The minimum subsistence level of a pensioner in 2017

It's no secret that the world is raging economic crisis. No need to think that people live well everywhere, but only Russians suffer from lack of money. Many countries are going through hard times. But, despite everything, we must pay tribute to the government of the Russian Federation - the officials are trying in every way to calm panic among the population and introduce a number of necessary measures and initiatives that can reduce the degree of aggression.

Often, during an unstable situation in the country, unprotected social strata suffer, and most often retirees.Subsistence minimum pensioner in 2017while it has ghostly figures, but according to the statements of the people's representatives, they may well become real.

What is the minimum pension?

Already published preliminary data that relate to the subsistence minimum for retirees. From the reports it follows that in 2017 a minimum of 10.5 thousand rubles was set for one pensioner.This amount is spelled out in the budget for next year.

The cost of living affects all areas of our existence, it depends on its well-being, as well as the lives of ordinary Russian pensioners. On the basis of the minimum, numerous social payments are formed, and if they raise it, payments to the population will be, respectively, more. In addition, if the pension of an elderly person is less than the established minimum subsistence level, then he is entitled to a co-payment.

As a rule, the cost of living is calculated based on the data on the consumer basket. Such studies occur every year, and the final results always change. For example, a few years ago, the minimum pension was less than 5 thousand rubles. It turns out that since then the pensions have managed to grow by 2.5 times.

Formation of additional payments to the pension

what is the cost of living for retirees in 2017

Addition to the basic pension is formed from federal and regional budgets. However, the surcharge must necessarily consist of the following components:

  • Pension - all its types that currently exist
  • Additional charges according to social security
  • Amount of monthly financial security
  • Other types of social benefits.

The composition of the consumer basket

Every year, research and the formation of the consumer basket, which significantly affects the increase in social benefits to the population. For 2017, the consumer basket will look like this:

  • bread, cereals, pasta - 126.5 kg;
  • 210 eggs;
  • potatoes - 100 kg;
  • vegetables - 114 kg;
  • fruit - 60 kg;
  • meat - 58.6 kg;
  • fish - 18.5 kg.

This is a food group of goods, without which a person cannot fully exist. In addition to these positions, the food basket includes non-food items (clothing, shoes, medicines, underwear) and services (utilities, communications, transportation, cultural events). In each particular region, the size of the subsistence minimum is different, because the prices of products in all areas are different. In addition, this indicator is individually calculated for pensioners, children and the able-bodied part of the population.

2017 year subsistence minimum

It should be noted that the monitoring of the food basket is most often carried out to study the well-being of citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of various targeted programs. As for the minimum wage and pension, it is often below the established limit.

In addition, many Western experts question the list of goods that are included in the domestic consumer basket. Analysts are making a bias towards the fact that there is an insufficient quantity of products in our baskets, which allows citizens to fully exist. For example, in the USA such a basket contains 300 types of goods, in England - 350, and in Germany - 475. From these, it follows that the Russian consumer basket is somewhat outdated.

Can I retire in Russia?

size of a living wage of pensionersWithout suppressing impulses of honesty, we can say that this question cannot be answered correctly. Many of the elderly, even after retirement, try to ensure a normal life for themselves, although it is very difficult for them to satisfy all needs at the expense of one. However, each pensioner has a different payout amount - someone has it more, someone less.

It all depends on what region a person lives in, how many years of experience he has written in his work record, as well as what position he held before retirement.

Of course, the most important factor in the formation of pension payments is regional. For example, in Moscow the size of the minimum pension is 11.5 thousand rubles, and in Kamchatka this figure reached 15.5 thousand rubles. The situation is somewhat worse in the Crimea and Tatarstan.

Here, the minimum pension for citizens is only 8 thousand rubles, which means that it does not even reach the established subsistence minimum. Let us hope that with the arrival of 2017 this inequality will decrease, and our pensioners will be able to afford more, having come to a well-deserved rest.

The cost of living this year

Based on a government decree, the subsistence minimum for the first quarter of 2016 is as follows:

  • for the able-bodied part of the population - 10,524 rubles;
  • for people of retirement age - 8,025 rubles;
  • for minors - 9 677 rubles.

The increase in the minimum is due to the fact that there was an increase in products and other necessary groups of goods and services. In addition, the State Duma said that in 2017 they plan to consider a project to increase the minimum wage to the level of the subsistence minimum.

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