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Unconditional love


© Saratola Ban

For some reason, ordinary people tend to perceive Love only as a feeling, an attraction that arises between them completely spontaneously.

First, Love does not arise, it always is.

Secondly, Love is not just a feeling, it is energy. This is a universal force with which you can create miracles. It is like fire, which is always brighter than the ego. Like water, which washes away all superficial and unreal.

If it seems to you that there is no love in the heart, this means that the Ego is so large and comprehensive that the heart cannot feel this life-giving force. His voice is not heard behind hundreds of masks, insults and disappointments.

People think that love is dual. It can supposedly be sweet, but it can also bring pain and suffering. This is an illusion. Love is always the same. She is just love.

Pain and suffering brings our ego perception. It happens every time when you try to divide Love into parts: mutual, undivided, maternal, romantic, tender, passionate.
Our world is like a mirror. Everything inside (in us), and outside (in the world). If rejection is inside, then outside too.

Love is a rational power. You can communicate with her, make your requests to her, cooperate and use her enormous potential for creation.

When you bring to the outside world creation, compassion, love, mercy, then information about it goes to the control center and returns to you in a reinforced form through other people.
Also producing evil, destructive forces, you have to wait for their return in the form of evil, which other people will cause you, maybe many years later, but the evil that we launched into the world around us will definitely return from the world around it.

An exercise:
Choose for yourself the most important problem at the moment. It does not matter what it concerns.

Ponder her. All the nuances. Why this is a problem for you, what do you want to change in a situation, what result you want to achieve in the end.

Only now, when you have a complete picture, you can begin to practice.

Find a secluded place where no one will disturb you for at least twenty minutes.

Reassure thoughts and feelings. Focus on the heart.
Imagine that Love lives in the very center of your heart. Feel her warmth, her bliss, her selflessness. Just feel, don't think.

Fill it with your own inside and out. Let the light of Love flow through the edge. And now send straight from the heart a ray of love for your problem, or rather, to its participants. Concentrate on the heart, on the flow. And watch how love fills your "objects."

Now imagine the happy outcome of the problem and fill it with love. In this case, you only need to see the result, but not the process. Let love find its own way. Do not limit it.

Do this until you feel it is enough. You can repeat this action as many times as you like (there is no overabundance of love))) until the problem is resolved.

A few more points.
Be sure to note how long the problem “went”, that is, it moved from a dead center. ”

It remains a little: learn to love unconditionally!
And this is not an easy task.

It's one thing to love for the sake of ... and wait. And if something is wrong or not - throw your love in the trash. When this approach - then there is no result. Another thing is when you love not in spite of, not conditionally, not for something, do not play love, do not encourage or punish with love, but Love, because this is the meaning of your being.And when in everything that you do and manifest there is true love, then you are the creator and healer of your environment! And then no one can take from you what you create. No one can break your creations.

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