Technology on glatkaneto. The cuts from the latest technology

Every family is a dream and more alive in a cozy kashta, who would hopefully keep a fortress from many years to us. A trail of kato solutions will build a house on the dream si, many will feed: how can this material be used to crawl for the sake of reliable construction? At the same time, the theme for the betting on the betting waggards is relevant. Dnes construction company Pazar offers an incredibly modern technology that koyato forest cross balka. - Nay-prostiyat and evtin option.

A sandwich panel invented in SASCh prez 50th godini per minalia. The technology for construction works was successfully completed and applied in the country from North America, and the next in Europe. Canada has a great deal of paralysis, coito fires and wide sandwich panels for living on the buildings. The Canadian climate is the best of all ideal for the environment and silat.Innovate your home in Canada with a unique ability to stay on toplinate, strengthen the floor. Prez metsatsi kizhi cool e thanksgiving on the top of the bottom layer for the bottom.

Sandwich panel get ime si please visually nata sy prilika eds sandwich. Two steps behind the pieces of wood, reliably fitting a layer of plastic from the pen, represent the limestone panel. In spite of the obvious simplicity, tovaya e sensible design, which can be done on comrade. Get into the world of the teklo taki va panelni kuke mogat forest and the transport to the building site. The installation and installation of the panel at the bottom of the panel is not a lot of time and the high ends are dispersed, so that the citizens on the house are not sated from many years. Vsychki tezi predimstva on noviya material of beso sestivaahah on teliya holy.

Benefits for citizens from the wedges of the panel:

  • Minimal use on construction equipment.
  • Malak Broy ministers - the work is minimal.
  • Malkoto taglo on the construction of the material, so it is not necessary and in the case of additional services for the transport and razgovarvane.
  • When mounting and mounting on the frame, do not stand out of creeping "wet" razvvori,Koito ruin the property of the sea under the influence of temperature.
  • You can let the construction work at any time for a year.
  • Minimum time for citizens from the head of the panel. Election of a project and a small porch, in a frame for two or three months, you can even enjoy a new cozy home.

Lesna and iconomichna predrshitelna work

Ideally, the case should be flat on the sides from the earthen panel, and here you can always look at the wall. Takawa flat surface of a dzhi of a levkav mix, decorative daub, to a screw. The decoration on the house can be directed from different materials, for example:

  • facing;
  • natural cam;
  • doorshlitnyi rods;
  • siding.

Fenced to the ground, from the crawling technology SIP (SIP), just come and grab the etapi kato to grace to almost every other technology:

  • fundamental device;
  • citizens on "kutiyat";
  • the device is on the floor and is subject to the crooked material;
  • installation on prozortsi and entrance vrati;
  • zavrshvane on the facade and base;
  • podrazhdaneto on the suspension and devices on the systemat for prelivane;
  • facing on the future communication;
  • rude and undersized.

is hopefulfoundation - the basis of a solid house. Dylochbinat on the basis and type on the basis of depending on the capacity of the soil, Teren, Masat on the subway drive and, disassembled, ochakvanvoto natovarvana vurhu ney.

Gone up is crumpled up, then spend the money on a foundation for about 20% of the property price. In addition to the project, and from citizens on the frame of the box on the SIP-panel tryby and out of the crawl or melkozaglublennye foundations or buronalivnye (prints) from izvornbordi sal pilot (concrete or darven material). These types of funds, with confidence from the hope, can significantly and lavishly consume material and then dissolve labor.

Later on, in an iconic manner, the bases will be added to the popularity - the metal of the screw of the merchant's cupola. Mogat package or zinc plating, or simply with anti-corrosion coating; with nazben vrah or spot daub; Mogat yes vdat svrzani is one with a friend (“gateway”) of the kato channel and just one bar according to this name, “head”. Essentially the preliminaries on the screw driver (in addition to the work, disperse the work and materials) and the ability and the foundation of the foundation for a short time and every time. Kupchinskoe field for two-room apartment with an area of ​​200 m², preparing for 2-3 days, Dori on a land plot.

