The contract of sale of the car 2019

The fact that the contract of sale of the car in 2019 is also an integral part of the transaction, everyone knows. If earlier the document could have been drawn up by hand and put signatures, now it is better to use a special form in which all the nuances will be registered. Such an agreement will protect the rights of all parties to the transaction in the event of a dispute.


Sales Agreement - form for individuals

Any transaction made by two or more citizens must be documented. If the parties want to protect their rights and confirm responsibilities. When selling / buying a car, the contract is the documentary proof that one party provided the object in proper technical condition, and the second - transferred the sounded amount of money. The form for individuals can be downloaded here.

The contract of sale of the car 2019

If earlier the corresponding document was drawn up almost on one knee, now a contract drawn up in accordance with the requirements of civil law is required.Because in his absence, the parties will not be able to prove that the deficiencies of the vehicle identified later were caused before the fact of sale, or the amount paid is lower than the agreed amount. Thus, it is the contract of sale that allows us to resolve any disputable situations that may arise later. In order to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant situations, the parties should be as honest with each other as possible.

The seller must disclose all information relating to the car, and the buyer is required only one thing - to accept the car in the proposed form and pay the agreed amount of money.

How to fill out a sample contract and where to download

It is mandatory to specify in the contract (sample see above):

  • full personal data of the buyer and seller: full name, address of registration and actual residence, all the data of the identity document;
  • if one of the parties is a legal entity, then also full information;
  • vehicle identification data: make, model, color, year of manufacture, engine, body and chassis numbers;
  • passport data of the vehicle;
  • evidence that the sale is not pledged or is not subject to dispute;
  • all information about the accident, which visited the car;
  • complete information on repairs, damage, defects;
  • vehicle cost.

Car sale and purchase agreement 2019. How to make, download the form

The number of copies of the contract depends on the number of parties to the transaction. It should not be forgotten that it is advisable to hand over one copy to the traffic police, which will be a confirmation of the transaction in case of loss of samples from the participants in the transaction themselves.

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What problems may arise?

Firstly, one of the controversial points is the indication of the full selling price of the vehicle. Often, sellers, in order not to pay personal income tax, are asked to reflect a lower cost in the contract. In this case, the buyer, in the event of a dispute, it will be extremely difficult to prove the fact of payment of a real, higher cost and, upon termination of the contract, he will receive exactly the amount specified in the document.

Secondly, according to the latest news, if the seller is declared bankrupt within three years after the sale of the car, the purchase and sale transaction of the vehicle can be challenged by the financial manager as made with unequal supply.In this case, the buyer may suffer - he paid the full price, the fact of which he cannot prove.

Also, experts recommend to make a detailed act of reception and transmission of the car, which displays all the identified defects. Inspection may be carried out by a third party - an independent examination, car-care center and so on. As a rule, these services are paid by the buyer.

The final stage - registration of the car by the new owner. Now there have been changes - if earlier five days were allocated for this, now we need to manage in ten.

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