The Predator Movie 3 2018

The main work on the production of the movie "Predator 3" (2018) has already begun. Its authors promise to make their picture the most successful and visited of the entire series. For this, the 20th Century Fox film company does not stint giving out to the working group enormous sums for filming.

The Predator Movie 3 2018


What is the movie about?

The Predator Movie 3 2018Film director Shane Black claims that his project will be the most ambitious in the whole franchise, but he promised to return to the roots of the first part.

Black took to remove the tape only after he was convinced that the Fox studio would not interfere in the process and would give him complete freedom, and also agree to invest a significant amount of money in production.

The plot of the tape is kept secret, but it is certain that its authors are going to change the design of the costume of the alien hunter. They want to revive it a bit and make it more entertaining.

What is the cast?

The Predator Movie 3 2018

  • Participate in a promising project agreed:
  • Boyd Holbrook (Disappeared, Narco);
  • Olivia Mann (Iron Man 2, X-Men: Apocalypse);
  • Sterling K.Brown (American Crime History, Supernatural);
  • Thomas Jane (Bloody Thursday, Haze).

How is the shooting?

The Predator Movie 3 2018

Initially, the authors of the film planned to begin shooting in the fall of 2016, but they delayed with the selection of actors and transferred them to February 2017. Most of the filming will take place in Vancouver.

Talk about the start of the fourth part of the "predators" began in 2014, but the studio 20th Century Fox approved the idea only in 2015.

February 20, 2017 was the first day of the filming of the movie "Predator 3". You can follow this process in the official twitter of the film:

When will the movie be released?

The official release date of the movie "Predator 3" is scheduled for February 8, 2018.

Rumors around the new "predators"

Film Predator 3 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

Participation in the Predator 3 was predicted by Benicio del Toro, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even the rapper 50 cent. However, the first, for unknown reasons, dropped out of the project, and he was not able to agree with Schwarzenegger and 50 cent.

Rumor has it that Black wrote two scenarios for the film: the first will be used in case of successful completion of negotiations with Schwarzenegger, the second - if an agreement cannot be reached.

The history of films "Predator"

Film Predator 3 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

The first film "Predator" was released in 1987.The main role in it was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. His hero was one of the professional American military who was to clash in battle with alien creatures.

The first film "Predator" took 336 place in the list of 500 better films of the magazine Empire. In 1990, the story was continued and the Predator 2 was released with Danny Glover in the lead role. This picture was less successful.

Following them in 2010, the third film from this series appeared - “Predators”. He was more successful than the second. According to his story, the people abducted from the ground opposed the aliens who were hunting for them. The main role in the film was played by Adrien Brody.

The fourth history of the "predators" promises to be the most ambitious. Shane Black took it only because he wanted to make a real movie-event, on which people will line up. He was given a complete carte blanche to rethink all the previous parts of this story.

Budget and box office:

Film Release year Budget Fees
"Predator" 1987 $ 15 million $ 98 million
"Predator" 2 1990 $ 35 million $ 57 million
"Predator" 2010 $ 47 million $ 127 million
"Predator" 3 2018

Should I watch?

This film is worth seeing. Black would not have taken up the project if he had not been sure that he would not have to do a passing picture. He is known for his work on the films "Lethal Weapon" and "The Last Scout."

The author hopes that the film will produce the same impression on the viewer as it once produced the film “Close contacts of the third degree” by Steven Spielberg.

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