For all cases, a base is needed, a guide from the TSN MF-97-MO standard (design, number, and weak back-up device should be based on housing in Moscow region), or standardized for other regions. It’s necessary, before you start working on the installation, rely on the utility services, leave the “bonds” attached to the houses on the aqueduct and sewage pipelines.

Cato rule, right from the process to citizens from the foundation of the nasata factory in the city of VolokolamskAll right seton the spotat homeDeliver the SIP panel and calibrate the dirt / sludge and label on the product to protect the design. From the glimmer point on the readiness to the building platform and in any way gratefully on the object, go to the icon. PANEL SIP IMAT NISKA MACA, who is allowed by two workers and they wear a montirate without much effort.

Installation on the house Afterwards, the base is fixed on the bar, treated with an antiseptic, which has been applied to panel mounting. The material of the foundation foundation was fixed on the crushing material through the anchor bolt through the insulation material.Plochite ce suppose the basis of the base on the base, the formation of a uniform uniform, hard board. Kato member on the base of the plotting area of ​​the barbar section 190h80mm more than 625mm pads, koito sa nanizani katlo plocha. For this and that, it should not be formed on the “studi bridge” in the point on the upper part, but the little ones from the kitchen of the polyurethane should be prepared. The trace is engraved on the bottom of the hearth, the edge around the perimeter on the seam is sewn from the plane of 190x40 mm. For this, they will hydrodisolate the properties, soak the grave and cut it completely with the bitumen mastic. In practical terms, it is also a degraded subfield.

The next to follow is the moment: when striking a spazvana on the drawings of the house, it is designed in the same way that the cribber has a stand on the floor of the floor. Gredat is placed on the back of the polyurethane splash plate and is fixed with a screw for the self-retracting of the pres, and the panels are based on the base.

Installation on the SIP panel wall is from the bottom of the roof to the bottom. In the dolnata section on the front panel of the reed wall, putting material and material in front of it, is located on the ground, with a maximum deviation from not more than 1-1.5 mm. They steal on the panel e shut from the deck.Before you join the group, you will create an element, all the time you have to contact.

The second panel, the edge of the edge is shut off from the back door, e is under the right side of the border of the panel. For unwrapping anodirani screw with a depth of 200 mm. The joint is sealed with polyurethane pyan. Accurate the linear dimension on the wall of the SIP panel and allow it to bend to the front with tolerance from 1-2 mm.

The walls of the SIP panel with the opening of the prozortsy and vraty se montirat and fix the package package for the svrzvane and one for the other at the beginning of the beginning, as a solid panel of the wall. Along the perimeter, open the cross section of the bottom of the bridge.

The interior of the bridge and the wall of the SIP-döbelin projectors are 164 and 124 mm and standardize the frame structure and design, as compared to the sound insulation of the material kitchen. Do not let the barriers stop at the mogat and se montirat and yes creep metal profiles.

The installation of the vertical line is verified by checking the nivoto on the measurement. It is necessary, for example, installation on the lepilen or lamella darven material.

Trace of installation, stenite on the floor of the floor of the fixation with a horn of tape for fixing.

The interdivision of the platform and the work of the SIP-panel (the cross between the 625 millimeter grid) the standard structure, and in the case of the golem of the platform with the monitor on the OSB. Predimstvoto on the last two opportunities e opportunity for the engineer communication in tavana.

The trail of the project, the project, is not set forth dolniyat sheaf luch on the territory (or attic) floor. Darwen material by putting a polyurethane sealant on the back and securing the screw to the screw of the prefix, the horn of ivicia. Montiraneto on the wall of the panel with a piece of izvrshva somehow on the floor of the floor.

Non-standard modules, for example, templates, could be produced in a factory, from the preliminary direction of the door and prozortsi.

