The basic rules of Christmas table setting

The times when the main decoration of the New Year's table was a bottle of "Soviet champagne" (note that only Bohemia had buckets of ice!) And the TV, long gone, fortunately. Modernity has made of us avowed aesthetes, for whom the words “style” and “spectacularity” have become as familiar as the process of breathing. In each house for the New Year they try to decorate the interior with a beautiful, themed theme, and, of course, more than close attention is paid to table setting.

Well, let's try to offer our readers some excellent, in our opinion, New Year's table setting for the New Year 2019, gleaned from well-known designers and bloggers known for their excellent taste, and also give general tips on how to achieve a perfectly stylish look holiday banquet.

Little about the rules

Even in such a freedom-loving and changeable business as a design, there are always some special, rather general and unobtrusive directives. And the decoration of the table for the New Year, of course, is no exception. To begin with, we recall that the main pledge of the stylish look of everything and everything is a combination of a maximum of two primary colors (one should be prevailing) and, perhaps, some small details of a different tone.

For example, recognized in the West Christmas classics are red-green interiors with silver or gold details of the decor. This combination symbolizes warmth and comfort and, by the way, it perfectly fits the symbol of the coming year - the Earth Pig.

The second classic pair can be called white / silver with blue (and the blue should obviously be much less) and green (fir-tree, fir-tree branches in the compositions). In principle, you can pick up any other pair of shades, colors of accents, but remember that choosing a greater number of colors is considered to be a mauveton and turns the interior into a farce. By the way, combining both silver and gold at the same time is unacceptable.

The next thing to note is the indispensable presence of special decorations on the table.More than ever, candles are appropriate, preferably decorated in Christmas style or participating in the corresponding desktop compositions.

You can use in the spirit of the New Year napkin rings, dishes, special glasses and glasses. Those who believe in folk omens will certainly wish that a bowl with grain be placed in the very center of the table. As a rule, it is also decorated with fir paws. Catering to the traditions of different nations, it is worth adding its nuts, acorns, decorating with dried oranges, red berries and fir-tree paws - it will turn out stylishly, and with meaning.

Otherwise, all the rules are no different from ordinary banquets. Unless it is necessary to take into account that it will take a lot of places for dishes on the table (we are preparing an absolutely incredible amount of food, and nothing can be done about it), unless, of course, you prefer portions. Yes, and types of personal plates at the same time, glasses, as well as cutlery will need more, since the dishes are very diverse and the dishes will have to be changed often.

It is better to take the maximum table, which is only in the house, and the main criterion in the choice of chairs should be their convenience, because there is a lot of time spent on this meal.The number of seats and the location of the serving elements directly depend on the number of guests, but it is worth remembering that each of them should be given at least 60 cm of personal space.

New Year's textile

Perhaps one of the most important elements of Christmas and New Year's decor, able to set the tone and style throughout the serving. Undoubtedly, it should be appropriate thematic, or simply monophonic, but in the selected shades of design. Monotonous tablecloth with a long stripe or square laid on it looks very impressive. The tablecloth should be large enough to cover the entire surface of the table and hang down in beautiful folds, but not to interfere with the guests' knees is uncomfortable.

You can take a cloth napkin as one tone with a tablecloth, as well as a contrast one - in the second color of the decor, but in any case it is worth ensuring that the plates and other serving items standing on them are highlighted.

Be sure to decorate the twisted napkins with special rings in the style of the holiday, or put together some funny Christmas motifs (on the Internet you can find a lot of master classes on Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, etc.).All table textiles combined with curtains, interior napkins and tablecloths on serving tables, sofa cushions, if you celebrate in the living room - perfect.

A small bonus advice that can turn your New Year's table into something special: make special “pockets” for each set of cutlery in the form of Santa's shoes, Christmas trees, balls, toys, etc. It will turn out very nice and at home!

Choosing dishes

Undoubtedly, it is not worth reminding once again that the dishes on the New Year's table should be from one set. Many often deliberately purchase a special multicomponent kit for this holiday with many additions that are convenient and allow you to make the composition complete, in the form of sauceboats, salad bowls, serving dishes, tureens, herring bowls and other things.

If it does not work with a separate set, at least try to pick up the dishes clearly in the shades of the table decoration. The same rule applies to glasses - a lot of drinks and different, so you should not pack a grandmother's rarity of colored glass, Bohemian glass, crystal and modern-style glasses for whiskey and cocktails.And crystal, by the way, from different sets (with a different pattern) is also. That is why reasonable housewives prefer to take a beautiful form of different types - for different drinks, but absolutely identical transparent glass glasses.

With cutlery all, of course, much easier. Everyone will have sets of forks, spoons, knives for different types of dishes that are beautiful enough - festive - to suit this occasion. Remember that if you are serving whole chunks of meat, fish (all that is not on one bite and requires some effort to cut off a piece to try), there should be knives on the table and sharp (preferably slightly jagged). It is not customary to use common devices to cut into common plates, therefore it is not necessary to provide salad spoons, spatula, tongs and other devices for portioned dishes.

A festive banquet always ends with dessert, tea or coffee. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare in advance and changing dishes for this purpose. Her choice is based on approximately the same tenets as other serving items. Of course, the devices, plates and creamers, etc., should correspond to the types of desserts offered.

We sincerely wish you that your New Year's table setting for 2019 would cause you genuine aesthetic pleasure, and all the guests of the holiday and home admired your sense of taste and style.

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