Transport tax in 2019 for businesses and individuals

Transport tax is another traditional victim of the minimum wage regularly raised by our Government. After all, we are accustomed to the country: the method of carrot and carrot converges to the fact that our carrot is stale and they are also beaten ...

However, sometimes with surprise you find out that not everyone: even the famous “tax of 25 thousand” was made not so draconian, thanks to the increase in salaries.

So, what will happen to motorists in 2019, how they will be able to voluntarily-compulsively help their home country, putting a tidy sum in its budget, and what changes in the near-transport sphere we should expect, read further in our material.

Car is not a luxury?

By our legislation - definitely yes. Although only the one, the average market value of which is more than 375 minimum wages.

In 2017, it was UAH 1.2 million, in 2018 - 1.396, and in 2019, if the state adheres to the revised Budget Resolution adopted by it, the payment waits for car owners over UAH 1.565 million.(promise the same "minimum salary" at the level of 4173.00 UAH). But, not those whose auto mileage exceeded 5 years.

Considering that the prices for cars as fast as our “fast-paced” salary, do not grow, because the dollar exchange rate has been more or less stable for quite a long time, and indeed, in terms of prices, it became easier to breathe in the country, people who bought luxury cars waiting for substantial and very pleasant concessions.

So, most of the complete sets of BMW X3 / X4 will not fall under this sword of Damocles, as well as the GLC-series from Mercedes, and even, judging by the latest statistics, C43 Coupe of the same manufacturer gets out of the tight circle of taxpayers.

transport tax deadlines

Similarly, owners of Toyota LC Prado / Highlander, VW Touareg / Multivan, Wrangler Rubicon, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Land Rover Evoque, Infiniti QX70 / QX60, who used to always hang out at the very edge of the danger zone, can rejoice.

This, of course, great, on the one hand. After all, these cars do not really turn out to be truly “luxurious”: cars, in fact, like cars, are ordinary workhorses. Here are just the costs for them among citizens usually turn out to be such that given the price of gasoline / diesel and fuel consumption in our country, not to mention repairs and other amenities, 25 thousand every year - it was really painful.

As for all there Lamborghini and other Rolls-Royces - so everything is logical.And here it is just hard to imagine that their owners of funds will not be able to help their home state. By the way, the above list of cars is far from complete - traditionally it’s worth looking at all information on the MRET website (the calculator is in the same place).

How to count?

payment of vehicle tax in 2019

Methods for calculating the taxable value of a car are quite difficult for ordinary mortals to understand - it’s really easier and more accurate to consult the mentioned calculator from the MRET website and the lists of cars given there.

Moreover, with us, traditionally, everything can change, and very abruptly, but one consoles that, before February 1 of each year, all innovations should be published on official websites, therefore, it will not be difficult to track them.

In the meantime, you need to get ready for about the figure that we talked about above, and at the same time take not the salon value of your car - but the market one. It is calculated based on the specifics of the brand, model, engine size, its type and type of gearbox, as well as the year of manufacture. By the way, no corrective factors - remember, they were abolished in 2017?

Each year prior to the beginning of the third quarter, the tax must send the payer to the payer’s registration address (a transport tax is transferred to the local budget),and it will be necessary to transfer the corresponding amount to the bank no later than 60 calendar days from the date of receipt of this paper.

calculation of transport tax

By the way, from 2018 (and the 2019th, which is logical, it will most likely last), we were removed from the responsibility for not reporting the notification to the STS - if not received, then the fine does not shine for you.

But, here we must remember that if the tax comes to his senses and remembers your modest person, she can count everything owed over the past three years at once. Well, at least not for more ...

Technical inspection - to be!

Recall, since 2011, private motorists have been spared from having to receive annual inspection coupons. This rule was then left for heavy vehicles and legal entities, while the rest breathed in calmly. But, it was not there - from January 1, 2021, technical inspection will have to be re-entered into the schedule of our harsh everyday life.

It would seem, when it will be? What to worry in advance? But here it is worth clarifying that this measure is only one detail from the whole package, which will begin to be gradually introduced from the third quarter of 2018 already.

transport tax change 2019

According to him, international passenger carriers will be the first to feel the innovation (they will have to go through technical inspection and provethat their vehicles are equipped with speed limiters and tachographs), and six months later, from the beginning of 2019, this will also affect the similar purpose of transportation within the country.

All this fits into the plan to bring our legislation in line with the norms of the European Union. And, by the way, it will now be necessary to pass inspection by an old car every four years, and four years after the first registration - a new one.

They are planning to issue certificates in private companies authorized by the state (how much their services will cost while everyone is modestly silent), and the police and some mysterious “authorized officials” from the executive branch will be able to check the availability of this document on the roads.

Who it will be is not yet clear. Even the relevant services are not organized, therefore, at first, what is expected, everything will habitually be handed over to the police. But for the owners of the Euroblets, this norm with mandatory registration seems to make life very difficult very soon. After all, the inspection will have to take place regardless of the country of registration of the car.

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