Summer riddles with answers

Summer riddles with answers

The site "Mom can do everything!" Gathered for you the most interesting riddles about summer and everything connected with it: the sun, dandelions, the sea, strawberries. Do not rush to look into the answers, train your brain and solve these riddles with the children.

What is above the forest
More beautiful than light
Does it burn without fire?
Answer: (Sun)

The sun bakes, linden blooms.
Does rye ripen when it happens?

He makes noise in the field and in the garden
And the house will not fall.
And I'm not going anywhere,
As long as he goes.
Answer: (Rain)

Without him crying
And how will
We are hiding from him.
Answer: (Sun)

They planted the seed - they grew the sun.
Answer: (sunflower)

I walked along the path,
Saw the sun on a blade of grass.
But not at all hot
suns white rays.
Answer: (Chamomile)

You warm the whole world
And do not know fatigue
You smile in the window,
And everyone calls you ...
Answer: (Sun)

Shirt on the street
In the hut sleeves.
Answer: (ray of sunshine)

Parachutes over the meadow
Swing on the twig.
Answer: (Dandelion)

Poured out of the clouds peas,
Jumps to our door.
From the roof he rolls into the garden.
What? It - …
Answer: (Grad)

In the summer - snow!
Just laugh!
Flies around the city,
Why does he not melt?
Answer: (Pooh with poplars)

The sun sets in the evening
In the sky with a brush holds.
Does not want to leave in vain.
A trace remains - ...
Answer: (Dawn)

In the blue sky,
As for the river,
White sheep are swimming.
Keep their way from afar
What are their names? ...
Answer: (Clouds)

In the morning the beads sparkled,
All the grass has sagged,
And they went to look for them in the afternoon
We are looking, we are looking for - we will not find.
Answer: (Dew)

Over the flower
Flutters, dancing,
Fan waving patterned.
Answer: (Butterfly)

Stir at the flower
All four petals.
I wanted to rip it off
And he fluttered and flew away
The answer is: (butterfly)

After rain it happens
half the sky closes.
The arc is beautiful, color
It will appear, then melt.

A serpent rushes over the hills,
Moisture trees carrying.
Washing the shores
Flowing through the fields ...
Answer: (River)

Want to
- You dive into the water,
Want to
- On the sand play.
How many locks
Here you create!
What kind of place is it?…
Answer: (Beach)

I am woven from the heat,
I carry with me warmly
I warm the river
“Bathe!” - I invite.
And love for it
You are all me. I - …

Well, which of you will answer:
Not fire, but it hurts painfully,
Not a lantern, but shining brightly,
And not a baker, and bake?
(the sun)

Walking in the sky
Painter without brushes.
Brown paint
Paints people.
(the sun)

In the morning the beads sparkled,
All the grass has sagged,
And went to look for them in the afternoon
We search, we search - we will not find.

Flying arrow of fire.
No one will catch her:
Neither the king nor the queen,
Neither the red maid.

He is green, jumping,
Totally dumb,
In the meadow all day chirping,
He wants to surprise us with a song.

He swings and the bed,
Well lie on it,
He is in the garden or in the forest
Shakes on weight.

Beads red hang
From the bushes look at us
Very love these beads
Children, birds and bears.

Like blood, red.
Like honey, tasty.
Like a ball, round,
It fell into my mouth.

That purple, then blue,
He met with you on the edge.
The name gave him a very ringing,
But only he can hardly ring.
Answer: (flower bell)

It was a green dress - satin,
No, I didn't like choosing red,
But I'm sick of it too.
The dress wore a blue color.

I have a little drop of summer on a thin leg,
Weaving for kuzovki and baskets.
He who loves me is glad to worship.
And the name gave me a native bit of land.

First shine
Behind the glitter crackle,
Behind the bang - Shine.

Everyone, I think, will know
If the field is visited,
This blue flower,
A well-known …

Hairy, green,
She hides in the leaves.
Although a lot of legs,
Still can not run.

On the green fragile leg
The ball has grown at the track.
Breeze rustled
And dispelled this ball.

What is this tick?
Thread on a stick,
Wand in hand
A thread in the river.
(fishing rod)summer puzzles for children 4, 5 years

Kaftan is green on me
And the heart is like a bucket.
It tastes like sugar is sweet
It looks like a ball.

Low and thorny
Sweet and smell,
you pick berries
You will beat the whole hand.

Two sisters:
Summer green
By the fall one blush,
The other is green.
(currant red and black)

Ear in a field of rye.
There, in the rye, you will find a flower.
Bright blue and fluffy,
Only a pity that not fragrant.

Round, ruddy,
I grow on a branch.
Adults love me
And little kids.
(an Apple)

Round like a ball
Red as blood
Sweet as honey.

It smells and attracts,
With gentle flowers,
Stretch your hand for the fence -
And it will be ...

I remember this year
They bloomed in the garden,
Dressed up like actresses
The dresses are white ...

It is worth Egorka
In the red yarmulke,
Whoever passes -
Everyone will lean.

Warm, long, long day,
At noon - a tiny shadow,
The spike blooms in the field,
Gives a grasshopper a voice,
Strawberries ripen
What a month, tell me?

Hot, sultry, stuffy day,
Even chickens are looking for a shadow.
Began mowing of bread
The time of berries and mushrooms.
His days are the summit of summer,
What, say, this month?

Low, but prickly,
Sweet and smell,
If you pick berries, you will rip off your whole hand.

Not the motors, but the noise
Not pilots, and fly,
Not snakes, but sting.

Sister and brother live:
One sees everyone
Do not hear
The other hears
Do not see.
(lightning Thunder)

What a wonder beauty!
Painted gate
Appeared on the way! ..
Neither enter them,
Neither enter

It lies, lies a penny at our well.
Good penny, but not given in the hands.
Bring fourteen horses
Come call fifteen strong men!
Let them try to raise a penny,
So that Masha could play a pretty penny!
And the horses rode on, and the strong men came,
But the little penny is not raised from the ground,
They did not lift, did not lift and could not move.
(sunbeam on earth, K. Chukovsky)

The sun ordered:
Stop, seven-color bridge cool!
It was green, small
Then I became scarlet.
I turned black in the sun
And now I'm ripe.
Holding a cane with your hand
I have been waiting for you for a long time.
You eat me, and bone
Zara in his garden.

In the heat of the stumps there are many thin stalks,
Each thin stalk holds a scarlet light,
We rake stalks - we collect lights.

Not a beast, not a bird, a sock like a needle.
Flies - beeps, sits down - is silent.

In the meadow lives a violinist,
Wears a coat and walks at a gallop.

Golden sieve
Black houses full.

Balls hang on knots
Turned blue from the heat.

Oh, do not touch me:
Burn and without fire!

Fluttering over the flower, dancing
Fan waving patterned.

Krasna, juicy, fragrant,
It grows low, close to the ground.

Oh, bells, blue color,
With a tongue, but there is no ringing.
(flower bell)

On the candy branch with honey filling,
And the skin on the branch of the hedgehog breed.

The fruit is all summer green,
And in the early autumn-red with blue.

Not a network, she and not a net,
Fish catches on the hook.
(fishing rod)

In calm weather, we are nowhere
And the wind blows - run on the water.

Red-hot boom
Oak knocked down at the village.

Painted rocker
Over the river hung.

I walked barefoot by the fence
And scalded green boiling water

This fruit is barely embraced, if weak, you will not lift,
Cut it into pieces, eat red flesh.

I have a little drop of summer on a thin leg,
Weaving for kuzovki and baskets.

The gates rose - beauty to the whole world.

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