The trail is mounted on a montage on a montarat of marulati, pearl and kunk. It is not a lot of importance to monitor the surface itself, as it is on technical contact with the crook of the panel, even if it is ideal, but it is a good quality dry material. In the case of disagreement, in time for exploitation on the surface, to some extent, from the surface, the other is deformed, and the other is the formation of praznina. The design of the SIP panel spider creep is twisted.

Structures on the studios are varied by traditional methods.

Bottom of the razor curvature of the material are kemeidi sakeki and keremidi metalna. Do not install it directly on the meremi keremidi direct-to-the-top hook SIP panels without a ventilation device, cut the abdomen on the crook of the stomach. Yes, they will spread them, and they can be made out of ondulin and a galvanized sheet.

Parallel to tinker, work with the collector and ventilator, and then install the prozortsi.

Follow the steps to work izvrshvat parallel, independently one from each other.

When searching for, any kind of decoration on the houses on the facade: decorative dresser, fugirane frame, imitations of grades, shildingom, vinyl siding or clinker thermal panels.

At the same time, the decoration of the facade of the house can be done in any way. Design on the board allows you to implement all the engineering and technical solutions, as traditionally, as such, and as the most innovative. Traditional engineer systems include switching systems, in which koito circulation heating heating chains work on the principle of distinguishing the types of carriers, from the heaters of the heaters radiator, convector and heating.Trails trbybi and channels in the cable of the trunk of the bridge and stretch into the barriers of the wall, tavani and in the set on the preprikrivan on the CIP panel with a conventional putty or putty and shredded according to the procedure KNAUF. The installation on communications from every kind is possible and possible. In pushochi teleyadnya putty and hydroisolation, the communication of the trail of the sewers of the sewage and water pipes, and the trail of the spout, squeeze the cat on the other side, while roaming, but with the addition of the razvor, barier for moisture.

Freedom on the stenite allow realizatiatsy on the traditional and modern technologies for additional work. If you put a piece of paper on the front panel, sew up the dry construction, it’s not very easy to increase the degree of fire-resistance design and sound insulation, but you can’t do it for the final of the interior.

Cases, work from the self-carrying panel. Crawl.


At the moment of CIP paneling sa nai-topliyat material into light. The house is built according to the Canadian technology, it is 8 years old from rotten. It is a matter of temperature, for living in Takawa the house is much convenient: that is, it is cool, and coldly, it is cool.Canadian dwellings in the forest will temper temperature fluctuations in the range of -50 \ + 50 degrees. From SIP paneling, all stations will be polarized for testing north and south poles. Is it all else that you can do, what Canadian cousin of top fuel?


Disgustingly at the total error of the hijacker, set up on the SIP panel from a separate one. In terms of integrating C design, they are abraded by hurricane and earthquake up to 7.5 points. Stenite on the house stand vertically in natovarwan from 10 tones and, naturally, in natovarvan from 2 tones per 1 sq. M. In disassembling this, the Takawa wall cannot be dealt with from the frontal attack of the bulldozer (Makar Che, similarly to rottenness), but behind the comfort of a throne, not enough from enough.

In based on the technology, the frame of the SIP panel (BTS) is a structural insulation panel - KTP (SIP - Structurally Insulating Panel - SIP) or a sandwich panel.

CIP panel is multi-layered structure and next to thermo-insulating material - self-extinguishing expander polystyrene brand PSB-C 25 (polystyrene suspension bespressovy gasene) plastnost 16 kg / m3, coit ovalepen under the width of 18 tone between two OSB-3 (orientation board) or OSB-3 (shawl oriented)

Take a separate CIP component of the panel all over the relatively stable elements,but, in conjunction with the production process, the material is formed, the material is modern, the composite material has a combination of thermal insulation and yakostny characteristics.

And the layers of the layer will work for the sake of kato piazza and the element is much more efficiently separated from the entire one. The principle of the work of decency in the I-section. Strengthen the layer, the maximum deviation from the ratio of the section behind the center and the wall of the roll is polystyrene, sufficiently extended, and the structure of the core is working, but all the packages are sufficiently protected on the topline.


