They do not need to learn prayers, but to confess and receive communion before each meeting ...... they don’t begin to do that, as they always do ... more they don’t have to do with anything .......)))

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To be everything to the soul, it needs to be Nick,
The great PARADOX, of all that exists only in the world,
When we are Nobody, then we own absolutely Everything,
When we are Something, then usually we all sleep,
And that is real, if it is not clear, we exist in this world .........)))

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Yes, the awakening of the soul, can happen in a moment,
But then the years of powerlessness begin,
Not only above yourself, but above all that you see,
Admittedly, it is necessary sensations rather unpleasant.
The thing is that in these years, you stay with the world for one.
The soul has managed to go beyond the line, where everyone does not live by the rules,
Unlike Yavi, where we all sleep soundly,
There are no concepts, there are laws of perception.
Not enough time must pass until the soul of the laws they learn,
She came to the forge, where they work nicely ...

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The soul upon awakening, not rarely, experiences shock,
Familiar to the pain Jav, suddenly became a miracle without hands,
Which was with her, strangely enough, surprisingly always,
But who knew about it, almost no one
She just now managed to understand and realize
What life has spent in a dream, besides unmatched.
This shock will last only a moment,
But to remember about what he saw, will remain for a long time,
She for a moment, only opened the invisible window in the looking glass,
Crossing the threshold, which is invisible to anyone,
Behind him is she ...

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The soul of the awakened lives, in fact, outside any body,
Since our body is for her, nothing more than an outfit,
An outfit that I suddenly wanted to put on myself once,
And for what, so that, it is known only to her alone, that is not said.
And these outfits, I see she does not count,
They abound, as for the world of the mirror,
So it is for our friends and non-driven problems
She is awakened from dreams, both joyful and sad,
Does not divide the world into Light and Darkness, lives without visible dilemmas,
And if it divides, then ...

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To become a dreamer, the soul will have to work hard
She needs, not enough to appreciate, at the time that she was asleep,
When in Yavi, she had to fall in love and learn a lot,
And also, not forgetting at the same time, the beloved self.
And remember that not one lives in this world,
And that which is around has always been, one family,
Yes, to know that, as in any family, there are adults and children,
And that learning wisdom is never too late for us,
And there you see, it will be able to wake up from a century of sleep .........)))

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Awakened, will not allow close to him,
The reality of thoughts, ready to pollute anyone,
He can only from the side, watch them,
He is an eternal viewer, both his own and others.
Well, we will see, hear or hear, ready to try on,
Although, in fact, none of us knows who he is, and who,
But this knowledge is available only awakened,
Because he certainly doesn’t know anything about himself,
He is an eternal stranger for himself as well as for the world of the omnipresent.

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