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The World Sports Universiade, which will be held in March 2019, is a large-scale event. For its organization requires a lot of time and effort. And the main assistants to the organizers of student games will be the volunteers participating in the program Team 2019. The current flagship regional program is designed to develop event volunteering on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and to involve active participants in the youth community in preparation for the World University Games.

What do volunteers do?

Team members 2019 of Krasnoyarsk accompany all the key events that take place in the region: festivals, forums, tournaments. The program will demand both qualified specialists with special knowledge related to medicine, IT-technologies or languages, and specialists of a wide profile.

Volunteering does not imply payment for labor. But thanks to this type of activity, team members receive a lot of advantages, the main ones being:

  • the opportunity to make new acquaintances with peers from different parts of the world;
  • the acquisition of self-confidence and the disclosure of internal potential, which in the future will increase the competitiveness of employment;
  • excellent language practice when communicating with foreigners;
  • the opportunity to become a participant of a significant event and see it from the inside, having received positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Team members 2019

As additional bonuses for team members, meals are provided during work shifts, retaining volunteer equipment and souvenirs, as well as obtaining permission to travel free in transport.

In the future, participants who have maximally proved themselves and highly appreciated by the organizers will be attracted to accompany events of not only regional, but international scale. This is confirmed by the fact that the student headquarters of the Universiade 2019 created at the universities successfully worked at an international event - a tournament in freestyle and women's wrestling held in Krasnoyarsk.

How to get into the ranks of the team

A set of volunteers in the flagship program. Team 2019 started in 2017.The number of participants, including both urban and visiting young people, will reach 5,000. The bulk of the team will be youth. But for the exchange of experience and the establishment of a connection between generations, the organizing committee plans to attract and age volunteers.

To become one of the assistants, you must:

  1. Apply in one of the student headquarters of the universities of Krasnoyarsk or fill in the questionnaire on the site Team 2019
  2. To pass the interview, developed according to a special program and includes several stages.
  3. Get training and certification in accordance with the chosen direction.

Team 2019 volunteers

When submitting an application, you can choose several areas of work at once: on rendering medical assistance, on organizing a sports program, attache ... General specialists will meet guests at the entrance objects of the city and work on information desks. Assistants who have chosen the direction of “transport” will help managers direct the flow of people, while at the same time controlling the course of transport on the specified routes.

Since volunteers are the future face of the Universiade, the requirements for candidates are strict.They consist in the ability to work in a team and take responsibility, solving any conflicts and making serious decisions in stressful situations, as well as mastering such qualities as tolerance and sociability.

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