The review "Lenovo A 5000". Reviews and Specs

Inexpensive smartphones are very popular, although not allmanufacturers give this class due attention. Pleasantly stands out on the general background of the company "Lenovo". Budget series of the company has not only the necessary functions, but also performance. These are the qualities that the model A 5000 has received.


Smartphone Lenovo A 5000

The cheap line of vehicles is not distinguished by brightappearance. Smartphone "Lenovo A 5000" also received a nondescript design, similar to its predecessors. A variety of colors also does not exist, the phone is produced exclusively in white and black versions.

Although the phone is not particularly noticeable, the build qualityand the material does not cause criticism. The device uses high-quality plastic. Also there is an oleophobic coating, protecting A 5000 from fingerprints and dirt.

Despite the impressive size and 160 grams of weight, at work it does not affect. Due to the roughness of the phone is easy to hold, and the coating does not allow the device to slip.

External parts are on the usual for a series of places. So, the front part "sheltered" the controls, display, front-end, speaker, sensors, as well as the logo.

The volume control with the power button found its place on the right side. The bottom from below received only a microphone, and the top got a USB-port and a connector for a headset.

The back side also did not change. Behind is the camera, flash, main speaker and the manufacturer's logo.

A little brighten the design of the straight lines, allowing the device to look more solid. Compared with the more rounded forms of predecessors, this definitely improved the appearance.


The manufacturer has installed only 8 megapixels in"Lenovo 5000". The quality characteristics of the photo, respectively, leave much to be desired. Under ideal conditions, the images are mediocre. The photo lacks sharpness and there are minor noises. This situation is quite expected, because the device has 1920 at 1080 resolution pixels.

In the device there is also an obverse,two megapixel camera. Frontalka copes not only with video calls, but also with self-portraits. In addition, the camera is capable of recording video, albeit in low resolution.


Lenovo A 5000 specifications

The manufacturer picked up a very successful for "Lenovo5000 "screen characteristics.The diagonal of the display is five inches, and with a very good image.It also improves the situation and the resolution of 1280 by 720.

The screen was equipped with a conventional IPS-matrix, howevershe cope perfectly. Technology gives the device a high viewing angles and a rich picture. The only drawback is the behavior in the sun. The display fades even at maximum brightness.


Installation of four cores for the better has affectedat work "Lenovo A 5000". Reviews report high performance, even though the MTK processor. In addition, each core has a 1.3 GHz frequency, and this significantly increases power.

The smartphone got a gigabyte of RAM, which is verynot bad for a budget employee. Slightly bleak looks 8 GB of native memory. In fact, the user is only 5.5 GB, because the part is "Android". However, it is possible to expand the card up to 32 GB.


A 5000 works on a somewhat obsolete version"Android 4.4.2". Although the system is not the freshest, it is perfectly optimized for the device. If necessary, the user will be able to update the version of the device using FOTA.

The system comes with preinstalled programs and the Vibe UI shell for "Lenovo A 5000". Reviews report on many absolutely unnecessary applications that can be removed, only having root-rights.


Lenovo A 5000 price

Installed on the "Lenovo A 5000" price is veryis democratic. Become the owner of the device can be for only 10-12 thousand rubles. Among competitors to find similar characteristics for the same cost will be difficult. Functionality and availability make the device a very attractive purchase.

Negative feedback

Written by the owners of "Lenovo A 5000" reviews report a strong excess of red. When working with the device at the maximum level of brightness, the eyes get tired quickly. This is a very unpleasant problem.

Delight does not cause the usual for cheap models camera.

A nondescript design is also an unpleasant detail. Worsens the situation and a small number of colors. Standard colors do not attach a touch to the phone.

Positive reviews

Леново А 5000 reviews

Left on the "Lenovo A 5000" reviews express satisfaction at a low price. Of course, among competitors there are devices of similar value, but they do not have such a performance.

Powerful "stuffing" and an excellent screen, too, allocate the device. Using inexpensive parts, the manufacturer has achieved incredible performance.

The result

The smartphone has many advantages, but alsodisadvantages are also present. Buyers pay more attention to appearance and, most likely, will pass by this model. Although the "stuffing" of the device is very attractive.

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