TV prefix MAG 250: characteristics, instructions, tuning and feedback

MAG-250 is a set-top box that works over IP. A compact yet powerful device provides a wide range of multimedia services.

Description of the IP set-top box

The case of the MAG-250 is small and stylish. On the front panel there is a USB connector, an infrared remote control receiver and a standby indicator. The rear panel houses an additional USB, HDMI, Ethernet, composite video and audio output, a digital audio output and a power connector. On the side panels are made slits for ventilation device.

In addition to the MAG-250, the kit includes:

  • audio and video cable RCA;
  • remote control;
  • two AAA batteries;
  • external power supply.

mag 250

MAG-250: Specifications

The device allows:

  • reproduce high-definition video;
  • view multicast streams;
  • form a list of television channels;
  • download a pre-prepared list of channels from the network;
  • carry out a preview of the broadcasts;
  • to get access to such Internet services as YouTube, Picassa, etc .;
  • connect external devices via USB, including flash drives, Wi-Fi adapter, keyboard, mouse, etc .;
  • to play audio and video of various formats;
  • view photos of JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, RAW standards;
  • decode video streams of standards MPEG2, H264, WMV9, MPEG4P2, VC-1;
  • decode audio streams of standards MP3, AC-3, MPEG2-audio, MPA, M4A, WAV, Ogg, AAC;
  • convert the video format to a format supported by the TV;
  • play media from UPnP-servers;
  • play media from USB.

Viewing video in HD-format is possible only on TV sets with HDMI connector. In addition, you will need an HDMI cable, which is not included with the set-top box.

Using the composite video output does not allow viewing channels in HD. They are displayed in SD-quality.

prefix mag 250

Connector Assignment

On the rear panel there are such outputs:

  • USB 2.0 for connecting a flash drive, Wi-Fi adapter, keyboard, mouse, etc.
  • Ethernet for connecting a 100 Mbps wired LAN.
  • HDMI to connect to a television set.
  • S / PDIF to connect to the speaker system.
  • AV - composite video output for connecting to a TV via RCA cable.
  • DC - 5 V power connector.

mag 250 specs

Network connection

The next stage of preparation for the MAG-250 is setting up an Internet connection. There are two options:

  • direct connection to the network;
  • through the router.

When connecting the MAG-250 through the router, the procedure is as follows.

  • Connect the Ethernet network cable to the corresponding connector of the set-top box and the router.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the MAG-250 connector and the TV. If there is no HDMI input, use the AV cable and the composite TV input.
  • Connect the power supply.
  • Configure the router.
  • Turn on the TV and select the signal source (SOURCE, HDMI or INPUT) using the remote control.

mag 250 user guide

If the MAG-250 is connected via an HDMI cable, you must select the HDMI source after pressing the INPUT or SOURCE button. If through composite, then on the remote control it is necessary to press AV.

First start-up and presetting

When you connect the power cord, thescreensaver. The download of the set-top box software is automatic for 1 minute. After the "Download portal" window appears, press the SETUP button on the remote control. The portal for the MAG-250 will start downloading. After it is finished, you must press the SETUP button again to display the settings window. In the "General" section, check the NTP server and configure the MAG-250 in the "Servers" section. In the "Video Settings - Video Output Mode" menu, select the mode supported by the TV:

  • PAL - for devices with AV-input;
  • 720p - for TV receivers with HDMI input and support for HD Ready mode;
  • 1080i - for devices with HDMI input and Full HD support.

You can find out which modes the TV supports in its instruction manual.

In the "Graphical resolution" menu, set the resolutionportal portal, whose value for TVs of 16: 9 format is recommended to be set equal to the maximum possible 1280x720. For the changes to take effect, click "OK" and restart the set-top box. After the re-upload, you can request login and password to enter the portal. For the best performance of the console in the section "Advanced settings - Size of the input buffer" you need to set the buffer value to 1000. This will allow preloading of data, which will exclude interruptions in the translation if errors occur.

