The Great Goddess Hathor

One of the most revered goddesses of ancient Egyptis - Hathor. Its power has no equal. The goddess is often identified with a host of other higher powers because of the diversity of abilities she possesses.

Miracles of divine power

The goddess Hathor was especially venerated in ancient times. It was she who was approached by people with various problems and expected her blessings. It symbolized love, beauty, music, dance, creativity and fertility. Women turned to the great patron of women's wisdom. Even Cleopatra herself repeatedly appealed for help to the divine being.

The goddess Hathor, whose photo is depicted below, was the daughter of the god Ra and personified the heavens and the power of life.Goddess HathorShe stands on the nose of the boat and disperses evil and darkness. In ancient mythology, the goddess occupied the most revered place among equals. She was known as a powerful defender of women and motherhood, personification of beauty and light. The goddess was revered throughout Egypt and welcomed with dances and singing. According to the beliefs, women who bowed their heads before the statue and asked for love, in the same year married or found a young man, and to the one who suffered infertility, the patroness gave the child.

Image of Hathor

Strange as it may seem, but at first the goddess was represented inthe form of a divine cow. Myths say that the goddess Hathor, as the master of all living things, could take any images of wildlife. Over time, images began to change. People portrayed the divine being as a cow with curved horns or as a woman with a cow's head. The animal was chosen because of the timing of pregnancy, as the human and the cow this time is almost the same.Egyptian goddess Hathor

Further images of the goddess becameare close to the person, and from the cow at Hathor there were only curved horns. Between the horns of the goddess is the golden disk of Ra, and in the hand, like most goddesses, a papyrus rod. Also there is a minaret - this is a special object of worship, denoting a feminine. Images of the goddess were applied to musical instruments and amulets for protection from evil spirits. Her cult is also associated with many trees and plants, such as Finnish palm and sycamore. The goddess herself looks slender and attractive, as the embodiment of love and joy. She often sang songs, using the epithet "golden."

Temple complex

The greatest temple in the history of Egypt, dedicated togoddess, was built 200 years. Completely the temple could be unearthed only in the 19th century. Until now, scientists are convinced that under the massive structure there is one more sanctuary, more ancient. The temple has become a real center of life for several historical periods. Inside it is a very spacious room with 24 columns around the perimeter. In the upper part of the temple you can see a map of the starry sky.goddess haathor photoUnderground part of it keeps many secrets andunexplored places. Scientists still can not come to a consensus, some believe that in ancient times, there was electricity and light bulbs, while others are sure that there were other secrets of lighting before. But it is simply impossible to imagine that people were in pitch darkness without sources of light. According to studies on the walls and ceiling of the temple, there are no traces of torches, and on the wall images one can see how people used spherical light sources, which led scientists to different hypotheses. In the temple were also found treasures and attributes for various rituals and rituals.

The veneration of the goddess in our day

Regardless of the circumstances and changing religiousinterests, annually worshipers of ancient cults and believers from all over the world come to the temple of the goddess. Basically, to bow before the statue and ask for luck in loving relationships and maintaining a marriage.goddess haathor images

Women kneel at the gates of the famoustemple, asking to give them a child. It is believed that the temple of the goddess is a powerful energy source. According to the impressions of people who spent time in the zone of the sanctuary, the human body acquires an unknown energy reserve, pacification and enlightenment. The miracle is not only the complex itself, but also the gate next to it. They say, if you take the gate and make a wish, then it will come true. The age of worship of the ancient gods has passed, but the Egyptian goddess Hathor, whose images can be found in the temple, always listens to her admirers and always helps the needy.

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