year, aimed at finding Korenev's body.

Also, experiments were organized to determine the causes of crop circles. Chernobrov took an active part in all these activities.

Expeditions of Chernobrova

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Chernobrov is also known as the author of numerous books on paranormal phenomena. Most of them he wrote on the basis of his expeditions.

One of the most famous was held jointly withnewspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in 1999. The activists led by Chernobrov went to Lake Labynkyr. There they managed to fix with the help of echo sounders objects moving at great depth at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour. And one of them reached 18 meters in length. It was then that the conversations began about the modern Loch Ness monster.

In 2003, Kosmopoisk went on an expedition to the Irkutsk Region. Here, the place of the fall of the nucleus of a small comet, known as the Vitim car, was studied.

In 2004, researchers tried to find traces of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat.


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Chernobrov Vadim Aleksandrovich, whose books in thetheir time was published in huge editions, gave much time to the study of Kyshtymsky Aleshenka. In 2004, they even organized a special expedition to the Chelyabinsk region.

Mummified remains of Aleshenka found in1996 under the small town of Kyshtym. Now available only photos and video of the corpse of an unknown creature, whose species identity has not been established.

The fact of its detection overgrew with a lot of mystical details, which, according to skeptics, look like city legends.

He claimed that he knew where Aleshenka, ChernobrovVadim. Reviews about his research came most contradictory, but the ufologist himself was sure that, firstly, it is the remains of an alien. And, secondly, his body was taken to the sect. In it, he is worshiped as an idol. Chernobrov claimed that there were attempts to redeem the alien, but each time they broke.

The ufologist's books

The best books by Vadim Aleksandrovich Chernobrovare well known to all his fans. This is the "Predictions of the Future: Versions, Prophecies, Hypotheses", "Encyclopedia of Ufology," "The Chronicles of UFO Visits," "Secrets of Parallel Worlds," "Moscow: Phenomena, Anomalies, Miracles", "Guidebook," "Encyclopedia of Mysterious Phenomena, UFO, mysteries, riddles, sensations "," Secrets and paradoxes of time "," Encyclopedia of the mysterious places of the world. "

They describe the most fascinating and mysterious expeditions in which he visited.

Mysterious Moscow

the best book of Vadim Aleksandrovich Chernobrova

Vadim Aleksandrovich Chernobrov, all of whose booksrepresent a deep study of the paranormal phenomena of the world, paid more attention to the mysterious side of the Russian capital. This is one of his most widely read books, The Newest Encyclopedia of the Mysterious Places of Moscow and the Moscow Region.

It describes in detail all the anomalous andmystical places that can only be found in the capital and the suburbs. From it you will find out in which of the Moscow districts most often sit UFOs. Where did the story about the snowman in Kolomenskoye and who shot him. Positive or negative energy is concentrated in your microdistrict.

What secrets is Moscow's land, forwhich is your dacha and on whose bones the Ostankino Tower is built. How to make a route of the most amazing and exciting walks. All this is in the most complete encyclopedia of the paranormal phenomena of the capital.

All the information was collected by Vadim Chernobrov himself,investigating numerous reports about mysterious phenomena together with activists of the society "Kosmopoisk". The annotation to one of the publications states that Chernobrov is a major scientist, design engineer, who developed the projects of the Mir space station and the Proton launch vehicle. True, in his official biography of such data there.

But the fact that he is a major researchernatural phenomena, as well as a writer and traveler who published about 20 books devoted to the study of mysticism and possible visits of aliens to Earth, there is no doubt.

Personal life

Vadim Aleksandrovich Chernobrov, biography, familywho is well known to the numerous admirers of his work, met his future wife while still in school when he was in grade 8. She is his countrywoman, also from the Volgograd region. Chernobrov fell in love with her at first sight, but she drew attention to him only a year later. At that time, they were together in a summer camp for work and rest.

Irina Vadim was fascinated by erudition, intellect and stuffiness. He could tell almost everything in the world, it seemed that he knew the answer to any question.

When he returned from the service in the border troops, they played a wedding. Irina graduated from the Volgograd Institute of Arts and moved with her husband to Moscow.

The most difficult, according to Irina, was always in separation, as Vadim often went on a long expedition. In some of them, the couple went together.

In the end, Irina got a job as a librarian. They have two children - Daria's daughter became an economist, and her son Andrei is a historian.

On the night of May 18, 2017, at the age of 52, Vadim Chernobrov died. He died after a long illness.

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