If the set-top box fails, when theInvalid video parameters, the boot loader is used. Its menu allows you to set the display resolution of the TV, video output mode, etc. To enter the menu, you need to turn on the power when the console is turned off while holding the power button on the front panel. Exit occurs through the menu item "Exit and save" or "Exit and do not save".

mag 250 setup

Setting up channels

The next question that users are askedMAG-250 - how to add a playlist? To do this, save the m3u file to a flash drive and insert the latter into the USB port. Go to the form on the USB storage and select a playlist. After the suggestion, save it in utf-8 format, confirm with OK. The playlist has been added.

It is also possible to add a list of TV channelsby specifying a direct reference to it. To do this, go to the "TV Channels" section, press the "Menu" button, → and select the "Load Playlist" section. After the suggestion to enter the link, press the KB button on the remote control and use the keypad to register the link.

Watching TV shows

To quickly and easily search for channels andswitch between them, use the "TV Channel Menu", called by pressing "OK" on the remote control in the playback mode or MENU button and selecting the "TV" section.

The TV channels menu consists of the following main elements:

  • the top line shows the current user, the list page, the day of the week, the date and time;
  • channel categories, past, current and forthcoming programs;
  • time indicator of the current program;
  • active control buttons.

The navigation buttons on the remote control allow you to move aroundlist of groups or channels. "Page paging" allows you to move to the next page of the list. When watching TV, the ↑ and ↓ buttons allow you to switch the TV channels of the selected category. When the channel is turned on and when the help is called by pressing the "INFO" button on the remote control, a form with information about its name, current program, day of the week, time and assignment of contextual buttons is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The Back button allows you to return to the previous TV channel. The list of channels is numbered, so the choice can be made by typing a sequence number.

customize mag 250

Setting a reminder

You can set a reminder about the program or movie that you want to see. When it's time to start the transfer, the MAG-250 will suggest switching to the specified channel.

To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Select the channel in the menu and go to the list of the nearest gears;
  • using the navigation keys of the remote control, select the program of interest;
  • set the reminder with the "OK" button.

A mark will appear on the program. To cancel, press "OK" again. The reminder list can always be viewed by pressing the blue button on the remote control.

If the channel has more than one audio track, you can switch between them by pressing the yellow button on the remote control.

To select the video format mode, press the green button of the remote control one after another.

Creating profiles and categories

Press MENU and go to the "Favorites" menu, which contains the following functions:

  • "Manage your favorites" to create channel categories and change their lists.
  • "Manage profiles" to create profiles and configure them for each user, assigning profiles to the available categories of channels.
  • "Change profile" to change the active profile.

If more than one prefix is ​​used, then it is enough to manage profiles and favorites only on one.

portal for mag 250

View files from a flash drive or external drive MAG-250

Instructions for launching video and audio files onflash memory or an external drive. First of all, you need to connect the flash drive to the USB port. Switch the set-top box to the media player mode, by calling the service menu with the remote control button. After downloading additional services, a form for viewing files on a USB storage device appears, in which you select the USBDISK folder. In the AV folder are media server files. The table displays the files of the current directory. On the left, each line contains an icon that symbolizes their type. In order to be more convenient to work with the form, you can use a USB keyboard. You can use the remote control and keyboard to control the player. To start a file or enter a folder, select the line by setting the cursor on it, and press "OK" on the remote control or "Enter" on the keyboard. You can go back to the upper level by going to ". . "And confirming the selection with the" OK "or" Enter "button. If you need to disconnect the flash memory, then you can do it anytime.

Playing content

To call the positioning form when viewing or listening to a file, press the navigation buttons on the remote control. The form contains:

  • the exact time of the position;
  • step value in seconds;
  • duration of content playback;
  • the indicator of the current position.

Each press of the ← and → buttons changes the currentposition by 1 step, the value of which can be changed with the ↑ and ↓ buttons from 5 to 900 s. The default step is 60 seconds. The first press of the navigation buttons stops the playback of the content to allow the user to change the positioning step. Playback continues from the set time after 1 second.

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