The reform of the traffic police in 2018

One of the reasons why the traffic police reform will take place in 2018 is called security during the main sporting event - the world championship. As it became known to the media, citing sources, the traffic police will be abolished, and its functions will be transferred to the Interior Ministry.


A new reform is expected in Russia: recent news

In March 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that dismissed several officials at once. Among them - the head of the traffic police Viktor Nilov. The media immediately appeared information about the upcoming reform of the department and its integration into the structure of the Ministry of Interior. At the same time, as noted by the latest news, massive reductions are expected: some of the employees will be dismissed, and some - transferred to the patrol service. In this case, the police will be trained on the features of the road service. As an example, the experience of Kazakhstan is given, where a similar reform was successfully held in 2012-2013.

The reform of the traffic police in 2018Leading Russian media, with reference to sources, point outthat the upcoming new reform is connected, including with the World Cup, the organization of an event of this level in several cities at once should be held at the highest level. Specific dates are not called, but it is noted that the reform will be carried out not earlier than next year, or rather, the last months.

Statistics of accidents in the country since the beginning of the year

January February
Total accident 11’532 10’212 9’962
Killed 1’342 1’049 977
Injured 15’483 13’165 12’397

Experts: whether reform and cuts will help

While conversations are under way, the experts also do not stand aside and make their predictions about the possible consequences of merging the structures and whether the reduction of experienced employees will be of real benefit.

So, Pyotr Shkumatov, coordinator of the Blue Pails movement, believes that combining DPS and PPS will lead to a reduction in the quality of administrative materials, referring to the fact that the patrol service has a different job specificity: fights, thefts, minor administrative violations:

«On the road, a completely different specificity is another reality. <...> Many inspectors are constantly learning, exchanging experience, they have their own institutes of advanced training <...> there are a lot of details».

Viktor Pokhmelkin, the chairman of the “Motorists' Movement of Russia”, agrees with him, believing that the traffic police reform is necessary, but in a slightly different form - there is a need to create a traffic police whose activities will be aimed at preventing traffic accidents and preventing violations. According to him, the merger of the two services will only lead to the loss of qualified employees.

Reform of traffic police in 2018. Changes. last news

Yaroslav Nilov, Chairman of the State Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Committee, is sure that any initiatives must begin with the definition of a goal: “<...> not every police officer understands the traffic rules. A staff member may not even have a driver's license.". The deputy believes that it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the rights and duties of newly minted employees: how well their qualifications correspond to the assigned functions. At the same time, Nilov said that more expenses would be required for retraining police officers and the changes being made, rather than being saved due to reorganization.

So far, there is no clarity regarding the future of the traffic police. Only one thing is known - the decision in the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been made and the government is expected to approve this issue.

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