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Those who decided to leave the "comfort zone"

When a person decides to leave the comfort zone, that is, performs decisive actions that change the usual way of life (job change, relocation, creative project, business, etc.), this usually happens on an emotional lift, spontaneously and abruptly.

Physical and spiritual strength intensifies, emotional tension grows, great energy expenditures are taking place, this process is useful and develops us, but there is a side effect, it is constantly being under stress and if you do not pay attention to the state of your body and soul in time, you can simply “burn out” .

When we are faced with a specific task and we are determined to bring the matter to the end, we have an installation in our mind: "I will do it, no matter what!". The first part of the sentence is correct, "I will do it!", But "In spite of everything!" an unnecessary statement, which deprives the process of feelings of joy, makes it heavy and distracts attention from the needs of body and soul.In this connection, it is very important, on the way to your goal, to give the correct installation “I will do it!”, Always pay attention to the state of the body and soul.

With the physical plan, everything is simple, if you want to eat or drink, sit, go out into the air, etc., at the same time, take a break from your work and satisfy the needs of the body, breaks can be short-lived, the main thing is not to ignore body signals and that same moment to give what is necessary.

With the soul plan it is also important to catch in time the signals of consciousness and soul, the task is to find a quick way to relieve the accumulated emotional tension and find the source of energy. The priority is a walk in nature in the fresh air, where there is not a large crowd of people. In the warm season it will be useful to walk barefoot on the ground, stones, water, sit or lie on the grass, meditate.

Nature is our mother, she will take the accumulated fatigue from us and give in return her energy, there is nothing more powerful than her strength on our planet. You can also temporarily switch your attention, pleasant warm meetings with loved ones, tea with goodies, heart-to-heart talk, music, light cinema, hobbies, anything that gives you joy and elevation of mood.Sometimes enough gentle hugs and we are again ready to move mountains.

If the moment is missed and the “burnout” has occurred, the first thing to do is to forgive yourself that you are not a superman, realize that you have reached the limit of your strength, accept yourself in this state and allow yourself to relax, spend some time in the state of "emptiness". You can’t do anything bad if you allow yourself to “sink down” and “goof off” for a while, your physical and spiritual strength is exhausted and no matter how hard you try, until you accumulate enough strength and energy for the following actions, you cannot live at the same pace. During this period, you will feel emotional havoc, there is little of you that will excite and touch, there will be one desire, to be in solitude and not to do anything.

If you have the opportunity to spend so a day or two, do not reproach yourself and do it. This will give you the opportunity to recover.

If not, it is important to remain in a neutral emotional state for everyone and everything that happens. At such moments it is very easy to get hooked on negative emotions, as to the only quick source of energy, but this is an erroneous step,since then it will be very difficult to return to a calm benevolent disposition of the spirit and there is a risk of a prolonged depressive state with outbursts of aggression.

Take for yourself the installation: "There is a void inside me, I am serene (on), calm (on), relaxed (on), I give myself the right to be in such a state until I have enough strength and energy for action." In the period of "burnout", you need to keep track of where and how you spend your energy, where and how you accumulate it, go into the energy-saving mode will be the best way out.

Communicating only with people who are pleasant to you, only calm soothing music, only light positive cinema, only light products for digestion, more liquid, less active movements and emotional outbursts. Take care of yourself, treat yourself with care and attention and you will easily and imperceptibly return to the previous pace, again you will be able to begin to act actively.

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