The film Dumbo (2019)

Recently, the Disney Pictures studio has been pleasing the audience with successful animation versions of good old fairy tales.

Take, for example, films such as “Alice in Wonderland” or “Beauty and the Beast”, which became hits during premiere shows around the world.

Now, following its own successful tradition, Disney plans to release a few more screen versions of cartoons, including the family fiction film Dumbo.

What is known about the movie "Dumbo"?

The film will be released on March 29, 2019, and active preparation for the shooting is underway. The main character will be an elephant named Dumbo. He has already appeared in the same cartoon in 1941 and has earned the love of viewers of different ages around the world.

The fact is that Dumbo is not a simple baby elephant, he has very big ears, which he can use as wings and fly!

The upcoming film will be partly based on the 1941 cartoon, but, nevertheless, the plot will surprise viewers.

In the film, they will talk about Holt Farrier, a veteran who has just returned from the war and is still unable to get back into society.He needs to find a job, and with this helps him the owner of a small circus - Max Medisi. Financially, things are not going well for him, there are few spectators who come to the shows, and the workers have to pay.

Max hires Holt to look after the newborn elephant elephant Dumbo. He agrees, and soon more and more time begins to devote to this sweet and extraordinary little elephant, which everyone laughs at because of his excessively large ears. The children of Holt also manage to make friends with Dumbo, and it is they who learn his secret - the baby elephant, it turns out, can fly!

dumbo movie 2019

The mystery does not last long in the walls of the circus, and soon the clever entrepreneur Vandemer learns about such a miracle of nature.

Together with Colette Marchant, they decide to make a real sensation with Dumbo, but this is hardly the best for little Dumbo. Now Holt will have to save the baby elephant from the greedy hands of Vandemer and his French accomplice.

Film crew

The film is directed by Tim Burton, who previously created many masterpieces in the genre of dark comedy. His films include such films as Mrs. Peregrin's House of Strange Children, Dark Shadows, Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish, and many more.

He already has two Oscar nominations, both for his animated films: "The Bride's Corpse" and "Frankenvini." In addition to Dumbo, Tim Burton is also going to make a sequel to one of his best films, Beatlejus.

dumbo actors

The first part of this mystical comedy was shot by the director back in 1988, and now, after three decades, he is finally ready to continue the legendary story.

Recall that the "Beatlejus" tells about how two newlyweds die in a car accident. They turn into ghosts, and soon they have to put up with the fact that another family lives in their house now.

Unlike newlyweds, the new family is absolutely alive and does not intend to move anywhere. Therefore, ghosts turn to rogue Beatlejus to help them drive people away from home.

"Dumbo" will be delivered on the history of Helen Aberson, and the script for the film will write Eren Krueger, master of horror films. It was he who wrote the scripts for such horror as “The Key to All Doors”, “Scream”, “Bell” and “The Brothers Grimm”.

The film will be produced by Derek Frey (Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Frankenvini), Cutter Frouenfelder (Always Say YES!), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish ), and Eren Kruger (“The Road to Arlington”, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “Ghost in the Shell”).

Film cast

dumbo movie trailer

It should be immediately noted that in this film a lot of famous actors. The role of veteran Holt Farrier will be played by Irish actor Colin Farrell, who has starred in films such as Murder of the Sacred Deer, Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live, Special Opinion, and many more.

For his role in the comedy drama of Martin McDona "To lie low in Bruges," the actor received the Golden Globe, and in 2017 he was also nominated for this award for his role in the film "Lobster."

Colin Farrell was not the only one who was offered this role, so Will Holt could play Holt, but he had to give up because of the tight shooting schedule and devote his time to the third part of the Bad Boys.

The role of Max Medisi, managing the circus, will be played by the brilliant comedian Danny DeVito, who also starred in films such as “Welcome or Neighbors No Entry”, “Pulp Fiction”, and the TV shows “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Friends ".

dumbo plot

The role of the negative character, Valdemar, went to the actor Michael Keaton, who has recently been actively involved in such successful films as “Birdman” or “Spider-Man: Returning Home.”

It was Michael Keaton who played the very Beatlejus in the same film, so he will appear in the second part, continuing his collaboration with Tim Burton.

The role of the insidious Colette Marchant went to Eva Green, who can be recognized by her roles in the films Casino Royale, Mrs. Peregrin’s House of Strange Children and Last Love on Earth. In 2016, she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the film “Terrible Tales”.

The future film about the cute little elephant “Dumbo” will definitely find its audience, after all, the plot, the director, and the cast - all hints that we have a successful project. He will definitely be included in the collection of films that you want to revise.

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