A house in a complex "to the key" with an area of ​​150 m2 of the dsigame itself takes about three months. You can build Takava kashta at any time during the year, regardless of meteorological conditions. By yourself, this is just three months and you are ready to go to your site. And what time is it built, made from rotten?

It is based on the fact that coitos provide all the advantages of technology on the technology, which is of high quality documentation for the project. It goes without saying that it is possible for a project to work on parts of the domokomplekta and, subsequently, with a certain lekot, and without sin, it is possible to find the right thing.

Ecological compatibility

Component on SIP panelite - OSB and expander polystyrene - imat nai-visokologicheskie indicators.

Ecological compatibility on OSB e is comparable with ecologic compatibility on forest veins. OSB e 95% of the total weight of the chip. Kato is a natural substance made from natural creep and synthetic resin, which does not contain formaldehyde, phenol and harmful substances.

Styrofoam (foamed styrene) 2% all the way from styrene and 98% air dry. Tozi material is considered to be one of the most found in the construction sector.

From citizens to houses on Canadian technology, tee grizza is not itself for its own health, but also for health on an environment. Protection:

· For installation on a Canadian house, not because of the crawl weaving of the machine and at the same time building a lot.

· When resigned to the building, because of the Canadian technology, there is a minimum amount of construction time, which is 2-3 days small in comparison with the classical design.

· For production on the OSB all of the creeping forces of the spring species, which is a natural resource that we renew.

Canadishte house imat nai-visok energy efficiency. All that is understood is that energy is consumed.Isn’t it a tovah, for some reason called on all environmentalists into the world?


Styrofoam, for sparking from mineral wool, is not izlazhda and not deformer. Okahvaniyat term for eksploatatsiya on Canadian kyshta e 80 years. Mozhe bi for nyakoy tovah is not enough. It goes without saying that during the time of construction, the building “grows as before” is physically separated from one another. It’s not a good thing, che is ruled by the old man, but strong people, inheritance from Babi ... Destroy and izdrazhat Novi, in modernity.

Fire resistance

Peschavat terta power on fire resistance from SIP panel. Stenite to the house and get ready for direct fire in one hour. In addition, the SIP panel is a property of self and cross self-charging. Toplinna Energy, separated from the fuzzy on the head of the dot, e 7 of a little bit, otkolkoto when izganyaneto on the side of the structure. For an absolute calm, put the walls on the plasterboard on the plasterboard, the coitto a priori dobre fireproof material.

freaking out

The price of a Canadian house is half the price of a single house. The price of the property is from 125 m2, on a square from 47 m2. And can you compare the apartments with the property?

Canadian technology technology allows you to follow the following elements:

Founded For this and the back of the house, there is no need for a foundation. Tegloto per 1 m2 from the house is not 50 kg. Find out, from the work of the panel’s self-carriers, as a hedge of the base, which is 3-4 times a hellin from the base for the rotten currant.

Time. Itself imagine that the barbed wire is poddzhaneto on the worker, pay on pay when you build on the rotten kishta (18-24 months)! But the basin suma e is included in the price for the house. Our buildings are constructed from four different workers without any help on the equipment themselves for 3 months. And descend on the cost of building a process that will considerably weaken the price of a samata fortress.

Heating.Pie or matte otlichleni energy properties. The price for heating for a Canadian house is 5-6 per unit from the basin to rotten. Kanadskata keshcha se flooded a lot of bazo and ruined on toplin e minimal. After all, the constant increase in value is appreciated for the energy supply, and moreover you will be impressed.

Transport. Vsichki transportni razhodi for izgrazdaneto to the building in the region on Moscow, the setting of Sangazhirame.

In the construction of building materials, all of them crawl out in an honest way, like a cat, a war or a rotten one.On the back of the sea, the fields are structured, coito ectually and effectively will cope with the covariates of nato-barbarian and not in the same way as before.

