Tangerine tree do it yourself

January 24, 2012

Tangerine tree do it yourselfIf you want to create a festive atmosphere in your house, you can make a tangerine tree with your own hands. Such a tree looks beautiful, it smells delicious tangerines, and it is quite quickly done. You can make similar trees not only from mandarins, but also from other citrus fruits - lemons, oranges. It is better to choose medium-sized and thick-skinned fruits - so they last longer in the ornamental tree.

Especially such a tree would be appropriate in the winter, in the New Year holidays and not only. At this time, you can easily get mandarins and pine needles for decorating the tree.

In addition to mandarins, you will also need to create an ornamental tree: a floral base for laying in a container (it can be replaced with a piece of foam plastic to fit the pot), a beautifully curved branch for a tree trunk, leaves for decorating mandarins, a fir or Christmas tree branch, silver threads, wire, stones, pot or other deep container. Stones are needed to make the pot resilient, as the tangerine ball can be quite heavy and the light pot will turn over.
The branches of the needles to give them a larger "snow" type can be slightly moistened and dipped in fine salt or icing sugar. Since the composition uses silver threads, the pot can also be taken in silver. You can cover any pot with silver paint (in whole or in part).

How to make a tree of tangerines

  1. Prepare everything you need to create a tangerine tree. Tangerines should be the same size, free of defects and dark spots. From hard wire it is necessary to make hooks with which the fruit will be held together.
  2. We take the mandarin and twist them with silver threads - several turns in one direction and several turns in another, that is, so that the threads are perpendicular. In the process of wrapping mandarins with silver threads, we attach wire hooks. They should be long enough to make tangerines convenient to connect with each other. So we wind all the fruits for the tree.

    Tangerine tree do it yourself

  3. We process a piece of the floral base by cutting off the excess - so that it fits into the prepared pot. It must firmly enter the container and not stagger.In the established basis we stick a branch-trunk.
  4. Prepare coniferous twigs. In a flat container pour salt or icing sugar. We moisten the branches and dip them into powder - so that it looks like frost. Do not sprinkle all the branches, it will look unnatural.
  5. Tangerines wrapped with threads are fastened together with the help of hooks. It should make a ball. Gaps in it are masked with wide leaves (artificial leaves can be taken). The bound tangerines are fastened on a branch, the second end of which is stuck in a floristic base in a pot.
  6. We mask the floral base with branches of needles with hoarfrost. Between them there should be no gaps. Now our tangerine tree is ready.

Such a tree will be quite a long time to please the eye and smell delicious citrus scent. But it is worth remembering that it will not be suitable for years. After some time, it is better to make another tree from citrus.

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