Types of repair of apartments

Repair of any apartment may well be diverse in terms of the volume of all work performed. Therefore, usually there are only three main types of repair: 1 - standard, 2 - improved and 3 - eurorepair. Qualification of builders, as a rule, fully allows them to perform all the work in full.

Of course, they should not be chosen according to the principle, where it is cheaper, but to keep an eye on the work done by them earlier and not to chase after a special low price, since free cheese can only be in a mousetrap. Will consider the most simple redecorating the room. These include: demolition work, simple plastering of the ceiling and the subsequent painting of the ceiling in several layers, then filling of the walls and subsequent high-quality wallpapering of them. The plinth should be installed. Scraping parquet floor. the laying of linoleum, the filling of slopes and window frames, the tiles in the lavatories and on the floor, in addition, the installation of any doors - all of these are components of ordinary and simple repair.

To the overhaul include: demolition work, transfers of the heated towel rail,putty ceiling, dismantling and subsequent installation of the bathroom, toilet, plastering slopes, putty walls, hiding pipe installation, wallpapering the walls of the room, installing electrical appliances to new place, installing plinths, screed to five cm, flooring carpet as well as linoleum, painting pipes, puttying and painting of slopes, laying out with tiles, installation and dismantling of doors, full or partial replacement of old electrical wiring with copper, laying out with a laminate or parquet board, also taking out any construction waste.

To European-quality repair includes demolition work in conjunction with the alignment of the walls under a certain level, as well as painting or wallpapering the walls of the room, improved puttying, as well as subsequent plastering (if necessary) of any ceiling and painting it, installing baseboards, installing ceiling plinths, screed floors, laying parquet flooring, changing all radiators and painting all pipes, carefully plastering and painting window slopes mounting or dismantling doors, certainly waterproofing and installation warm floor, hidden wiring sanitary - technical pipes with the replacement of the bathroom, as a toilet, sink in the bathroom and sink in the kitchen,transfers of the heated towel rail, also you should not forget about the installation of water filters, the post-repair removal of various construction debris.

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