There was a subcutaneous pimple, like a bump - how to get rid of it?

Jul 17, 2018

Subcutaneous pustule

A subcutaneous pimple, like a cone, can appear in any person, regardless of skin type. Such pimples appear most often on the face, causing a feeling of discomfort and pain. Unlike usual acne, from subcutaneous and their varieties is very difficult to get rid of. What are the causes of the appearance, and what methods of treating subcutaneous acne exist?

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A subcutaneous pimple, like a bump - what is it?

A large number of different microorganisms live on the human skin. They can not cause any harm to humans, however, under the influence of favorable factors, these microorganisms can become pests.

A subcutaneous pimple is externally comparable to a bump, when pressed, there is a pain. With the penetration of bacteria into the ducts of sebaceous jelly, they begin to multiply intensively, causing inflammation, the affected area turns red, then the cone begins to increase in size, slowly turning into an abscess abscess.

Most often it forms within the boundaries of the T-zone of the face - on the forehead, chin and nose. It is possible to struggle unsuccessfully for a long time with external signs of a problem, behind one bumpy there will necessarily appear the second, and then the third. The true causes are hidden inside the body.

Causes of


The causes of the appearance of a subcutaneous pimple, like a bump, are as follows:

  • occlusion of sebaceous glands and pores of the skin;
  • heredity;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • skin dehydration;
  • influence of weather factors: wind, rain, frost, moist warm air;
  • vital activity of subcutaneous mites;
  • hormonal failure or taking hormonal medications;
  • improper skin care;
  • stresses, depressive conditions;
  • unbalanced power;
  • excessive drinking, smoking;
  • skin damage in the T-zone;
  • allergy;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • work with harmful conditions;
  • poor environmental conditions;
  • decreased immunity.

Women suffer from the appearance of acne during pregnancy, during lactation, during menopause. Men are more likely to develop acne during puberty. In all these cases, the increase in the work of the sebaceous glands occurs due to a change in the hormonal background in the body.

It is not always easy to determine the cause of acne eruption, a dermatologist will help get rid of acne, which will establish the cause and prescribe an effective treatment. Without identifying the cause of subcutaneous boils, all attempts at treatment will not lead to a positive result.



If you are concerned about a subcutaneous pimple, like a bump - how to get rid of it you will be advised by a doctor. After all, the presence of acne can talk about the presence of diseases of any internal organ. In each case, the specialist will decide what treatment should be: medicated or sufficient will be the conduct of cosmetic procedures.

Treatment of a subcutaneous pimple is complicated by the fact that pus will not come out independently, but it can not be squeezed out. When squeezing out, there is a risk of infection in healthy tissues, the possibility of scar formation.

After the examination, the doctor can recommend taking a vitamin complex to improve the protective properties of the body and taking certain medications:

  • metronidazole;
  • with a high degree of lesion is prescribed amixon, azithromycin or another drug with antibacterial action;
  • in severe cases of the disease, isotretinoin or roaccutane may be indicated;


The medicamentous treatment ofincludes the use of such ointments:

  • ichthyol, which acts on the inflammation focus, stretching the abscess head outwards. Ointment should be applied before bedtime;
  • Ointment Vishnevsky operates very quickly, accelerating the development and maturation of the abscess. Ointment is applied to the inflamed area and fixes the gauze bandage on top;
  • zinc ointment fights against inflammation, accelerates the processes of skin repair and prevents the formation of scars;
  • ointment Levomikol contains an antibiotic and effectively destroys pathogens.

It should be remembered that it is easier to get rid of subcutaneous acne in case it is fully ripe. These ointments help to accelerate maturation.

These remedies will help to effectively remove subcutaneous pimples like a bump on the chin, nose or forehead. Extrusion or self-treatment can lead to undesirable consequences.

Methods of therapy

Ozone therapy

Modern cosmetology methods for treating problem skin suggest the implementation of such procedures:

  • Ozone therapy is used to saturate the skin with oxygen, cleanse the blocked pores, destroy pathogens, eliminate puffiness and pain. Also, ozone therapy prevents the appearance of scars and spots that accompany the subcutaneous pust as a bump on the face.
  • Elos therapy involves exposure to the skin with pulses of blue light, which contributes to narrowing the pores, renewing skin cells, restoring the skin, eliminating the inflammatory process.

You can get rid of scars with the help of such procedures as: peeling, grinding, dermabrasion.

To accelerate the maturation of pimples at home, you can perform some procedures:

  • saline solution to steam out the problem area, for which to do the lotions with a gauze pad moistened in a hot solution. If possible, give preference to sea salt;
  • to steam out the pimple and put a compress on it from the shredded sheet of aloe, then fix it with adhesive tape and keep at least three hours, even better - leave for the whole night. Aloe makes rapid maturation of the pimple and simultaneously destroys pathogens.

Folk remedies

Sage in the clearing

For a long history of existence people have learned to fight with various diseases, including those with problem skin. A good result from the use of folk methods of treatment is observed when they are used in the initial stages of the disease:

  • broths of chamomile and sage have anti-inflammatory properties, washing with decoction will remove the beginning inflammatory process and prevent the turning of the pimple into a large abscess;
  • tincture of celandine can destroy acne quickly and effectively. To make infusion, 2 spoons of crushed leaves of the plant are filled with a glass of boiling water, after cooling with a solution, wipe the inflamed skin or perform applications;
  • perfectly desiccates the skin and eliminates inflammation of the tea tree oil, which can lubricate acne or impose a tampon moistened with oil on them every day for a couple of hours;
  • massage the skin with a cotton swab dampened with camphor alcohol, soda and salt;
  • to cope with pimples will help and mask with blue clay. To prepare the mask, it is necessary to stir the clay with water until the formation of gruel, add lemon juice, chamomile broth and marigold. The applied mask is kept on the face for at least 20 minutes and periodically moistened with water to prevent premature drying.

Do not forget, if you have a subcutaneous pimple like a bump on the cheek or in another area of ​​the face, and does not go through the procedures, but starts to increase, it is better not to self-medicate and do experiments on your appearance, but to see a doctor.

People with problem skin can be advised to pay more attention to their lifestyle and nutrition: to abandon bad habits, often to be outdoors, reduce the consumption of sweet, spicy and sour food, carbohydrates and animal fats, bakery products, and regularly clean the face.

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