Osventova was delivering the issue of energy contests, which is relevant, for some kind of construction material, this will do everything honestly with the technology, which is possible for each resource. On the cause of the SIPs (panel), they put everything in popular and gradually will find the closest competitors.

SIP History of Technology (SIP)

Constantly, on razvodite for building, somehow prekalenat and consummation on natural resources in the processed industry, long ago speak for the need of the material, do not dissuade the need for a modern consumer.

Imashe has a lot of experience on various technologies, for coping with problems, but the best results can be praised for students from SASCH, everything is still in the middle of the 20th century, the sandwich panel was built and other sandwiches were built. , for yes replace nyakoi from off-materialism.

Parping SIP (panel) all over from two sheets of saber board, between which the insulation material is placed.At the same time, the construction of the experiment itself, the koito, lay the foundation for more detailed research. Even more from 20 years old mininah predi SIPs (panelite) and to bring mass production.

Huge is brought for development on technology. It is directed from the American Frank Wright and is united from non-talented students Elden Dow. SIP Panel - Wright will come from fittings and asphalt charter and the Veche representing an effective toplinno spestas building material. In front of you, Dowe make the decision out of the crawler expander polystyrene cat for the sandwich.

The invention of the congress is a real revolution in construction and basin technology, all of which are based on SIP (panel) production.

In Canada and SASC, the SIP home (SIP) technology will be used for almost half a century, gradually materializing its popularity in other countries. In the meantime, shift students and architectures every year all the way to production technology and soon conquer the buildings and become the most popular for construction.

Technology at canadian cath

Fenced off on SIP (panel) e nai-golyamo tsensen in Canada. The fact is, that the special technology allows for building concessions, which are stable for changing the conditions and natural disasters to meteorological conditions.This is for a SIP-homely fair Canadian. Those sa kits from the main building material, including a cove and wall, are from SIP (panel), basement and grill. It is enough to do it all right and all the way through, the project is special, the project is special, and the residence is ready!

Tekhnologta for citizens of the Canadian house is quite simple - some kind of kupuvachi for sets from the house to the north of the village without help from the workers. For example, the construction of an object is one of its specific features. It is important that you do not allow any gaps between the panel, for which you do not interfere with the use of thermal insulation and even because of the efficiency of work on the preparatory sequence.

SIP technology - what's the best deal?

The house is built according to the SIP technology, it is distinguished from work, reliability, eco-friendliness and attractive appearance. In addition, crawling is not over there. Specialize the exploitation of the properties on the material and the method on the fixation on the panel allows to achieve an incredible result.

SIP Technology Benefits

Speed ​​on construction SIP KNESH (SIP) - technologists cease to understand how to get rid of concrete or concrete.For the installation of Kutia on the basis of the fence, it is two to three weeks.
Thermal insulation Specialist polnitel on the sandwich-panel guarantee guaranteed to be on toplinat in the next in kogradat, something not osigurjava itself is conveniently living, but also the economics on energy. SIP (SIP) - 8 units have been fueled by rotten or concrete.
Simple basis SIP technology (SIP) is supposed to be based on a screw base, which can be installed in a single frame. At the same time, there is a lot of evinct from all other options.
Stability on the factor Citizens in SIPs (SIP) - can be done at any time during a year, regardless of temperature and meteorological conditions. Prepared by the imaging of visoka degree on stability on mechanical damage and other influences of influence. SIP (SIP) - units are 5 points away from one of the units.
Barzo zavrshvane Paneling SIPs do not need from time to time, so can you, yes, yes, and yes, and you should work on the trail from the bottom of the construction board.
Niska price Samite SIP - panelite is comparatively evtini, and the price is constantly making thanksgiving to them on the basis of new production technologies. The mount on the panel is quite simple, such a need and a goal for the workers or even because of the creeping equipment.

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