TsKAD: detailed map of 2019

In 2019, the Government of Moscow and the Moscow Region will continue to provide funding for the construction of the Central Ring Road (CKAD), designed to relieve the roads that connect the capital with nearby areas. What is this project, and how does its detailed map look like?

Basic information about the new canvas

The asphalt concrete road under construction will stretch over a distance of 525 km and pass through Solnechnogorsk, Pokrovka, Sofrino, Iksha, section M-11 and Large and Small Moscow rings, also called Big (A-108) and Small (A-107) concrete. In essence, the Central Ring Road, which, for the convenience of construction and gradual commissioning, was divided into 5 start-up complexes, will become an almost complete understudy of the last highway. Both roads will even be located in close proximity to each other, namely, at a distance of 500-900 m.

However, the difference, of course, will be - so, unlike the Moscow Small Ring (MMK), which is a free ring road, the project being built at the moment will for the most part be paid (an average of 2.32 R / km). State duty may vary depending on the type of transport and time of day. Without a fee, it will be possible to ride only on the 5th start-up and section 2 of the start-up complexes.

The track will be equipped with 2 lanes in one and the other direction and an otboyny dividing fence in the center, making it an exemplary representative of category IA. In some places the maximum width will reach 8 lanes. It is assumed that it will be possible to rush through the new routes at speeds up to 150 km / h, because they will be free enough for maneuvering and comfortable control of vehicles. The planned daily flow is over 43 thousand cars.

Detailed map of the Central Ring Road in 2019

It is known that by 2019 the completion of the construction of the Central Ring Road is not expected. The start of the project, although it was scheduled for 2011, actually started only in 2016. In 2018, developers will have to face the difficulties associated with holding the World Football Championship in the country, and therefore the deadlines will be postponed again. Full commissioning of all complexes is timed only for the years 2022-2025.

Important! At the moment, motorists have the opportunity to ride on a small segment of the 5 section of 3.6 km, which allows you to go around Zvenigorod. It opened in November 2017.Here you can move in four lanes at a speed of no more than 60 km / h. Payment of state duty is not required (with the exception of heavy trucks).

More about the first stage

Among the latest news about the implementation of the Central Ring Road project, the meeting of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with the head of the state company Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh, who oversees this work, in 2017, was particularly significant. During the audience, the head of the organization said that the first and the longest stretch of 339 km, which includes 4 sections (1, 3, 4, 5), will not be launched in 2018, as it was originally intended, but gradually put into operation by December 2019.

These routes will cover the urban district of Domodedovo MO, Naro-Fominsky and Podolsky districts, as well as the capital Troitsky Autonomous Region. The site will be built taking into account all railroad tracks and old highways existing in these territories. Where it is not possible to pave the ground cover without problems, the authorities promise to build multi-level traffic intersections. So, the first section will be equipped with:

  • 14 bridges
  • 24 overpasses;
  • 4 interchanges;
  • 3 flyovers.

Construction of the Central Ring Road


The implementation of the Central Ring Road project into reality was fraught with serious difficulties. For example, the contractor LLC Stroygazconsulting, who volunteered to build a new asphalt concrete surface for Avtodor, first stated that the construction of the first section was delayed and then completely refused to conduct the works. As a result, the execution was handed over to Crocus International, but the problems did not end here. At a meeting with Medvedev, Kelbach admitted that the process of attracting investors was much slower than predicted.

At the moment, the budget allocated for the implementation of the first stage is the summation of 52% of the funds from the federal treasury and 48% of the funds of private and interested parties. According to the assumptions, the new road will cost the state 350 billion rubles. However, this does not frighten and does not even limit the authorities - so, they are ready to spend the exact same amount to equip the territory adjacent to the highway with necessary infrastructure, such as gas stations, repair stations, small cafes and restaurants, hotels, small shops and etc.Experts in the field of economics hope that the appearance of the Central Ring Road will contribute to the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Moscow Region.

Construction of the Central Ring Road

Social support for residents of the Moscow region

The head of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Maxim Sokolov, noted that the Russians living in the Moscow region areas have every chance of receiving benefits when using the Ring Road. Despite the fact that the deputies still have to discuss this step, the minister is confident that the introduction of lower tariffs will be the right decision.

In connection with the construction of the highway, the ecology of the whole region was at risk of destructive changes, as stated by the international independent organization Greenpeace. In addition, some residents were forced to face the need for relocation, because the buildings of the settlements were located right on the spot where the road lay. At the time of the survey in 2012, people dissatisfied with the introduction of the toll road, there were 52%. To reduce this figure, the Government and the State Duma will have to establish a list of compensation payments and benefits for representatives of the Moscow region.

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