Bastards resolution contributed
And together they voted for her.
And the sanctions to Russia gave birth,
You can hardly find such freaks.
But why should we bastards answer
The same retarded steps7
The answer for them should be a collapse,
To sprinkle ashes themselves.
And yet, this can help them
Blowing up the Yellowstone Caldera.
Then darkness and night will come for them
And ashes for a clear example.
In the Senate they can not argue.
As you do not fight with the facts, even burst.
They always threaten Russia after
Therefore, not at all interesting.
To completely kill the jackals.
Jackals never love
To save them - multiply the trouble for yourself.

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Who read the book of Frank Baum.
Those remember the terrible hybrid
The eagle with a lion suddenly became a monkey,
And it is disgusting in appearance.
And Volkov gave "flying monkeys",
Who served as an evil fairy.
And their portrait is very real given,
How to repeat someone's nonsense.
We Baum delights do not understand
And Volkov is interesting and understandable.
I wish everyone to reread it,
So that no more "white spots".

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The assistant company commander, Senior Lieutenant Ostapenko, was to serve and execute the orders of his immediate superiors, rather than engage in political games. But he not only took up politicking himself, but also knocked down twenty of his subordinates. Further. Do you want to engage in politics - go to Moscow and the rally. The country has entrusted the weapon to you not in order that you in the country would arrange disassembly with its help. imposing their point of view by force of arms. But Senior Lieutenant Ostapenko unlawfully took up arms, arbitrarily armed them with his subordinates and went to fight in Moscow, taking away a truck from someone on the way. Here is a crime on a crime. And if he was detained alive, he would face a long term or even the death penalty. We will notice, nobody personally tried to shoot him. He shot himself. And the people he hit on a crime, died or went to court. He was a scum, this senior lieutenant Ostapenko. Irresponsible bastard.

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"Elusive" Joe was so elusive.
Because he was simply not caught.
And those who "peremog", leaving near the Crimea.
Ordinary foul morons.
Probably, they were given a completely different order.
That they crashed into a bridge support.
But which of them will execute such an order at once?
Therefore, they slipped like thieves.
But we must show that it was difficult for them
What could not break the course in the span.
So now they are blowing smoke.
So that they are not accused of their miscalculation.

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The article for illegal possession of ammunition from the Criminal Code can not be thrown. Experts have determined that ammunition is quite suitable. No "Nagana"? No problem: pick up a pipe of suitable diameter. the couch, the drummer and the trigger are attached, and the improvised firearm is ready. And there is ammunition. The pensioner "Nagan" was not found. He did a great folly of keeping these dangerous tsatskis in his possession. I hope the court will take into account the absence of weapons and the age of the offender and give him a suspended sentence for his criminal stupidity.

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In a big game, all tricks are possible.
To win in the final fight,
Let it come even unacceptable,
Would benefit from it to you.
Cover one enemy with another.
Cover one other's mouth with one enemy.
In the big game there are a lot of tricks.
They do not apply only an idiot.
Prince of Kent will not be king in Russia,
He will never become a minister.
But like a mason he can tirelessly
Push to the negotiations of all always.

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