The Volvo Laplander C303: specifications

Domestic "Bukhanochka" and military UAZhigh competition was made by the legendary Swedish army SUV under the talking name "Volvo-Laplander". The name has got to the car on a geographical aspect. Laplanders are a small nationality of hunters and reindeer herders living in the north of Europe in several states. Some northerners are also called wild inhabitants of the forest.

Volvo Laplander

Moments of history

Army truck is produced from the middle of the twentiethcentury, when the corporation "Volvo" mastered the military order for the needs of the army of Sweden. Starting prototypes of the off-road car Volvo Laplander are dated 1959, marked with the L230 index. The basis for the new car was the Amazon version, from which the power unit - the petrol engine B16 in volume of 1.6 liters - was borrowed. Initial serial samples corresponded to the following characteristics:

  • Cast iron motor for 65 horsepower.
  • The centrally located power unit.
  • The "Volvo-Laplander" bridges had a permanent rear and front derailleur drive.
  • The checkpoint is four-stage, M-40.

Initially, the name of the car in questionsounded like a Volvo Valp - a "puppy Volvo". Interest in this off-road vehicle was shown by the armed forces of Norway and neighboring countries. And already in the 1960s the white "Laplanders" appeared in the service of the United Nations. The vehicle had several modifications: anti-tank model, medical and cargo variant. The most popular car in its category "Volvo S303" was published in the early 70's.

Design features

The distinctive sign of this jeep was the portalbridges, which brought him fame as the best all-terrain vehicle of its kind. The uniqueness of "Laplander" lies in its real possibilities. The car kit with a sturdy frame is resistant to torsion, and the first time tried portal bridges with eight studs allowed direct competition to the German auto Unimog.

volvo laplander

The drives of Volvo-Laplander reduce the speedindicators, dynamics, need to adjust management. But the distance between the axes of the main pairs and wheels is significant, which adds a few centimeters of the ground clearance. Due to the displacement of the axles in relation to each other and the presence of onboard reducers, the geometric parameters of patency have significantly increased. The portal bridges themselves were invented by the German designer Friedrich Albert, and the reduction gears by the engineer of UAZ GK Mirzoyev. Nevertheless, they are associated with the "Laplander". The car's clearance is 38 cm (a quarter more than the military UAZ). No overhangs, there is a pneumatic interaxle lock.

Technical data

Below are the main overall and technical parameters of the Volvo Laplander.

Dimensions and volumes:

  • Type of body - three-door SUV.
  • Length / width / height (m) - 5,35 / 1,9 / 2,45.
  • Wheelbase (m) - 2.3.
  • Track front / back (m) - 1,54 / 1,54.
  • Ground clearance (cm) - 38.

"Volvo-Laplander" technical specifications of the engine compartment has these:

  • Type of power plant - petrol engine with carburetor.
  • The volume (cubic cm) is 2980.
  • Power (hp) - 117 at a speed of four thousand.
  • The number of cylinders is 6.
  • Piston stroke (cm) - 8.

Volvo c303

Gearbox for the consideredThe car has a mechanical type and has four stages. The all-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle weighs 2.8 tons in its outfit, with a maximum permissible mass of 4.4 tons. The steering is an elementary gear-and-pinion mechanism and several levers that transmit the movement to the wheels. The hydraulic drive and drum-type pads form the basis of a reliable brake assembly. "Ruchnik" - a mechanical version, the suspension is equipped with telescopic shock-absorbing elements.


With each generation of Volvo ATVs were becomingheavier and more powerful. During the production period, several wheelbases were used. There was even a variation of 8x8 (L4230). The vehicle was cumbersome, without the addition of cargo capacity and passable properties. In the serial production of the machine did not go. The most promising and popular were off-road vehicles with a 4x4 and 6x6 base.

In parallel with the manufacture of thethe model began to improve standard ATVs. Modifications were adjusted according to the needs and needs of certain military units. There was a standard version on caterpillars (206th model), small-sized auto with improved cross-country ability on water, passenger variants with good capacity for personnel transportation.

Volvo Lapland Bridge

Partners and competitors

Structural design of the frame and arrangementsuspension with floating properties make it possible for the Volvo-Laplander to overcome complex obstacles without much effort. It should be noted that the development of Swedish off-road vehicles was conducted in a single project called "4140". The main designer was Nils Hartelius, who, in addition to the version in question, developed a luxury jeep and Volvo Sugga, nicknamed the "piggy".

Reliability, sustainability and combat character"Laplander" was evaluated in Norway, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Holland and Malaysia. In these countries, as in many others, this car was purchased not only for the army, but also for peaceful use. 1983 was another indicator of the high level of the car, when this SUV won the Paris-Dakkar rally among cars with a carrying capacity of up to 10 tons.

Volvo Laplander specifications

"Laplander" in modern times

The car "Volvo-Laplander" can be found inEurope and now. It is suitable for performing army tasks, as well as in demand from hunters, travelers through abandoned places, performing various functions for peaceful purposes. Domestic connoisseurs of retro cars often have in their fleet native "loaves", but few of them do not dream of changing it to the legendary Lapland all-terrain vehicle.

Purchase this vehicle is wrongjust. Considerable cost, customs fees and a shortage of copies play a key role in this problem. Some fans order the original spare parts of this military jeep. As a result, you can meet quite interesting layouts that combine bridges and other elements from UAZ and Laplander.


As a result of the review of the car Volvo Laplander it is possibleIt should be noted that in the early 1950s, following the war in 1939-1945, the military doctrine was resuscitated and conclusions were drawn. The armies of different countries planned technical tasks for the design and production of new military off-road vehicles. Engineers concern "Volvo" coped with the task at "excellent".

all-terrain vehicles volvo

Before the Hammer replacement, all NATO members hadarmed with their off-road vehicles, many of which were distinguished by high rates of cross-country ability. Volvo managed to make one of the best representatives of this class, such as the C303 and its modifications. This vehicle was popular in many countries. Even now the car is used for various purposes, where it is necessary to participate in a powerful and reliable transport, which is not afraid of impassability and other obstacles.

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